Breakfast at Tiffany's


Go lightly Holly,

the trapped bird escaping,

freedom beckons,


A sun ripened Tomato,

can never get

you down,

onward, Holly, onward.

Cat and I,

are facets of your soul,

to find a place like-;

onward, ever onward.

You're a wildcat

Holly, a free spirit:

In a way, I am a


Like Tiffany's.

Note: This poem is based more on the movie, than the novel due to the slightly differing endings. (Personally, I prefer the film!) Hope you enjoyed it, and please review!

Disclaimer: All characters are copyright to Truman Capote/Paramount Pictures; and the poem to me. This poem has been written on the understanding that you may read it and print it out; but you may not pass it off as your own, hire it out, or sell it for money. You also may not put it on your own or any other web page without my express written permission. Thankyou!