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One Week
Chapter One

Day One:

He was finally where he wanted to be. Close to the boy he was meant to possess and having him as a willing party. He at last had what he longed for and needed. This was it.

If only he could breathe.

Blinking his eye, Slade tried to wiggle his way out from under Robin's body. The Boy Wonder may have been a feather when Slade was his normal self, but under these circumstances, Robin might has well have been a truck. A truck who tends to roll over in his sleep. Clawing at the couch, Slade tried to lever himself out of the confined space. He was almost free when Robin randomly decided to shift so that his elbow was digging painfully into Slade's back.

Very. Painfully.

Slade let out an angry hiss and pushed his paws against anything that would give him leverage. Unfortunately, "anything" ended up being Robin's bare arm.

"SHIT." Robin cried, snapping his arm out to strike whatever it was that had attacked him. When his flesh hit fur and he heard a mangled screech, he paled.

"Shit! Oreo?" Robin peered over the side of the couch and onto the floor, where Slade's eye was glaring up at him angrily. Frowning, Robin picked up the cat and put the small animal in his lap.

Slade gave him a look and turned his head away. No one threw Slade off a couch and got away with it. He blinked as a hand came up to caress him behind his ears. At that particular moment, his entire body turned to mush.

No one, that is, except for maybe Robin.


It was the perfect plan, Slade thought as he stalked the distance between Robin's walls for the umpteenth time. As soon as the incident on the couch had been resolved, the Boy Wonder had decided to resume his nap in the luxury of his own bed. And while lying next to his precious birdie was something Slade had often dreamed about, in his current body it was little more than a death wish.

So he decided to think.

When his sister had changed him into this wretched animal, she'd probably expected him to get chased by the dogs she sent after him until he ran up a tree and stayed there. But no. No, he had more pride than that.

Well, at least as much pride as one could get in the form of a feline.

So he had continued to run, and resolved to keep at the chase until he could no longer go on. Being taken in by Robin was the last thing either he or his sister had probably expected. But that didn't mean he wouldn't make the best of it.

If he gained Robin's trust as his pet, there was no limit as to what he could…he could…

Slade paused as his eyes followed a flickering light from the window that reflected off the ah… do… anything. Anything! Right. Of course.

The light moved up and down, then side to side. Slade had a hard time looking away.

And… by… doing anything… he could…could…

With a hiss, Slade suddenly bounded towards the glimmer on the wall, claws outstretched. He could almost reach the damned light. Almost had it…. Almost…Almost…

Too late did he realize that the reflection was just that.

Mewling as he rubbed his wounded nose, Slade curled up in a spot by the door.

His sister was a horrible, horrible woman.


Slade frowned and pawed at Robin's chest, trying to wake the Boy Wonder up. The indignity of the situation didn't escape him, but he tried to ignore it for the time being. He was hungry.

Very, very hungry. And damned if he was going to resort to any sort of begging to wake the boy up. So he continued to paw. He contemplated scratching Robin, but then realized that hurting the hand that would feed him would not be in his best interest. So he continued to paw.

And paw.

And paw.

And paw.

"Dammit, wake up you stupid child!" Or at least that's what it sounded like in his head. In reality, all that came out was a loud, angry "MEOW!"

It was enough, however, to start Robin out of his slumber and gaze around the room in confusion. When his eyes landed on Slade, he stared at the feline blankly.


Slade scowled. Dammit. Now how to get across that he wanted food? Well, start chewing on his own arm, of course. But that would probably lead Robin to think he had some form of rabies.

Jumping down from the bed, Slade made his way to the door and began to scratch at it.

"Hey, Hey!" Robin shouted, jumping out of bed and scooping him up. "Don't do that. You'll damage my door."

Slade gave him as nasty a look as he could muster. He. Wanted. Food.

"Here, why don't we just go get you some dinner? I slept too long anyway." Robin said with a yawn, pressing the button that opened his door. Slade looked up at him in surprise, then smug satisfaction. Did his new catlike form come with telepathy? He hoped so. Then he could control Robin.

He paused at the thought and mentally slapped himself because of the idiocy. A cat's brain really was smaller than a human's if he was beginning to think absurd thoughts such as that. He made a note not to trust any evil cat-villains that came along seeking an alliance.

He was brought out of his thoughts by the enticing smell of food. Scrambling up so that he sat on Robin's shoulder in the style of parrots in pirate movies, he observed his surroundings. The changeling was dancing around the stove making some kind of white substance while the robotic one was fighting with him about it, trying to throw on some steaks. The changeling was being stubborn; saying that he would not have his tofu burgers ruined by the robotic one's 'steak juice of death'.

Slade blinked. Right.

Next his gaze fell upon the hooded girl, who sat quietly on the couch with her head in a book. Beside her was the damned Tamaranian. Slade hated her the most. She was always touching his Robin.

As if to prove his possession of the boy, Slade began to rub his head against the boy's neck, pulling away smugly when his scent drenched his little birdie.

He heard Robin laugh at the touch, which alerted the other Titans of his presence. At first they looked pleased to see their leader, but upon notice of Slade, they suddenly seemed slightly afraid.

Slade grinned inwardly. Good. That was how he liked it.

All thoughts running through his mind ceased abruptly as he picked up the smell of blood. Turning his head towards the source, he found himself staring at the large stack of the robotic one's steaks. Jumping down from Robin's shoulder onto the counter, he quickly made his way to the food. He leaned in to take a bite, when suddenly the plate was lifted and held a good five feet above him. He hissed.

"Oh, no, dawg. These are mine and the team's. Go eat a rat or something."

Slade hissed again, readying himself for attack. A simple touch behind his ear made his body abruptly turn to goo.

"Hey, c'mon Cyborg. Give him mine." Robin was saying. Slade tried to keep his eyes open and attempted to fight back that undignified purring sound of pleasure that always seemed to escape when Robin touched him. His effort was in vain.

"Yours? Are you crazy? He's a cat, Robin. He can go into the basement, solve our rat problems, and have a full-course-meal while doing it." The robotic one – Cyborg his name was apparently – was beginning to get on Slade's nerves. Even more so than usual. Slade did not eat rats. No matter how tempting their little tails made them to chase.

"I'll, ah, try another one of Beast Boy's tofu burgers. They were pretty good at lunch." Robin replied, his hand speeding up its caresses. Slade watched the exchange with interest. It suddenly dawned on him that this was the first time he would be able to see Robin as who he was, and how he interacted with his peers. That information could be extremely useful as soon as he was restored back into his normal body.

"Really? They were?" The changeling sound excited.

"Sure." Robin's noncommittal response made Slade cock his head to the side in amusement. So the Boy Wonder was willing to suffer to help those he cared about. Not anything Slade didn't know already. The fact that he was the object of Robin's intentions, however, gave Slade a slightly fuzzy feeling that he chose to ignore. He made a mental note of that particular Robin-trait anyway – mostly to distract himself.

"No way, man! I'm not letting you eat that garbage. You're eating a nice juicy steak cooked the way you like it. The cat can eat the rest of Star's Nuckbars in the fridge. No one else will."

Slade made another mental note. This time, it was about watching out for when the robotic one got a puppy. And then promptly killing it.


Slade let out a pitiful mewl as he pawed at the glass shower door, trying to make the fog go away. After dinner, where Slade had smugly inhaled his steak, Robin had retired back to his room for another shower. At first, Slade had wondered what kind of boy took two showers with less than a day in-between, but then the realization that Robin would be without clothing for a long period of time drove all thoughts from Slade's brain.

To his utter dismay, this time Robin had not decided not to share his washing experience again. And so here Slade was, trying to find a way to sneak a glance in at his boy.

When Robin opened the door slightly to reach for the shampoo that he'd left on the counter, Slade took his chance. He put his paw in the doorway and kept it there so that when Robin closed the slider again, it simply bounced off his paw and left an opening large enough for him to peek through.

"What are you doing?" The voice caught Slade off guard and he looked up at Robin with almost a guilty expression.

"You're a weird cat." The Boy Wonder mumbled, before closing the shower tightly. Slade made yet another mental note.

For future cases such as these, he would need a pulley, a stick, and rope.

Lots and lots of rope.

When Robin had gotten out of the shower, Slade noticed something that hadn't caught his attention before. Robin hadn't removed his mask. In fact, during both showers, and even when the Boy Wonder was sleeping before, his mask remained in place.

Along with denying any alliances with cat-people, observing Robin's personality quirks, death to Cyborg's puppy and the shower pulley system, Slade vowed that by the end of the week he would see the boy without the black strip covering his eyes.


"Starfire! Watch out! The ceili" Whatever words that were about to come out of Robin's mouth were immediately halted, as a resounding crash alerted everyone in the room. Starfire lay brokenly among the mass of shattered Christmas ornaments, eyes reminiscent of dazed swirls.

"Wonderful." Raven muttered, using her powers to clean up the mess her friend had made. She guided the fragments to the nearest garbage can and let them fall harmlessly inside. Beast Boy grabbed the undamaged star from the Tamaranian's hand and turned himself into a hawk, gracefully landing the decoration in its rightful place on the Christmas tree's peak.

Slade watched the happenings in amusement, before his eyes caught sight of Robin helping Starfire into a sitting position, hand placed tenderly on the small of her back. Hissing, he crouched down and began to strategize an attack. His plans were foiled, however, when Robin lifted Starfire up and spun her into a dip in time with the face paced Christmas song that blared from the speakers. Giggling, Starfire allowed herself to be led in a dance as Robin goofily lip-synced to the high-pitched woman whose voice resounded throughout the large room. Something about all the woman wanting for Christmas being whomever the song was for. Well, that's what Slade gathered the melody was about anyway. She repeated it often enough. And her voice went excessively high. It started to make his head hurt.

And since when was Robin in such a good mood? Slade decided he did not like the sudden change of disposition. Did not like it at all. Especially when Robin in a good mood, plus Christmas music, plus Damned Tamaranian Girl, equaled a dancing and singing Robin in a good mood, plus Christmas music, plus Damned Tamaranian Girl.

Cocking his head to the side, Slade tried to figure out how hard exactly he'd have to bite the girl's foot for it to break off. Or at least give her permanent damage.

Either one he was fine with, really.


Hours later, after the Titans had finished decorating the Tower with their godforsaken Christmas ornaments, and the damned changeling had stopped bouncing off the walls from the eggnog that the damned robotic one had made, Robin finally picked Slade up from his spot on the couch and retired to his room. The Boy Wonder ambled straight into the bathroom and placed Slade on the sink counter as he looked at himself in the mirror. Grabbing a washcloth, Robin dipped it into an open jar that held a strange blue substance, before rubbing it along the edges of his mask. Slowly, but surely, the edges of Robin's defense began to peel away.

Slade was too busy sniffing the azure liquid Robin had been using to notice the boy as he cleaned his now maskless face. By the time Slade finally realized what the fluid might be for, Robin was already finished and sticking his mask back in place. Slade had lost his chance. Scowling, the once-criminal-mastermind gave the blue substance a nasty look. Damn his catlike curiosity.

And damn his sister.

She was a horrible, horrible woman indeed.