My Soul For YouE Sakura cut off the T.V. when Syaoran walked back into the living room. They were at his house, Five days after the incident. Touya almost freaked when they barged into Sakura's house while practically carrying A bleeding Syaoran. In fact, his wings didn't disappear until he regained concesness later on. That didn't help Touya's nerves in the least. Sakura giggled slightly.

"What's so funny? He ask her as he sat down next to his girlfriend.

Sakura smiled at him and shook her head. "Nothing. Just remembering things."


Sakura moved closer and laid against him, resting her head in the crook of his next, letting him wrap her in a hug. "Are you all right now?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." He kissed her forehead and they just stayed like that for a few minuets. "Sakura?"


"Will you stay with me tonight?"

Sakura slowly looked up and into his eyes. "Of course." She titled her head slightly and closed her eyes. Syaoran bent his head slightly and took her lips in his.

~*a little while later*~

"Sakura? Sakura-chan? Syaoran-kun?" Tomoyo and Eriol walked into Syaoran's apartment. They had knocked quite a bit, and the door was unlocked. Tomoyo was about to call again when Eriol beat her to it.

"Hello!" Syaoran and Sakura quickly broke apart and separated onto different ends of the couch. Blushing, Sakura fixed her shirt and Syaoran adjusted his pants. "Looks like you two were having fun!"

"Who let you two in!?" Syaoran demanded, blushing madly. "The door wasn't answered for a reason you know!"

"Oh, such harsh words." Tomoyo said, acting hurt. "Remember? We were going to go out tonight?"

Each one on the couch looked at each other, and then to their guest. "Oops." They both replied at the same time.

"Its okay." Eriol said, waving it off. "We don't have to go." Syaoran grinned. Maybe Eriol wasn't such a bad guy after all. "I get the bedroom, though." He finished, scooping up Tomoyo in his arms and started to walk away.

"Hey!" Syaoran yelled, jumping over the couch. "Not on my bed your not!"

Sakura laughed out loud and started to get ready for their double date.


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