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Summery: What if Keitaro saved Tsuruko from the hina blade. What if she felt she owed him her life? More women troubles for Keitaro of course!
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Warrior wife

Chapter 1

Saving Tsuruko

Kyoto duel

Naru leapt at the woman known to all as Tsuruko. The Hina blade held ready as she swiped with the cruel sharp blade. The deathblow was sent just before Keitaro came into view. His body slamming into the elder of the two sisters who lead Shinmei School. Both fell out of the way just as the blade passed by. Motoko saw her chance and took it Lashing out with the evil cutting blade technique sealing the sword and knocking out her sister, Keitaro, and Naru.

She had won; she was once again heir to the Shinmei School. She was happy at that and a little saddened that she wouldn't be Keitaro's wife. With the help from the others who came from Hinatasou she got the three she knocked out into the living room of the school.

Shinmei School

Naru woke first and looked around. "Motoko-chan? Who won?" The young swordswoman smiled and answered that she did. The heavy sigh of relief she let go was expected. The punch to the unconscious boys head when he turned over and his arm fell across Motoko's older sister was too. What surprised everyone was the smile that formed on Tsuruko's lips when the arm lay across her hip.

Slowly waking up Tsuruko looked around and smiled softly to Motoko. She hugged her sister and congratulated her before walking over to Keitaro and bending down checking him for wounds. "Oh my. How did he get this lump on his head?"

The blush on Naru's face told her but she wanted to hear it. "I hit him when he put his arm around you in his sleep it's not proper even for a pervert to flirt with a married woman." Tsuruko's face was no longer pleasant as she picked up Keitaro and walked off with him in her arms.

Motoko was curious at how that had displeased her sister and followed. To her shock her sister put Keitaro in her own bed before turning and sitting at the small table kneeling. "It seems you did not get my letter on how he died in that car accident 4 years ago. I had always thought you knew from how you never questioned me about not bringing my husband with me on my visits."

[ A.N. To those of you who never thought about the fact that we never meet her husband please slap yourselves and watch the anime again till you do.]

The young heir to the school gasped as she looked to her sister sadly. "I'm sorry sister. If I had known I would have come home." Tsuruko smiled sadly and nodded as she looked down.

"It took 2 years for me to get over his loss. But I have, and I think you for your concern sister. But I believe I will be fine. For now my master requires care." At the blank stare of her younger sister Tsuruko sighed. "I now owe Keitaro-san my life. As such I will serve him as his shinobi and concubine should he choose to take me."

The bug-eyed stare of Motoko was priceless and had this been any less serious Tsuruko may have laughed but she looked to the young man on her bed and lightly took a cloth from her nightstand and a pitcher of water from her washstand then soaked the cloth and put it on the young man's head. She smiled a little as she watched over the young boy and lightly ran her fingers through his hair.

Motoko slowly backed out of her room and rocked back and forth for a while. Eventually she would need to tell Naru about this and she shuddered at the thought of the problems this would cause. "Kitsune will have her bloodbath soon."

Keitaro slowly woke up and as his vision cleared he noticed a beautiful woman playing with his hair. "Ah, this must be a dream, pretty girl, no smacks on the head, I hate to think I'll have to wake soon."

Tsuruko smiled softly and shook her head before gently bowing to him as he sat up. "You saved my life in the duel my sister and yourself won. When your friend Naru-chan took the hina blade she surely would have killed me had you not pushed me from it's path at your own personal risk, I offer you my life and being in return, until my death."

Keitaro would have started freaking out had he been smart enough to realize this wasn't a dream, as things were he smiled to himself. "I accept your pledge. Motoko-chan would kill me if she found out I was having a dream of her sister."

Tsuruko smiled and kissed his palm. "This is no dream Keitaro-sama." The terror Keitaro showed as she finished saying those words was spectacular. He went from red, to white, to purple, to blue reaching plaid before finally managing to stop and stare at her with the same bug-eyed stare Motoko has used.

"B-b-b-but they'll kill me!!!!" The poor boy was shaking as he stared at the woman his eyes nearly falling from his head as he pressed back against the wall. Images of Naru and Motoko looming over him and glowing fill his thoughts.

Tsuruko frowns and shakes her head. "I wont let them Keitaro-sama. I have pledged myself to you; I will protect you and serve you." She looked at him and he saw she was completely serious. Feeling slightly better if more worried for Naru and Motoko he sat down and blushed looking at her.

"Uh, so what now? I mean what do we do?" Tsuruko smiled and laid him back down on her bed and started to wipe the dirt from his cheeks. Once finished she tended his wounds then tucked him in. After her work on him was finished she stood and sat just outside his door. He was still nervous but he was so tired. "I'll deal with this after I get some rest."

Later that evening

Keitaro woke slowly from his slumber realizing he wasn't in his room at the Hinatasou. His mind went into panic mode and he looked around for any sign of an angry girl. Unfortunately his head still felt like he'd been Naru punched to Mutsumi's house.

He staggered to his feet and slowly walked down the hallway, being so groggy he didn't notice Tsuruko greeting him or following him. He walked into the changing room and undressed before walking out to the small hot spring of the Shinmei School.

He sat on the stool and doused himself in cold water scrubbing as he thought. (Tsuruko-san has sworn herself to me? What am I going to do? How will I tell Naru-chan? For that matter how am I going to survive Motoko-chan when she finds out?)

All thought suddenly stopped at the feel of a hand on his back that wasn't his scrubbing. Slowly turning his head and hoping for a sudden Naru punch he was treated to the sight of a purely nude Tsuruko slowly running a soapy cloth along his body. Her touch was almost loving as the wet cloth lightly ran along his back and shoulders then to his arms. His struggling as she scrubbed the rest of his body didn't last long as she gently but firmly cleaned him.

Poor Keitaro was scared, not just scared he feared for his life. The current score between him and womanly fate was 1'000'000 to 0. Not a very comforting set of odds. The worst part was how she handed him the cloth and bowed to him before turning her back. It took the naïve young man a few moments to understand what she wanted and he nervously began about the task of washing her back.

"Mmmmmm" The pleased sigh of Tsuruko filled the steamy air as she luxuriated in the slowly massaging feeling of Keitaro's fingers. "Keitaro-sama, you're very good at this." She felt like pouting as he slowly stopped before she lightly took his cloth covered hand to her breast and leaned back against his chest. The only thing that kept him from nose bleeding was the distinct feeling he would need all the blood he could keep to survive the violence to come.

After she had been fully cleaned they walked out towards the hot spring and sat in the warm water. Keitaro just happened to look like a boiling lobster from his blush and the artificial jets on the sides of the pool.

This was the scene Naru and Motoko walked in on. Tsuruko smiled and waved as Keitaro stared and wondered if he'd go to heaven or not. "I'm innocent!!!!" Was all the young man could say as the two young girls raced towards him he closed his eyes before hearing two loud cracks and shrieks. Keitaro opened his eyes and saw both young girls hopping around holding their welted backsides.

Tsuruko stood between them and Keitaro holding a thin reed like a sword. Naru glared at the older woman, Motoko winced and looked at her sister nervously. Her eyes were glowing as the water blazed into the air. "You have dared to attack Keitaro-sama. YOU MUST BE PUNNISHED!!!!!!" Motoko stared like a wide-eyed child as her sister raced forward. Naru shrieked and yelped trying to run.

At dinner, Keitaro winced as he watched Motoko and Naru sitting on the floor across from him covered in welts. Tsuruko stood up and looked at all the Hinatasou residents except for Haruka and Mutsumi who weren't there, and Kentaro had gotten knocked into orbit for yelling at Keitaro. "I will be returning with you to Hinatasou so that I may continue to serve Keitaro-sama."

"Keitaro-kun you stud!!!! You're even landing older women now!!!" Kitsune was having a great time egging this on. She might even be able to tape the violence and sell it for some profit. Keitaro's face had turned neon red, Naru was twitching and Motoko wasn't having fun with this idea.

Before Keitaro could respond Tsuruko laid her head on his chest and sighed. "Keitaro-sama was so gentle." Naru's twitching got worse. "How softly his hands rubbed my breasts as he washed me." Motoko's hand was reaching for a sword that she didn't have with her at the moment. "He was so shy, I am pleased to serve Keitaro-sama, in ANY way he desires." Tsuruko's voice had been so smoky on that last part it foggied up Keitaro's glasses.

"Sempai, you didn't, did you?" Shinobu looked up to Keitaro with tears glistening in her eyes. She had always had a crush on him, and though she knew she'd never have him, the thought of him being with another woman hurt so much she felt like crying.

Kitsune was in shock. She'd always teased Keitaro calling him a stud and flirting to get out of rent, but this was a new development. If he was that good maybe she should look into getting in some quality time of her own with the manager.

Naru ran off, not even looking back as she ran to her room. Motoko went to do kata. Kaolla jumped around looking all happy for some reason that nobody knows. And Sara looked for something to throw at Keitaro but failed so she sat there glaring at him.

After a while Keitaro went to the room he'd been given to stay in, he laid down and curled up under his blanket. The feel of someone holding him made him jump and he stood up. Lifting the blankets he came face to face with Tsuruko. He was about to ask her to go to her own room but then soft look in her eyes surprised him.

Tsuruko smiled as she laid him down and held him in her arms. It was nice to have someone to hold again. Her arms were full of warmth again as she gently ran her fingers through his hair. She felt peaceful like this, with him in her arms. "I wont let them hurt them again, they don't understand what they have."

Slowly falling asleep Keitaro smiled softly drifting off. He was warm and the soft skin of Tsuruko's hands running through his hair was soothing. With his last thoughts as he fell asleep holding the older woman he prayed for his soul knowing the morning would bring new problems. "Now I lay me down to sleep..."

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"Mmmmmm" The pleased sigh of Tsuruko filled the steamy air as she luxuriated in the slowly massaging feeling of Keitaro's fingers. "Keitaro-sama, you're very good at this." She felt so good. It had been years since anyone was this attentive to her.

Motoko hearing her sigh and comment rushed into the room. "Urashima!!!! What are you doing to my sister?!" Thinking she would have found something sexual she was shocked as she saw her sister in a bikini getting a massage from Keitaro as he fed her pealed grapes and chocolate covered strawberries.

Tsuruko turned to her little sister and smiled. "Sister you must try this, he is indeed wonderful at this." After a few moments Motoko disrobed and took her sisters place. Naru was next, then each of the other girls in turn. Thus began the Urashima massage parlor where Keitaro was forced to massage beautiful women without ever getting any for all eternity.

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