Title: Noticing Chapter 3
Author: Switch
Rating: PG/PG-13
Warnings: None, really. Just slash
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Chapter 3:


By Switch

Ron crushed his lips against Neville's, ignoring everything else. This was Neville. Neville, who stumbled backward just a little bit, Neville, who liked plants, who was kind to everyone, who saw good in everyone (even Percy), who had a hidden fire deep inside of him that Ron wanted to touch, Neville, who was slowly kissing him back.

It had been a major shock, Ron's kiss, but it was a nice kind of shock. His lips were soft and warm while his hands were strong and confident, one on his lower back pulling him closer and that other on the back of his neck, keeping him from pulling away.

Neville had no idea what to do, but he knew that his knees were about to give out, so he wrapped his arms around Ron's neck. He gasped against Ron's lips, allowing a smooth tongue to slide into his mouth. Neville moaned.

Ron pressed up against him as close as he could. He just couldn't get enough. He wanted so much more, but wouldn't allow himself to try to obtain it. Oh, but the way Neville was pressed against him... That was just perfect. More perfect and more right then anything had ever felt before.

The feeling of Ron's tongue in Neville's mouth was doing crazy things to the gardener. It was dominating, but calm. Rough, but gentle. Hot, but... well, it was just really hot.

Neville finally broke away, gasping for breath.

"Ron," he breathed, "What was that?"

"Really fucking nice," Ron replied and went to kiss Neville again, but was stopped.

Neville licked his lips and spoke softly, "What are we doing, Ron?"

"I thought I was kissing you. I don't know what you're doing."

"Stop joking around, Ron!" Neville exclaimed, "Why did you kiss me?"

Ron was quiet. He glanced down at his feet and picked at some dirt under one of his fingernails, "I, uh... I like you. I like you a lot," his voice was small. "That's why I was avoiding you. I didn't... I was scared."

Neville gazed up at him with full of emotions. Ron didn't know what emotions they were, but he knew he liked them.

"Ron, why didn't you just tell me?" he asked.

Breathing in deeply, Ron replied, "I didn't understand it... I've never liked another boy before so... It freaked me out. And I didn't know if you liked me too or if you thought I was just a big loser or if maybe you liked Percy or someone else. So I just... I hid from you, I guess. I threw myself into something else so I wouldn't have to deal with what I felt."

"One sentence would've been fine, Ron," Neville said before crushing his lips against Ron's. The redhead grunted and enveloped the smaller boy in his arms.

"Bloody hell!" The two boys broke away to see Seamus staring at them.

"… Hey, Seamus," Ron said softly, slightly pulling away from Neville without breaking contact fully.

"What… What were you guys doing?" Seamus stuttered, his face bright red.

"Kissing," Neville replied blandly. Ron grinned at him. His grin widened when he saw Seamus' expression.


Ron smirked, "Would you like us to demonstrate?" Neville giggled and hugged him.

Seamus' eyes bugged out of his head and he turned and ran. Neville smiled up at Ron.

"You know the entire school is going to know about us in about an hour, right?"

"Mmmm, I'm ok with that of you are," Ron said softly and leaned in to kiss Neville once again.

Sorry this chapter is so short and late, but this is just where I wanted to stop for now. New chapter will be around eventually. I promise…