Here it is. This was my first Gosho fic I ever started writing. I hadn't put it up because I got sidetracked with Weekend and Wish and then all that has come after. Hope you enjoy the show.


P.S. Again the lines mean where the story separates.

"In this part I will annoy Inspector Nakamori!" announced Kid.

"Don't you always?" Aoko rolled her eyes.

File 1. The Dance

Aoko woke up to a dreary gray Thursday morning. She walked down the stairs all ready for school to find her father just coming home.

"Late night Dad?"

"Yeah, it was that Kaitou Kid," he said, followed by a string of curses and swears. "Anyway, he stole that jewel exhibit that was on loan from England. He had to make it late too. A heist at 2:22 a.m. every week won't make my life any easier."

"I expect Hakuba-kun was extremely displeased."

"Extremely," replied her father, "I need some sleep. You should get to school."

"Okay, bye Dad." She walked toward the door expecting a reply. She turned around and saw her father asleep at the kitchen table.

Oh Dad, why don't you stop chasing Kid?

She walked out the door and halfway there met up with Kaito. He was yawning and looked more worn for wear than usual.

He looks tired too.

"Hi Aoko. Don't you get cold in that skirt?"

"Not at all... by the way-" she was interrupted by a sudden draft, which was definitely not caused by the wind.

"Pink huh? Oh what were you saying?"

Aoko felt her temper rising, "that you looked tired but I guess," her temper peaked, "you're fine!"

The chase was on, all the way to school.

Great, my second chase this morning! He grinned to himself.

Once the class settled down the teacher began that day's lesson...

"Hakuba!" yelled the teacher.

"Yes madam?"

"Wake up please. Will you read the passage we're on?"

"Huh... yes," he read it.

"Very good,' said the teacher and she moved on to her next prey.

"Maybe next time you chase Kid late into the night, it would be best if you stayed home," whispered Akako who sat next to him.

"You were there," he replied, "Kuroba was too."

Aoko's ears perked up to the conversation behind her. "You mean Kaito was out late to see Kid?"

"Oh yeah he was there all right, why else would he be sleeping right now?"

Aoko looked from Hakuba to Kaito, "No, he's not." He was sitting in front of Hakuba and next to Kaito and appeared to be watching the board. "Kaito?"

He didn't move. He remained looking forward with his chin in his hand. Hakuba then hit the back of Kaito's head and something like eye caps fell off. Kaito's real eyes were closed.

He turned to them and cracked open his eyes. "Hey guys. No I wasn't there last night, and Hakuba the reason I'm tired is because I stayed up all night practicing a new trick."

Which I spent early morning last night playing on you and Inspector Nakamori.

He gave everyone a mischievous grin.

Lunchtime came around.

"So Kaito are you going to show me your new trick?"

Kaito looked at Aoko, "I don't know if I can show it to you now." He looked at the sky, "I need a big audience for it. If you can think of one coming up soon I'll show it to you then." He smiled at her.

Why is it that that smile, no matter what, always makes me feel at ease?

That night Aoko's father walked into the house steaming.

"What is it Dad?"

"That Kid is going to turn us all into insomniacs! He gave back the jewels and left a note, in my cigarettes!" He lay the paper on the counter.

On a day before the Sun and after the Sun a jewel of War will disappear 5 and minus 11 after 1412.

-The Phantom Thief Kid.

The grinning monocle-ed head laughed at her.

"Is this the original?"

"Uh yeah, I've collected all of them." He looked a bit nervous.

"Isn't that a bit obsessive?"

"No. No not really..."

Aoko raised an eyebrow. "Good night Dad."

The next day on the way to school...

"So Aoko have you thought of an event coming up so I can show you my new trick?"

"No, because I doubt you want to compete with Kid."

"Oh next Saturday?" Yep I'm busy.

"I didn't know its next Saturday. How did you know?"

"Oh well the note was in the newspaper this morning and after and before Sunday means next Saturday."

Aoko thought about that for a second, "Yeah, I guess that makes sense."

They approached the school to see people passing out flyers at the entrance.

"What's this?" Aoko took one and read it.

"The costume club is hosting a dance, didn't you know about it? They announced it last week." Kaito frowned at Aoko.

"I don't have to pay attention to every school event." Then an idea hit her. "The dance is next Saturday, you can do your trick then!"

Kaito looked at her; she had the cutest most adorable look on her face right then. She really was too excited.

Shoot, I can't do it then! I'll be at the heist. But then again, a dance with Aoko... and Kid can be in two places at once. Can't he?

Unfortunately then the bell rang for class and if they didn't run they'd be late.

Of course, Kaito never cared for that sort of thing so right now was as good a time as any for him to have fun.


Their classmates looked on.

"Red's a nice color on you!" he yelled over his shoulder.

The classmates shouted, "Someone hand her a mop!" "Run Kaito!" They placed bets as to how long it would take and whether or not he would be hit, which was rare of course.

Aoko got to the cleaning closet first and cornered Kaito.

"How are you going to escape this time Kuroba!" yelled Hakuba.

"Like this!" Kaito grinned and pulled out of a puff of smoke a bundle of white roses. "To you my dear," he handed them to Aoko.

Aoko was caught off guard. She took the bouquet carefully, unsure of what was going to happen to it.

Nothing did.

"A notes attached," he whispered as he walked past her.

She found it among the roses and pulled it off. Suddenly the roses disappeared and a dozen doves took their place.

The teacher walked in and called the class to order.

Aoko put the note in her pocket as she walked back to her seat.

The doves in the meantime took their place perching on Kaito's shoulders.

The morning seemed to go by ever more slowly with each passing minute.

The teacher was droning and most of the students were snoring.

It was then when Aoko remembered the note she put in her pocket.

She took it out and looked at the little envelope. A smiling Kaito looked back at her.

I wonder what it says. Probably that I should lose some weight or something mean like that she frowned.

She opened it and was slightly shocked.

While she was in her thoughts, she sort of forgot Kaito sat right next to her and could see her clearly when she finally opened the note. He was glad he sat next to her, it made watching her without noticing so much easier. He was a little nervous about the note actually... he wasn't sure just what she would say.


Would you please do me the honor of allowing me to take you to the costume dance? Don't worry about your costume, I'll give it to you the day of the dance. Please say yes.

- Kaito

I can't say no. That would be rude. But then what if he's expecting that we go as more than just friends. Does he like me? He only pulls up my skirt enough... Aoko what are you thinking?! Kaito doesn't like you like that! At least I wish he did. No! I didn't just think that!

Aoko blushed madly at the thought.

Kaito laughed silently as he watched her expressions go from thoughtful, to embarrassed, to finally thoroughly confused.

The bell rang for lunch.


"Hakuba?" Aoko turned to see him just catching up to her.

"Hi Aoko I was just wondering if you have a date for the dance yet and if you don't do you want to come with me?"

Kaito and Akako caught up with the pair.

What? I don't want to go with Hakuba.

Akako spoke up then, "Hakuba why are you asking Aoko to the dance? I thought you'd want to go with me. Plus you could have been a squirrel." She shot him a deliciously sweet and dangerous smile that made Hakuba falter.

Kaito looked on at the situation playing before him. He was silent and playing poker face. Underneath the fa├žade, he was very worried.

Why doesn't he say anything? thought Aoko, He could easily bail me out, why doesn't he?

Then it dawned on her, Kaito was waiting for an answer.

"I'm sorry Hakuba but I'm... I'm already going with Kaito."

Her face was red with disbelief at her statement.

"Well Hakuba," said Akako after what seemed like an eternity, "You'll just have to go with me." She grabbed him by his tie and pulled him away.

Hakuba looked back at Kaito. He can't be at the dance and heist at the same time! He's going to disappoint her!

Akako smiled to herself, Kaito you just might win with this one.

Kaito and Aoko were left alone.

"So you'll go to the dance with me?" asked Kaito.

"Sure why wouldn't I? You're my best friend and..."

I never hate spending time with you.

"Great, thanks Aoko. I wasn't sure you would."

"You're welcome," she smiled, "So what are our costumes going to be?"

"That's a surprise. You'll just have to wait," he started to walk off.

"Kaito get back here! You tell me what you have planned!"

"You'll have to catch me first!"

She ran after him. She almost caught him a couple of times, but was sidetracked with all the tricks he played on her.

She's so cute when she's trying to catch me.

That's why I love her.

Kaito blushed slightly at that thought.