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Chapter 5:

Last time:

Who is this 'Goku' you speak of?" the confused Saiyan asked. "My name is Kakarrot, and who are you by the way?"

Chichi was shocked. 'How could my own husband not remember who I am?' She thought as tears formed in her eyes.

A now very emotional Chichi then turned to Vegeta and started yelling at him. "What did you do to my Goku?! Why doesn't he remember me?t"

Vegeta just stared at her. "Stop overreacting, Harpy!" He yelled back. "Kakarrot is just fine...that is if you pay no attention to the fact that he now suffers from amnesia."

"He WHAT?!" Chichi screamed.


"You can't be serious!! How did this happen?" She said as she slowly started to calm herself down.

"First of all," Vegeta started. "Kakarot, that loud-mouthed woman there is your wife. And second of all," he turned his gaze from Goku to Chichi. "Kakarrot hit his head hard while training with me in the GR and was knocked unconscious. When he came to, he started acting the way he's acting right now." Vegeta finished with his explanation.

Chichi was furious now with Vegeta for insulting her. She didn't snap at him, however. She didn't want to give the satisfaction of making her angry. She tried to calm herself down again. 'He's not worth it.' She thought to herself. 'Arg! How does Bulma put up with this arrogant bastard every single day?!'

Thanks to the blunt but informative explanation Vegeta gave her, Chichi now understood the reason behind Goku's strange behavior.

'Something is really wrong with her.' Vegeta thought to himself as he noticed Chichi's emotions rapidly change from anger, back to normal and then to anger again, and all in a matter of seconds. 'She is way too emotional...How can Kakarrot put up with her all the time?' He pondered this for a while, then told his Saiyan companion and Chichi that he was leaving and took off back toward Capsule Corp.

When Vegeta left, Chichi looked at her husband. "Um Goku...I know now that you don''t remember me..." She paused in her speech.

'What point is she trying to make?' Kakarrot asked himself. "Continue." he said to her simply.

Chichi just stared at him for a moment before speaking again. "Anyway, um...well, I know you don't remember me much but like Vegeta..."

"That's Prince Vegeta!" he interrupted.

"Um yeah...Like he said," She continued. "I am your wife. My name is Chichi."

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