I'm taking a momentary break from 15 Something, and decided to write a one shot! Yay!

This is Spangel, for all those Spangel fans out there! (I'm one too! : ))

Rose Petals

Before Buffy, an attempt at the early 40's, the 1943 thing. The "1943" epi, LOVE that one!

Spike looked to Angel as he was thrown off the submarine. Glaring one last time. He had thought they had bonded, or some such thing. But no, his sire had just been friendly, so they wouldn't be at another's throats. He sighed as he got off at the port. Watching the boat sink under the water, and to it's destination.


Spike sighed shoulder's slumped. He was hanging at a club, nursing a drink. It had been 2 weeks since that night. He remembered every second of it. How close he and his sire had been. "But I guess he wouldn't want me" Spike said, lowly.

He thought of Lawson. 'Tuh, probably spending all his time with that wanker' his jealous mind screamed. He was so caught up in himself; he didn't notice someone sitting next to him.

"Spike." the black haired vamp turned at the sound of his name. He looked straight into the matly eyes of his poofy sire. Spike's own cold steel ones, melting just a little. "Spike, I need to talk with you. Can we?' asked Angel.

Spike nodded and he paid for his drink. They walked over to an abandoned warehouse, as to not be heard by anyone else. "'S what ya want to discuss?" asked Spike, eyes focused on Angel's. "About what happened those two weeks ago." Angel said, his hand reached out to touch Spike's cheek, but he restrained himself. Spike really wished he hadn't.

"I shouldn't have done what I did. I should have let you," Angel looked down at his feet. Spike looked up. "I guess you should have" Spike said, agreeing with the unspoken.

"Will, I, er mean Spike" Angel was cut off by Spike. "Sire" he said with one word. The only word that had truly needed to be said throughout the brief conversation. "Will" Angel said, taking a step closer, as Spike did as well. "I missed you so much" Angel said, finally taking the initiative to reach out and hug him. Spike followed suit.

"Yeah, well, who could resist my charms?' asked Spike, as he buried his head into Angel's chest. "No one" Angel laughed as he kissed his cheek. "Damn straight" they both laughed at the joke.

"So, how did you find me?" asked Spike. "Who says I'm done, 'finding' you?" asked Angel, as Spike smiled.

End! Smutty (?) goodness! Yay! Plot bunnies come out! If anyone does a 1943 AU, please tell me! I SO want to read it! : ) Thanks for reading! Love you lots!