InuYasha: A Vampire Legacy

Chapter Twenty

The Start of a Perfect Beginning

A year had passed since Naraku's death, Izayoi's resurrection, and the mating process of Kagome Higurashi and Inuyasha. They were to have a wedding in Kagome's time, or else her mother would freak at not being there for her baby's wedding when the time came.

On that day in December, Kagome was in her time studying for a test. It was big because it was a final exam, and she had begged Inuyasha to let her stay for at least five days until the stress of exams were over.

A week later

Kagome returned to the Sengoku Jidai to find nobody waiting for her. Odd, considering how Inuyasha ALWAYS waited by the well for her return. She was slightly worried that something happened to her beloved hanyou.

But on the way back to the village, she heard Izayoi's voice and Inuyasha's. She saw them walking together along the lake, and smiled.

Inuyasha finally has his mother... and not some cheap trick Naraku planned to destroy him with...

Kagome smiled and bounced into Kaede's hut. She was greeted with warm welcomes and a hyper Shippou. She giggled.

Life was perfect.

Especially if you had a hanyou named Inuyasha as your mate to protect and love you until the day you die.

It wasn't the end...


It was the start of a perfect beginning.


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