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Chapter 1: Returned

"So what are you going to go?"

"I'm going to materialize Aelita. Then we can shut down Lyoko," Jeremie stated.

Ulrich was stunned. How could Jeremie? Why?

"Jeremie, it's alright. You can materialize Yumi instead. She is a part of your world..." Aelita began.

"No, Aelita. The sooner you're out, the sooner Lyoko is shut down." Jeremie was adamant.

"But what about Yumi?" Aelita asked.

"She can die for all I care. Go, Aelita." Jeremie had a strange look of hatred on his features for a split second.

"Jer, you can't just let Yumi die, can you?" Odd wondered in horror.

"Watch me. Ready, Aelita?"

"Yes." Aelita was sad, but excited.

"Code Earth."

Ulrich and Odd watched in a fascinated horror as Aelita was materializated.

Odd and Jeremie walked down to the scanners and finally saw Aelita lying on the base of the scanner. Ulrich was already out, helping Aelita up.

"Let's go shut down X.A.N.A."

Jeremie latched on to his friends' arms and dragged them to X.A.N.A. He had a good grip and didn't allow them to escape.

"You caused us a lot of grief, but from you, we met Aelita. Good-bye X.A.N.A. and good riddance."

He pulled the lever and shut down X.A.N.A., smiling in triumph.

Aelita's eyes grew wide, and began to cry.

"What's wrong, Aelita?"

"You... You... You didn't. You killed Yumi." Aelita ran out, her tears flying in each direction.

"Aelita's right, Jeremie. I can't believe you." Ulrich stormed out, furious.

"Jeremie, I never thought you were so heartless." Odd looked sorry and sad for him, but he walked away as well.

Jeremie stared after them, his own eyes filling up. Only one thought reverberated through his mind.

'What have I done?'

1 Month Later

'She's gone, Ulrich. Nothing you can do.' Ulrich was mentally berated himself from not running faster. If he had been, Yumi and Aelita would both be alive. As it was, Aelita was fine, yet still feeling guilty.

Everyone had forgiven Jeremie after a while. He loved Aelita and wanted, no, needed to be in a world with her in it. Ulrich wished that Jeremie had made a different decision, but as he reflected, Yumi probably would have wanted it this way. He just felt as if he was stabbed by a million little knives, driving deeper and deeper with every day that Yumi wasn't there. The pain, anguish, and grief was so hard to bear. The hardest part was explaining everything about Lyoko to her parents. They understood Jeremie's decision, but Ulrich had seen the look of horror both of them had shared when they finally comprehended and later, the blood-shot eyes of little sleep.

"Hey Ulrich. What's the matter?" Jeremie asked, concerned for his friend. He knew of Ulrich's heartbreak, but he knew turning X.A.N.A. back on, wasn't a great idea.

"Oh nothing, Jeremie. How's Aelita?" Ulrich inquired, sounding a little depressed.

"She's wonderful. Everything I could wish for: kind, gentle, smart, understanding, empathic..."

Ulrich tuned out. He heard the list everyday and was frankly bored. So it was a relief when Odd came running out from the dorms. He was wide-eyed, seemingly very frightened. 'By what? A spider? X.A.N.A.'s gone; he can't do anything.'

Or so he thought.

"You guys! Come quickly! You have to hurry! Aelita's stuck in the dorms, and it's beginning to start floating away!"

"How, Odd? X.A.N.A.'s gone, you know."

"I know, but it's like he's back!"

'Okay, so much for no more X.A.N.A.'

"Let's go!" Odd urged.

He was wielding a grapple hook, something that would be useful to climb up. When they reached the dorms, Ulrich threw the hook with all his strength and let it crash through a window. Odd climbed up, allowing Ulrich and Jeremie to hold it still. As Odd tumbled through the window, Jeremie sighed and began.

"I guess we've got to get back to Lyoko then."

Odd came back into view with Aelita in tow. He slid down the rope while Aelita shimmied rather nervously. They tumbled down and began to sprint to the manhole in the woods they hadn't used in a long time.

Ulrich climbed down, realized their skateboards weren't there, and began to run quickly. The others followed immediately. As they reached the factory, they all swung down the ropes, falling into a crouch, and walking into the old elevator. Jeremie stopped it at X.A.N.A.'s level and turned Lyoko back on.

"It has happened." Aelita sighed, glad to see her world again.

Jeremie went to the super-computer (Yes, it's super-calculator, but super-computer sounds better.) level, while the others rode down to the scanners. There was a perfect amount, seeing that Yumi was gone, after all. They stepped into the scanners and rotated slowly, getting ready for the transfer.

"Transfer Odd. Transfer Ulrich. Transfer Aelita. Scanner Odd. Scanner Ulrich. Scanner Aelita. Virtualization!" Jeremie ordered.

The three felt their hairs fly up in the wind of the transfer, accompanied with a surge of adrenaline that always came with virtualization. They felt their bodies reform in Lyoko and dropped to the ground. Ulrich instantly looked around.

"You could have told us we were going to the forest region, Jeremie." Ulrich said dryly.

"Sorry, Ulrich. I was a bit busy, remembering how to transfer you." Jeremie sounded irritated. "The tower should be to your right."

"Right. Here we go!" Odd exclaimed, happy to see Lyoko once again.

"Aelita, I'm uploading a staff for you to use. With it, you can make new objects and heal others," Jeremie called down. "Good luck, guys."

"Thanks, Jeremie." Aelita smiled, even though Jeremie couldn't see it.

"Hey, two Mega-tanks, four blocks, and three Crabs ahead of you. Not too hard, right?" Jeremie warned them.

"Yup, with Aelita helping. Aelita, you take the blocks. Odd, the Mega-tanks. I'll get the Crabs. Now move out!" Ulrich ordered. He zoomed ahead, de-legging a Crab, letting it crash to the ground. Next, he leapt up and stabbed the X.A.N.A. symbol. The third Crab shot at him and left him at 80 lifepoints. It was killed by a Mega-tank wave. Ulrich smiled and watched the others at work.

Odd had easily destroyed the first Mega-tank with a laser arrow. The other, which had killed Ulrich's last Crab, was a bit smarter and kept dodging his attack. Also, it threw a wave at Odd, leaving him with 75 lifepoints. He decided to go closer and jumped on the Mega-tank. He shouted, "Laser Arrow!" and leapt off, letting his monsters explode.

Aelita was having a fun time. She had never fought, but it was an exhilarating experience. Instead of ducking or dodging, she could now block it with her staff. Also, she could kill a monster by piercing the X.A.N.A. symbol with the glowing blue crystal jutting from the top of her staff. She cut two with her gem. The third and fourth were driven off the edge, while Aelita advanced on them. They fell into oblivion, and it reminded Ulrich how Yumi fell off of the forest cliff here. He bowed his head, knowing that he would never see her again.

Yet, he was wrong again.

A fan flew out of nowhere, cutting through Ulrich's abdomen. He keeled over, clutching his stomach.

"65 lifepoints, Ulrich! Who was... Oh god, no."

"Yumi!" Aelita exclaimed, running towards her. Yumi caught her fan and lazily tossed it at Aelita, cutting her in her head. She was knocked down, astonished that her friend could hurt her.

"90 lifepoints, Aelita."

"Yumi? Is that you?" Odd was a little more cautious with good reason.

"Is it, Odd? What do you think?" Yumi's voice was so cold and uncaring that Odd took a step back. Her fan was ready to be thrown so he ducked behind a tree.

Ulrich and Aelita got up. "What's wrong with her? She's attacking us! Jeremie?" Aelita inquired, horrified.

"I think something's wrong with her," Jeremie stated the obvious.

"No duh, Jer. But why?" Ulrich asked, frustrated.

"Uh, X.A.N.A.? No wait, he can't attack humans directly. But why else would she... Maybe sadness and hatred?" Jeremie was extremely confused.

"Perhaps it's the feeling of loneliness when your only friends desert you. But thanks, I never would have met X.A.N.A.'s kind side without your betrayal," Yumi spat. "You left, right when I needed your help. Is that what friends are for? But since you are no longer allies, I suppose you can be annihilated."

"But why?" Odd speculated, still confused.

"You are no longer my friends. You proved that by shutting down Lyoko and killing me, don't you think?" Yumi snarled.

"Uh, not to bother you or anything, but you know that most of the world is floating into the stratosphere while you talk, right?" Jeremie said anxiously.

"Oh, shut up, Jeremie," Yumi growled. "Firstly, go and do your stuff, Madam Aelita. Then, perhaps, we can have a talk." Yumi tilted her head and disappeared.

Aelita stepped into the tower. She was drawn irresistibly forward to the center of the Lyoko symbol and floated up.

Jeremie clung to his chair. He didn't know about others, but he was sure if they didn't hurry up, they would be dead. He clutched the top of his chair. 'I have faith in you, Aelita.'

Aelita landed lightly on the upper platform. As she walked to the middle, a screen came up. She placed her hand on it.


Many kids from Kadic Junior High were floating high into the sky. The buildings, everything around them were flying as well. "HELP!" They screamed.


No one could hear their shouts for help because it was drowned out by the others screaming that they were going to die. People said their last words and professed any secrets they would wish to get off all their chests to before they pass on. Suddenly, everyone was silent, watching their home grow smaller and smaller.


Everything stopped. Even Jeremie who was floating through the roof of the factory stopped. The angelic white bubble of time burst forth from the tower, spreading to encompass the whole world.

"Return to the past now!" Jeremie screamed as he floated away.

That morning

"God," Ulrich summarized all of their thoughts. "I can't believe it. X.A.N.A.'s back."

"Plan Yoo-hoo, It's Us Again back in action." Odd smiled, trying to put in some humor to the group.

"Shut up, Odd!" Aelita, Jeremie, and Ulrich chorused, annoyed.

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