Inu-Yasha: A Vampire Legacy

Kohaku: Another fic by me! My second Inu-Yasha story so please be nice. It's alot more intense then the first one.

Sakura: Tell me about it. Inu-Yasha is a vampire! What else could happen???

Kohaku: Well, there's the f- hey you're just trying to make me tell the story!!!

Sakura: Aww, dammit, it didn't work

Summary: Inu-Yasha is a vampire who is looking for blood to survive. But one night on his hunt he finds a 15 year old teenager named Kagome. Will he make her his next victim, or will he fall in love?

Kohaku: Sounds kinda chessy but the story's good 'cause everyone from the feudal era except Kaede is a vampire! Kaede won't be in the fic! Also, the shrine for the well Inu-Yasha comes out of is not at Kagome's house!

Disclaimer: I do not own Inu-Yasha it is owned by Rumiko Takahashi.

Chapter 1: The girl that looks like another girl

Inu-Yasha, a deadly vampire seeking it's prey, wearing a red kimono and red pants, with vampire fangs and wings, just came out into a world without demons and vampires (they still live in the feudal era, that's where all vampires and demons live here). There were buildings as high as the sky (damn paradox brothers got me into rhyming…) and everything else.

He ran down a crosswalk, since it was the middle of the night and no one was noticing him at the present time. He came across an old house and noticed a light on in one of the rooms. He jumped up on the ledge of the house and looked inside the window.

A young girl with long black hair was doing her homework. She wore a green t-shirt and a blue mini-skirt. Inu-Yasha eyed her curiously.

"She looks like Kikyo…but that can't be. Kikyo exists in the other era. Why does she look so much like Kikyo?"Inu-Yasha wondered aloud.

The girl got up and stretched. She then put the chair back in towards the desk and closed her books. Inu-Yasha heard her yell, "Mom, I'm going to bed now!" and seconds later he heard a woman's voice call "Ok, goodnight, Kagome!"

"'Night, sis!"a boy's voice hollered as well after their mother's. 'So, the girl's Kagome, hum? I'll have to go back to the Feudal Era and talk about this with the others."

He was about to leave when he turned back and watched the girl sleep. He slowly stepped inside the room where she slept and crept over to her. He looked at her peacful face. 'Why does she look so much like Kikyo? The woman who died?'

Inu-Yasha's stomach growled faintly. 'Maybe I can use this girl, and she will become a vampire like the rest of us… she could be useful. If she looks like Kikyo, maybe she possesses the shikon no tama,'he thought dully, still looking at Kagome's neck.

He then decided ah what the hell with it, and drank some of her blood, then leaving. Not knowing that Kagome's little brother Sota, saw the whole thing.

The only thing Inu-Yasha left behind, was a scar on Kagome's neck...

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