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Summary- Three sisters who have been mutants all their lives, run away from their uncle after their mother dies in a car crash. Now they have to find their father, and help save the world at the same time.

Sarah Renee McMay- 15 years old; Blonde hair, with brown highlights; Adamantium claws; Healing ability; Oldest in the family. Codename: Feline

Marissa Kathleen McMay- 14 years old; Black hair; Creates fire out of her hands; Middle child. Codename: Fira

Samantha "Sammy" Jaclyn McMay- 12 years old; Brown hair; Telekinetic ability; youngest one. Codename: Fox

"Sammy! Hurry! You don't want to be late!" yelled Mrs.McMay.

"Mom, face it. You know Sam. She doesn't like the first day of school." Complained Marissa.

"Who does?" grumbled Sarah.

5 minutes later, Sammy came floating downstairs with her blue messenger bag, and arms folded. She had a sour look on her face.

"Whatever happened to summer?" she griped.

"Well let's see: You spent half of it in summer school, ΒΌ of it feeding Miss Vallejo's cats, and..."

"Sarah Renee!" cried Mrs.McMay

"Well she did ask, mom."

Marissa laughed at her older sister and high-fived her. Mrs.McMay smiled.

"You kids go on now. You'll be late," she said.

Marissa and Sammy were heading out the door, but looked back. Sarah was still at the table eating her breakfast.

"Sarah, it's still gonna be in your stomach all the way to lunch," Marissa said.

"Hang on," said Sarah releasing her claws, and cutting a piece of her breakfast really fast. "Sorry. I just like those homemade apple strudels"

"Remember: Don't let anyone know what you are," warned Mrs. McMay.

Later that day, the sisters were walking home from school, not knowing what would happen.

"I can't believe it. Detention on the first day of school! Thanks for sticking around with me though," said Sammy.

"Are you kidding? That jerk called you a freak! And you know what happens when someone calls my sister a freak," said Sarah.

"They get a pain in the butt," said Sammy and Marissa together.

"You forgot the groin, but YES!"

Marissa chuckled, and kept on walking. Suddenly, she stopped on the edge of the street. Police cars were everywhere, and so was an ambulance. People were crowded around. Marissa, Sarah, and Sammy walked quickly to the tragic scene. A police officer, held them back.

"Stand back please," he said.

Sammy grew wide eyed as she knew who it was.

"Mommy!" she cried.

The policeman let them go, and the sisters bent on the ground next to their mother. She had a bullet wound in her chest.

"Mom," whispered Marissa.

Mrs.McMay opened her eyes a bit and smiled.

"My angels," she said softly.

"Will you be okay?" asked Sarah

"Listen to me carefully girls...I want you to go someplace really safe. I'm not going to be able to make it,"

"What? No!" said Sammy with tears.

"Samantha, listen. Your Uncle Will is coming soon to pick you up, and take you with him. But I want you to listen to me: Don't go with him. There's a 4:00 bus to Westchester, and find Xavier's school for the gifted. He'll help you find your father. There's some money in my room on my night desk. Take it. It's 500 dollars worth. I want you to look for your father. Xavier will be expecting you."

"But I thought you said Dad was dead. We barely even know who he is! He died when Sarah was born." Said Marissa confused.

"No. He's not dead. He just doesn't know who he is or where he belongs. But Xavier will help you. Go there. And please keep in mind, that I love you very much,"

And with that, Mrs.McMay died leaving 3 lowly mutant daughters alone.

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