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Sammy awoke about 6 am in the morning gasping a little bit. She had a very bad dream. Turning on the bedside lamp, she got out of her bed and rushed to Marissa shaking her vigorisly.

"Marissa! Wake up!" she whispered loudly. "We have to go!"

"Huh?" Marissa woke up slowly. "Sammy, what's wrong?"

"We gotta go!"

"Sammy what are you talking about?" Marissa sat up in her bed.

"We have to go to Boston!"

Marissa groaned lightly, settling back in bed.

"Sarah you handle this one," she groaned.

Sarah moaned, practically banging her head against the pillow. Sammy's uprising had woken her up.

"But it's Saturday!" Sammy protested. "I can't believe you guys forgot,"

Marissa sighed a bit, but then her mind started thinking. What did Saturday represent? Thoughts raced in her head, until she came to the conclusion.

"Mom's funeral!" she said scrambling out of bed. "Sarah get your butt of bed right now, before I burn it to a crisp,"

Sarah casually got out of bed, and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth, as Marissa and Sammy picked out their clothes. Marissa was to wear a black skirt with a white shirt underneath a black jacket, while Sarah and Sammy wore the same thing. A simple black dress. It took about 10 minutes to get themselves ready, but they silently crept downstairs, careful not to wake everyone in the household and into the garage.

"How're we gonna get there?" asked Sarah.

"How come we just can't ask Logan to drive us?" asked Marissa.

"We don't have time." Sammy explained as she grabbed a pair of keys off the dashboard. "Sarah, do you have your drivers permit yet?"

"Sadly no," Sarah groaned

Suddenly, Sammy pulled out a small card featuring Sarahs full name, address, and picture. Marissa gasped. It was a fake ID.

"Where'd you get that?" she demanded.

"I sort off pulled a page out of Sarah's book," Sammy sort of grinned.

Marissa glared at Sarah, as she delightfully took the drivers liscence.

"I told you not to leave that book lying around," she said.

"Can't talk right now Fira," Sarah said talking fast. "We gotta go to Boston,"

As Sarah jumped into the drivers seat, Marissa gaped in shock as Sammy casually got into the back seat.

"Did you even hear a word I said?" she asked getting into the passengers seat. "Wait a minute..." Marissa looked around in the car. "This is Scott's car!"

"So?" asked Sarah turning on the ignition. "It's not like he's ever gonna notice. He's got like twelve others,"

It took about a few hours to get to the girls destination. When the sun broke out of its sleep, they went through the drive through at McDonalds and ordered biscuts and orange juice (except Sammy. She ordered milk), and went onto the road. They were quiet for most of the ride. The only time anybody sopke up was to say "Are we there yet?" or "When are we gonna get there?", and most of that came from Sammy. But she was quiet. It started to rain a little bit, when they reached the cemetary. Unfrotunetly, none of these young girls had the power to control the weather like Storm, but Marissa kept her arms around her sisters and kept them warm, holding them very tightly. No one was either there yet, or the funeral was already over. Sammy sighed as she ran her fingers along the smooth black marble-like coffin.

"I love you mommy," she whispered.

Sammy took one look at the coffin and buried her face in Sarah's shoulder, while she wrapped an arm around her in comfort. Marissa walked toward the coffin.

"I'd like to say thanks mom," she started. "You've always been good to us. What I really loved about you was that you never doubted us or feared us. You took care of us, and help us develop and control our powers. Thanks. I love you,"

Marissa wiped a few tears away from her cheeks, and let Sarah have the final word. She took a deep breath.

"I kept my promise mom," she stated. "Remember? When Sammy started getting her powers, you told me to always protect them no matter what. I didn't know what you meant at the time. But you always seemed so flustered, thinking that something bad will happen to us. I just wanted to tell you that. I'm sure Logan would've liked to say bye, but we left in such a hurry. I'm sorry...I love you,"

So the girls stood in front of the coffin in silence for a while, until Sammy started singing softly.

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Sammy-I am moving through the crowd.

Marissa-Trying to find myself.

Sarah-Feel like a guitar that's never been played.

Sammy-Will someone strum away?

Sammy,Marissa,&Sarah- And I ask myself, who do I want to be? Do I want to throw away the key and invent a whole new me, and I tell myself...No one. No one. Don't want to be no one...but me

Later, the girls were driving around their old hometown saying goodbye to everything they didn't get the chance to say to. They were driving past the school they went to. It was a grade K-12 school, so the girls basically went togethor. Sarah noticed something. A group of boys she knew were beating up another boy in the playground. Two of them were holding him, while one punched him in the gut.

"Stay in the car," Sarah said as she turned of the engine and got out.

As Sarah slammed the door behind her, Marissa and Sammy looked at each other.

"You think we should go too?" Sammy asked.

"We both know that she's gonna shed some blood," Marissa said. "Come on,"

Sammy and Marissa followed their older sister to the swing set where the boy was being beatn up.

"We don't want no freaks in our school!" said the one who was beating up the boy.

"Technically,"Sarah spoke up. "When you say 'We don't want no freaks', it kind of says that you do,"

"Hey not now McMay!" said the boy who stopped beating the boy who was possibly a mutant. "I'm busy here,"

"Mmm. Nice to see you too, Mitch," Sarah turned to the mutant boy. "How's it hanging Bryce?"

"Peachy," Bryce spitted out some blood.

Bryce was about Sarah's age, and in the same grade as hers. He was her all around best friend, and they've known each other since their first karate class. Unfortunetly, Bryce quit because he had appendicitis. I'm betting he wished he hadn't right now.

"How's your nose Mitch?" Sarah grinned. "Don't worry. It should heal up in about two weeks,"

"I've gotta hand it to you McMay," Mitch said. "You really know how to pack a punch,"

"Well that's what you get for calling my sisters freaks. And speaking of freaks, why don't you be a good little jerk, like you always are, and let Bryce go,"

"You can't make me! Besides, Bryce is a mutant,"

Sammy and Marissa gasped for their friend. Sarah kept a straight face.

"Does it look like I care if he's mutant?" she snapped. "Look at him! You've practically beaten the crap out of him!"

Suddenly, Mitch swung a punch at Sarah. Luckily, Sarah caught it with her left hand, and sort of twisted it. Mitch tried not to scream, and bit his lip. Sarah smirked at him.

"You've just won yourself a free ticket to the House of Total Humilation," she said.

And with that, Sarah punch him in the gut so hard, he might've broken a rib or two. He fell to the ground, clutching it. Sarah looked at the two other boys. The were a bit scared. She spreaded out of her arms, and out came her claws.

"This chick's an animal!" shouted one.

"Let's get out of here!" exclaimed the other one.

The two boys left while dragging Mitch very quickly, and scrambled out of the playground. Once they were out of sight, Sammy and Marissa helped Bryce up.

"You all right?" Marissa asked

"Yeah," Bryce nodded. "Sarah...you're a mutant?"

The girls looked at each other.

"Actually it's a long story," Sarah explained.

"Yeah," Sammy agreed. "We'll tell you about it on the way home,"

"So you're telling me, that when Sarah was kidnapped her uncle gave her and your dad indestructable claws, while you guys ended up having complete control of fire, and the ability to move things and fly," asked Bryce

"Yep," Sarah said.

"And now you live in some school and refuge for mutant kids, that's like some kind of Victorian Mansion?"

"Yeah," Sammy said.

"Cool huh?" Marissa grinned.

"It's a bit weird, but if it means not getting beaten up by Mitch and his goons everyday after school, I'll buy it," Bryce said

"This isn't a joke Bryce," Sarah reasoned. "We've been at the mansion and the X-Men the whole time,"


"Long story short: It's some kind of superhero team the teachers have. Logan's in it too,"

"Well kind of," Sammy stated.


"That's our dad," Marissa said. "But we like to call him Logan,"

"Or Wolverine," Sammy put in.

"Or Oversized Bear," Sarah grinned.

"Feline!" scolded Marissa and Sammy.

"What? I was only kidding,"

"You found your dad?" asked Bryce. "I thought he was dead!"

"He's not. He just had a slight problem with amnesia for the past fifteen years,"

"OK...makes sense,"

"So, we've told our side of the story. What's your's?" asked Marissa.

"I think I can create and control electricity from my body," Bryce winced.


"Awesome? Hello! I can't touch anyone unless I want to electrocute them! Look at my hands!"

Bryce held out his hands, and showed that he was wearing his winter gloves. Sarah shrugged it off.

"Don't sweat it," She scoffed. "I've got a friend who can't touch anyone without sucking the life out of anyone,"

"You'll be able to touch things in no time, once you've got control," Sammy said.

"Yeah," Marissa agreed. "It took me and Sammy a month to get ours controlled,"

That night around 9 pm, the kids pulled into the garage silently, and got out of the car.

"All right," Sarah whispered. "If anyone asks, Pyro stole the car, and we followed him to get it back,"

"And then we picked up Bryce," Marissa added in.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" shouted a voice.

The lights turned on in the garage, and in stormed Cyclops striding toward the girls. Bryce leaned in to whisper.

"Who's the pansy?" he whispered.

"Cyclops," Marissa said. "Now shut up!"

"Where were you?" he asked, in a very dangerous tone.

"Chill Scott," Sarah winced. "We just went somewhere for a while,"

"15 hours isn't a while. It's forever. Now where were you?"

"We went to Boston," Sammy piped up.

Everyone turned to Sammy who backed away a bit. She did not like being the center of attention in these cases.

"We..." she stuttered. "It...It was mom's funeral. And we..."

"You know what? I don't want to hear it," Scott said. "Because I can tell that you guys have been in deep trouble ever since you got here. And the trouble I'm talking about is the kind you get sent to the principals office,"

"Hey!" Sarah said as she pulled Bryce, and her sisters behind her. "Don't blame it on all of us. If you wanna blame something on someone, blame it on me. Because I know how to handle threats. Now, if you'll excuse me, Bryce's nose is bleeding again, and we're taking him to the Med Lab. Come on guys,"

As Sarah led Bryce and her sisters, out of the garage, she turned back as Marissa guided Bryce away.

"And Scott," she said. "If you want to take your grieveness for Jean out on somebody, don't take it out on my sisters or Bryce or me. Especially the Wolverine. Cause I'm pretty sure he loved Jean as much as you did,"

"Are you threatening me?" Scott asked growling as he came over.

"No. Threatening you would be like 'Stay out of my face or you'll be sliced to pieces'. What I just said to you before, was not a threat,"

"You know, you've always been trouble. I should've known you and your sisters were like Logan,"

"Scott, for once in your life, SHUT UP! We went to Boston to say goodbye to mom. I'm pretty sure Jean would've liked it if you'd let us. And don't you ever say that my sisters are trouble. Ever! Do I need to remind you that it was you who got us off the street in the pooring rain?"

So Sarah turned her heel, and walked out of the garage.

Meanwhile, Sammy, Marissa, and Bryce, walked into the Med Lab. Storm was in there with the Professor. When they looked up, Storm let out a breath of relief.

"Oh thank heavens," she put a hand over her heart. "We were so worried. Where were you..."

"...They went to the funeral Ororo," The Professor finished.

Storm stood a bit open mouthed, as if she said something wrong.

"Oh," was all she could manage.

"And I believe they have brought a young friend with them. You must be Bryce Stevens,"

"Wait," Bryce shifted his eyes. "How did you know that?"

"Oh," Marissa slapped her forehead. "I forgot. Didn't we tell you? Professor Xavier can read minds,"


"Yeah. Cool huh?"

Storm examined the boy closely.

"What happened?" she asked.

"A couple of goons Sarah's beaten up before were beating the snot out of him," Marissa said. "We were on our way home when it happened. Turns out he's a mutant too,"

"Yeah, and for someone who's taking it well..." Sammy started.

"'Taking it well'?" Bryce repeated. "Earth to Sammy, I can't touch people without electrocuting them. Plus, I just got attacked by the stupidest kid in our class, and I just found out that three of my best friends are mutants!...You're right. I am taking this pretty well,"

"Where's Logan?" asked Sammy.

"He's up in his room," the Professor said. "And I believe Sarah's on her way up there right now,"

Sarah took a deep breath as she paused in front of Logan's door. Logan had to know where they've been. He had the right. She carefully knocked on the door, and waited for a response. No one answered. That probably meant he was there. She opened the door and found Logan standing in front of the window, arms folded, and smoking his cigar. He turned to look at her.

"Hey," he said.

"Hi," Sarah said as she closed the door behind her. "We're back,"

"I know. I saw you pull up in Scott's car,"

"You know about that?"

"Oh, I've known since I've woken up to Scooter screaming his head off,"

Sarah bit back a smile, as she walked towards Logan.

"He blamed us," she said softly. "For being the cause of everything bad that's happened here. And possibly the cause of Jean's death,"

"With or without you guys, it would've happened anyway," Logan said. "Don't let Scooter get you down,"

Suddenly, the door opened, and in came Sammy running towards Wolverine.

"Logan!" she jumped into his arms.

"Hey munchkin," Logan smiled. "You okay?"

"I'm fine. You're not mad at us for running away?"

"No. I knew you'd be back. I was just a bit worried 'bout you guys,"

Sammy smiled, and hugged Wolverine tightly, as a soft knock sounded at the door, and there was Marissa and Bryce standing in the doorway smiling.

"How's your nose Bryce?" Sarah asked.

"Better," Bryce smiled.

"Logan, this is Bruce. He's my all around Best Friend.He's a mutant,"

"Really?" asked Logan. 'What can you do?"

"Control and shoot electricity from my fingers," Bryce answered. "You're Logan?"

"Who wants to know?"

"...No one. It's just that, Sarah told me that...you're like her?"

"Kind of," Sarah winced. "We have the same mutation, but we tend to fight a lot,"

"Oh, I bet you do,"

Bryce laughed, as Sarah slouched, then punched him in the arm. He let out a silent "ow" and glared at her.

"Mitch hit me there hard," he complained.

Yet again, there was another knock on the door, and there was Scott standing in the doorway. The whole room fell silent, until he spoke.

"I owe you an apology," he said softly. "Actually, I owe all four of you an apology,"

"Why?" asked Logan as he put Sammy down.

"I blamed Feline, Fox, and Fira for my troubles. I knew they had nothing to do with it. And I understood that they had to do what they had to do. I just..."

Marissa put a hand on Scotts shoulder.

"We miss her too Scott," she whispered.

"And speaking of doing what they had to do..." said a voice.

Everyone turned to face the door, to find the Professor and Storm with smiles on their faces.

"Feline, Fox, Fira, step forward please," he said.

All three of the girls looked at each other, and walked toward the Professor hand in hand.

"You all have shown acts of bravery, selflessness and love in the short time that you've been here," he began. "You've done things that other students couldn't possible imagine. Giving your lives, and protecting the ones you love,"

"So," Storm smiled. "We've decided this morning to bend the rules a little bit,"

"Define 'bending'," Sammy said.

"Feline, Fox, and Fira McMay,"the Professor announced. "You should remember this day. A day that you thought will never come for a long while. Congratulations. Welcome to the X-Men,"

"What?" asked Marissa in a surprised whispered tone.

Logan laughed a bit and hugged the three girls tightly, in a loving way.

"So..." Sarah said. "Does this mean I get to fly the jet now?"