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Notes: New fic! Because I wanted to be silly :D -- So yeah, after much research, in my opinion, the Robin in the show is Dick Grayson, although he looks more like Tim Drake and his fighting style and intelligence is equal to Tim Drake's (who is considered to be the best Robin in terms of combat and brains, and the only Robin to use to Bo staff). 'Cause Grayson was the only Robin to turn into Nightwing and join the titans. Plus the whole thing with Larry being Nosyarg Kcid.

Okay no I lie. The only reason I want him to be Dick Grayson is because Grayson is so much more angsty and tragic than Drake XD – The reason this is relevant? Because there is mention of the way Robin's parents died briefly. And I don't want anyone ripping me out all, "oMg tHaT's nOt tHat RoBin!" because in my head it is.

Also, has anyone else seen that Cartoon Network music video thing where Robin's totally rocking out on the guitar (well, it's his sillhouette, but you can tell it's him.)? He's my little rockstar now. So expect it later on in this fic.

and FINALLY, here is your fic. But admit it, you love my bigass rants before the actually story. :D

One Week

Slade narrowed his eyes and stared at the caped figure bitterly. He'd lost at his own game. A match of wits and deceit. The bet had been made on his terms and he'd failed miserably.

"You do remember what the deal was?" The creature in the cloak purred. Her voice was full of sinister amusement.

"Yes." Slade hissed, slowly backing away. The door slammed shut behind him.

"Come now brother, dear… you're not thinking of escaping, are you?" The woman laughed without a trace of humor and snapped her fingers. The lights went out simultaneously.

"Angelus." Slade growled, trying to see through the darkness.

"Slade." The tone was light. "A deal is a deal. When it comes to you, a simple game of chess can never be just a simple game can it? There always has to be stakes."

Slade remained silent.

"And let us remember what the stakes were this time." Slade narrowed his eyes as he heard the voice grow closer. "Our dignity…our pride… everything we hold dear… for a week."

An icy grip found it's way to Slade's ungloved hand and held on tightly. Suddenly he felt cold. He shivered and cried out in pain as an electrical shock ran through his body, up his spine, and into his brain. His lungs tightened and he couldn't breathe. His bones stretched, then contracted. Everything hurt.

With a cry of pain, he fell to the floor. His mask landed next to him, rolling off soundlessly in the shadows.


Slade opened his eyes with a groan. Or, rather, his eye.


The thought made him pause and he tried desperately to open his right eye. Reaching a hand up, he put it against his eye and nearly fell back in shock when what touched him was the padded underside of a paw.

Blinking, he looked across the floor and noticed his mask a few feet off. Since when had it gotten so damn big?

Getting up on his hands and knees, he crawled over to where his mask was, only to realize as soon as he'd reached his destination that he had not been crawling at all.

"Meow?" He wondered, looking down at his body in panic. His eyes (eye? He still couldn't get the other one to open) widened as he looked down at his body, and only then did he register the sound that had left his mouth.

And that's when he heard the dogs.


Robin sighed and folded his arms across his chest, shivering from the cold. Okay, so maybe it hadn't been the best idea to go for a walk in the middle of December without a jacket, but he'd been so frustrated that he hadn't thought when he'd stormed out. Beast Boy's constant attempts at being funny, Cyborg's arrogant remarks towards whoever he was playing against on the video game system, Raven's annoyed snorts, and even Starfire's attempts at cheerfulness; all of it seemed to slowly pick away at each and every one of his nerves for some reason.

Maybe it was the fact that he'd been cooped up in his room ever since Speedy had graciously announced, in front of the entire team, that their relationship needed to be on break.

Or maybe it was that ever since Terra's statue had been stolen from her mount, he'd had the strongest feeling in his gut that Slade was still alive.

Then again, it might very well just be the tofu burger Beast Boy had fed him for lunch.

Sighing, Robin took a seat on the park bench, letting his gaze linger on the abandoned playground. The faint wind made the swings sway ever so slightly and breaths of children ghosted over the metal slides. Robin frowned. The playground at night always creeped him out. It reminded him of the way the trapeze looked the day his parents were killed.

The sound of a barking dog caught his attention suddenly. Rolling his eyes, he opened his mouth to tell Beast Boy that he wasn't in the mood to be slobbered on, when he realized that the noise was coming from more than one animal.

Before he knew what hit him, his lap was abruptly filled with a shivering, furry mass, and a pack of rather angry looking dogs was surrounding him.

"Uhm…Heh?" He stuttered, not quite believing his current lack of luck. Standing up slowly, he held the fuzzy creature in his arms close to his chest, and tried to remain calm as one of the canines began to growl dangerously. Cautiously, so as not to alarm the animals, Robin pulled out one of his smoke spheres. In one quick movement, he threw the ball against the ground and slipped away as the dogs stared at the sudden smoke in confusion.


Robin let out the breath he didn't know he'd been holding as he stepped inside Titan Tower, shaking the water out of his hair. On his way back a storm had descended upon him out of nowhere, forcing him to run the rest of the way. It had been especially hard with the bundle he held.

Looking down at the shivering creature, Robin made his way to his room, ignoring the questions thrown at him about where he'd been, or the shouts of dismay about how he was getting everything wet. As soon as he was safe in his sanctuary, he placed the animal on the bed and watched it carefully as he threw off his cape.

It was a cat. Two-three years old at the most. Beautiful black with orange spots. And no right eye.

Robin frowned.

The cat didn't have any sort of scar or marking that would indicate an eye had once been there. Instead there was just smooth black fur lining the face on the right side.

"Hey there…" Robin coaxed, hesitantly resting a hand upon the cat's head. When the small animal didn't pull away, he began to softly caress the sweet spots behind the ears that he knew felt good simply because of all that Beast Boy had told him. "Do you have an owner?" Robin smiled as the cat began to purr and felt around for a nametag, sighing when he found none. "Guess not." He stood and pulled off his shirt. "Oh well… you'll make a nice gift for Star, I guess."

The cat hissed.

"What? You'll like her."

A growl.

"You haven't even met her yet."


"Okay okay." Robin shook his head and smiled slightly, letting his pants fall to the ground. As he stepped into the bathroom, he was surprised to find the cat following him.

"What? Do you want a shower too?" Robin grinned, lifting the cat up. The feline's eye widened, before it started to purr loudly and rub against his chest. Robin laughed and turned on the faucet.

"You need a name." He murmured as he stepped into the cubicle. He let the water wash over him and covered the cat's face so that the water didn't get into it's eye. Studying the cat thoughtfully, he cocked his head to the side.

"You're a guy?" The cat meowed in agreement and Robin found himself surprised that the animal seemed to understand him. He was also surprised about the cat's lack of inhibitions about water. Reaching over to the soap, he rubbed some on his fingers, before gently massaging it into the cat's fur.

"How about…uhh…Patches?" The cat hissed. "I know, I know, I'm not good at this….Uhm, I had a cat when I was little named Oreo…" The cat looked confused. "What? He was black and white." Robin began to soothingly rinse the feline off. "Err, and you're orange and black like those Halloween Oreos… thus…you are Oreo?" Robin rolled his eyes at himself. "I need to be shot."

The cat, however, was purring contentedly. Robin sighed in defeat.

"And thus you are Oreo."


"Dude. What's with the cat?" Robin looked up from his position on the couch and raised an eyebrow at Beast Boy, continuing to pet the furry animal in his lap.

"I saved him." Robin said simply. Beast Boy shrugged and smoothly changed into a kitten, jumping up next to the Boy Wonder and looking in his lap curiously. He nudged at Oreo with a paw, and jumped back with a hiss when the larger cat responded with sharp claws. Changing back into his human form, Beast Boy whimpered and held his bleeding nose.

"He doesn't like you." Robin stated smugly. The changeling gave him a look.

"You know, ever since Spee--" Beast Boy immediately covered his mouth with his hand, grinning nervously as Robin gave him a nasty look. "….d 12. 'Speed 12' came out on DVD, I've been wanting to see it."

"Nice save."

"I, uh, I thought so."

"Oh Robin! How wondrous!" Robin cocked an eyebrow at the relieved expression Beast Boy wore at Starfire's voice.

"Yeah, Star?" He sighed, running his hand along Oreo's back. The feline tensed.

"You have brought home a new friend for us to play with, yes?" Starfire giggled excitedly, floating over to where Robin sat. She smiled down at Oreo and reached a hand down to pet him.


Half an hour later, Robin was lying contently on the couch, watching some movie about a kid detective, with Oreo stretched out possessively on his stomach. Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg, and Raven sat a safe distance away, tending to their wounds.