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The energy bursts from the machine had caused the air surrounding the area to condense into steam, which caused fog to start forming everywhere, obscuring the glowing figures of the Keitaros. Shinobu coughed, looking down, trying to pick out one of her beloved sempais, but the cloud covered them all.

"KEITARO! KEITARO!" Bellowed Suu, jumping out of the fog, looking about before gravity claimed her once more. She repeated the exercise, calling for the manager (or any of his copies), the fog stubbornly sticking to the ground. The calls of the other girls for Keitaro also went unheeded. Shinobu carefully shimmied down the tree trunk, just as a few openings appeared in the fog. And through one gap, she spied the prone form of Urashima, only one, on the ground. She rushed towards him.

"SEMPAI!" She grabbed him in a tight hug, shaking him and finding utter relief when he groaned quietly. She felt like sobbing… And was surprised to hear someone already doing so. She looked up, and saw Naru, on her knees, crying loudly.

"No! NO! It's not fair… He… He didn't deserve to…" The redhead ceased to be coherent, bawling pitifully. Keitaro, at this moment, chose to open his eyes, and blinked.

"Hey… What's going on?" He looked up, confused, into the worried faces of all his housemates, and his sister. He frowned.

"What's the last thing you remember, brother?" Kanako asked, trying to hide her concern. Keitaro blinked owlishly, and screwed up his face, trying to recall…

"… Suu. Science experiment. She said… Cheese?" Suu grinned, and nodded happily.

"Success! Keitaro has been re-integrated!"

"You mean… The other Keitaros… They're gone…" Motoko murmured, looking solemn. She gripped her sword tightly, before turning and stalking off, not wanting the others to see her tears. Mutsumi was staring down at the ground, while Kitsune looked like prohibition had come to Japan.

"They… They were not real," Kanako started, before Naru backhanded her violently.

"YES! THEY WERE! They were completely real! Real people! And you KILLED THEM!" Naru shrieked at Suu, making the little Mol Mol girl cower. Haruka stepped between the two, and held Naru's shoulders, as the redhead continued to sob.

"They… They deserved to live…" Naru whimpered.

"At the expense of my brother!" Kanako snarled, holding her red cheek. Naru sniffled.

"They… They all deserve to live… And we took that away from them all…"

Naru stiffened when she felt a familiar hand on her back, rubbing up and down. She turned, ready to yell at Keitaro for his impropriety…

"I'm glad you feel that way," Keitaro said with a small smile. Naru gawked, before twisting her head back at the Keitaro still on the ground… And back to the Keitaro before her. Her jaw closed slowly.

"… Are you… Are you, my Keitaro?" She asked timidly. The other Keitaro smiled indulgently.

"Not sure what you mean, exactly, by 'yours'. But I am the Keitaro you were with-" Kind Keitaro abruptly found his arms full of a crying Naru, clutching him with everything she had. He fell back with an "oomph!" but still wore a smile.

"It worked!" Fun Keitaro poked his head out of the fog, looking with pride at Brainy Keitaro, calmly cleaning his glasses.

"Of course it worked," Brainy Keitaro said calmly. "I know what I'm doing."

"Guh… Why all the fireworks?" Asked Confident Keitaro, rubbing his head as he too emerged from the mist. He too found himself being violently hugged by an emotional woman, as Motoko held him close.

"Disrupting the aural patterns of six individuals, copying them, and reintegrating them into one body is no small feat," Brainy Keitaro explained. "It causes a great deal of disruption in the local spacetime fabric. I'm amazed that my modifications to the flux gun didn't result in a blackhole that would have destroyed the Earth."

"Wha-? You risked the Earth for this!" Kitsune gasped. Suu grinned.

"Why didn't Suu think of that?"

"Well, it was either let Suu destroy us all for Keitaro, destroy all of us without getting Keitaro back… Or, this option," Brainy Keitaro went on. "The Law of the Conservation of Energy is impossible to break… But it can be bent." Brainy Keitaro smirked.

"Ara ara… What will the world do with seven Keitaros?" Mutsumi asked, checking the pulse of a fainted Timid Keitaro on the ground. Kitsune and Motoko had finished tying up and gagging the Evil Urashima. He struggled and spouted muffled curses and yells from behind the gag, but no one paid him any mind.

"Seven more mouths to feed at the inn," Kitsune pointed out. Fun Keitaro shrugged, and wrapped a comradely arm around the blonde vixen.

"Meh… We'll figure something out."

"… Huh. Did I miss something?" The original Keitaro asked, blinking at the multiple versions of himself milling about. The women all exchanged looks, before dissolving into hysterical laughter. Original Keitaro frowned, and looked at Brainy Keitaro, who shrugged.


"I hear you, man…"

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