'Man! I love these shoes! They do make me a bit tall, but who cares! These are awesome! Finally my sister sent me something I actually like. Are they too much though? I wonder if He'll notice them...' Severus heard as he entered the class room. He made instructions appear on the board.

'Oh crap! The only one I didn't study last night! I knew it. Oh well, I'll live. Hopefully...' Snape could see the look of disappointment on her face.

"Ok, get into groups of two." he ordered. Sam, not having a lot of friends, was paired with Neville Longbottom.

"Sorry you have to be paired with me, Sam. I'm sure you know how bad I am at potions and you, well you earned Gryffindor 5 points yesterday for doing a good job on yours.".

"It's okay, Neville, really I don't mind. And yesterday, well, I was just lucky, I already knew how to make that potion." With that, they started.

When they were half way finished their potion (ahead of the class amazingly, and Neville haven't hurt himself yet) they needed more Armadillo bile, so Sam went up to the front of the room to get some. On the way back to her table a Slytherin girl in the front row decided it would be funny to stick out her leg in front of Sam. Sam, who was reading the side of the bottle to make sure she had grabbed the right one, didn't see and tripped sending the bottle flying behind her, landing on Snape's desk and breaking, spilling the contents all over his papers. All the Slytherins burst out in laughter and even some of the Gryffindors. Sam, who was mortified didn't look up from the floor.

'God, oh god, oh god, why? Why me? Don't cry, your fine just get up. I can't. Jeez...' Snape could hear her. She stood up and brushed herself off.

"Ms. Locke, Ms. Parkinson, detention otnight after dinner." he said.

"Yes, sir." she said, Pansy was still laughing. 'Merlin I hate that Parkinson character! Her name suits her well, damned Pansy!' she thought as she went back to her seat. Her torso ached from the impact. She winced as she sat down.

"Do you need to see Madame Pomfry after a simple fall, Ms. Locke?" Snape said, smirking.

"No, sir." Sam said, her face burning. Some Slytherins were still snickering. Snape let it continue for few a for more minutes before silencing the class once more.

'Why does he have to hate me so much? I work hard in his class, never cause a disturbance, well except for that. I wonder if he would act differently if he knew how I cared for him. Probably not, but I still love him. Damn it all, try to think about something else, something else...'. Snape had muttered a cleaning spell and he was now pretending to busy himself with another paper. 'Maybe I could think about how I'm going to have to have Slytherins laughing at me all day long. Why does Potions have to be my first subject? Damn! She made me scuff my shoe!' she had bent down and was lifting her robe to expose her left leg, which caused Neville to blush and look away. Snape, however, did not. She was wearing black high-heel shoes. She had licked her finger and rubbed off the mark and was now doing the same to her right shoe. 'He probably didn't even notice, I don't know why I even wore them.'

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