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Summary: A Hidden pain sleeps in the light of day but wakes in the dark of night. Willpower is her only strength, but growing desire for something forbidden to her is her only weakness. Dark Sango/Inu fic.

Warning: Has ALOT OF ANGST! Character death.

Chapter 1: Sango's Defeat (revised)

Sango stood stunned as Kohaku came into view beside Naraku.

Sango took a small step forward, oblivious to everyone around her but Kohaku. "K…Kohaku?" she stammered.

"Kohaku, you know your mission this day. Do not fail me as Kagura has." Naraku's evil voice snarled.

Kohaku stared, his brown eyes blank, at Sango. "Yes master, I will not let you down."

Naraku turned to the rest of the group standing silently behind Sango. "If any of you interfere, Kaede will not be the only one to die this day." Naraku said, glancing towards the unconscious Kaede behind him.

Kagome took a step forward; her brown eyes fell on Kaede's still body.


"Na ha…miko, not one step closer or there will be no Kaede left for you to save." Naraku warned, his crimsoned eyes sparkling with malice.

Kagome stepped back, her eyes still locked on Kaede, looking for any trace of blood.

"We meet again, big sister." Kohaku all but snarled.

"Kohaku, please don't make me do this." Sango pleaded, her eyes filled with pain.

Kohaku smirked. "I thought you were strong, big sister… you can't even battle me… what a shame." Kohaku said in mock disappointment.

Pulling out his weapon, he lunged toward Sango. Taken off guard, Sango was too slow to dodge Kohaku's attack and received a deep gash across her shoulder. Gripping her shoulder, Sango doubled over in pain, her hand stained a deep crimson from the blood.

"What's the matter, big sister? Are you defeated already?"

"If I must do this Kohaku, I will kill you so that Naraku can never hurt you again, as I promised you I would," Sango said. Shooting up from her current position she drew her sword from the sheath at her side, and sliced viciously at Kohaku.

Kohaku dodged the attack, laughing. "Sango! You're so weak. You let our whole family die! You didn't do a damn thing to save them! You're worthless!" He taunted.

The tears Sango was ferociously trying to keep at bay finally spilled over sliding down her pale cheeks, off her trembling chin.

Kohaku lunged at Sango again; Sango jumped back, barely dodging his attack. She then ran towards Kohaku, sword raised and ready to attack again. Just as Sango was about to hit Kohaku, his blank eyes came alive with pain. Sango stopped in midair, her ginger eyes wide with shock. Kohaku looked down at his now ravaged body. His life-giving blood was streaming out of numerous gashes. He looked back up at Sango, his pained eyes glossy with unshed tears.

"Big sister…what have I done…" he murmured, as he stumbled towards her.

"K…Kohaku? You're back…" Sango managed to say running towards him. Just before she got to him, he collapsed in a puddle of his own blood. Naraku was standing over him, holding the Shikon jewel shard that had been imbedded in Kohaku's back between his claws.

"That was a waste of my time…my work here is done…" he drawled, just before he bounded into the air, leaving his other unconscious victims lying on the forest floor. He let an amused smile touch his cruel lips and disappeared in a cloud of his miasma.


Sango flew to Kohaku's side; turning him over, she laid his head gently in her lap. "Kohaku please open your eyes." She pleaded desperately.

Kohaku's eyes slowly cracked open, his dark eyes full of pain and agony.

"Oh Kohaku…please don't leave me…you're the only one I have left." she managed to choke out.

"Big sister…why…why did you tell me it would be okay?"

Kohaku's body shuddered in her trembling arms.

Tears streamed down hers face as she leaned over his limp body.

"I'm sorry…I'm sorry…Kohaku please…forgive me."

"I for…" Kohaku never finished his sentence, his last breath escaping his parted lips.

Sango let out an anguished cry when she realized her little brother was no longer with her. She held Kohaku's limp body to her, crying; letting all her pain and heartache flow out through her tears. Her frame shook with her sobs; the rest of the group could hear her whispered pleas.

"Sango…" Kagome whispered as she gazed at the heart-wrenching scene that played out in front of her


That night, Sango took Kohaku's body, weapons, and armor; and started to walk away from the group's camp.

"Sango where…?" Kagome started to ask but Miroku quickly cut her off.

"Leave her be, she just lost the last of her family."

Ignoring them, Sango walked into the dark forest, not really going to any specific place, just going where her feet led her. Inuyasha decided to follow her to make sure she would be safe in the forest.

Sango kept walking for some time until she left the dense forest and started to climb a steep hill. At the top, she gently laid Kohaku's body and belongings down on the soft grass and, turning away, walked back into the shadows of the forest. After a while she came back, her arms filled with wood. She placed Kohaku's weapons and folded up armor on top of his lifeless body. Then she set the wood up around him. After she was done, she took out two pieces of stone and struck one against the other to create a spark. Immediately, the little flame grew into a huge fire around Kohaku. Sango just stared into the fire; her eyes filled with unshed tears.

"Kohaku…forgive me…I have done what I promised: you are finally free." she whispered into the fire.

Inuyasha watched her from a tree a safe distance away from the fire. His amber-gold eyes stared at Sango, as hidden emotions swirled within their depths.

"Sango…" he whispered in a hoarse voice filled with deep emotion.

After the fire had died down and finally disappeared, Sango gathered up all of the ashes, not leaving a speck behind, and stood back up.

She then turned her face to the heavens. "Kohaku…I will see you again…soon." she whispered, letting the ashes drift in the soft wind that blew by her.

"You are now free…goodbye little brother. We will meet again." Sango said as crystalline tears finally started to slide down her pale cheeks in a stream of pure sorrow.


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