Title: Ashes of the Past

Chapter: Prologue

Author: Silent Figure

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters nor will I ever so…please enjoy this story.

A young girl walked down the crowded street, cherry blossoms swirling around her head as if they were forming a crown. The innocent blue eyes of the girl looked up and a giggle escaped from her supple lips as her golden hair was swept up into the wind along with the cherry blossoms. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful one at that, this day she felt as if she was as normal as all the teenagers of her world. There was for once no paranormal battles to be fought, she wouldn't have to worry about hiding her identity, and it seemed that she wouldn't be forced to use abnormal powers to kill things that should only live in the imagination of a child. She shivered at the thought of the creatures believed to live only in myth, but were hidden in the shadows unbeknownst to humans. That knowledge fell upon her and her friends and to them alone, for they were the protectors of the Earth and were known only to the world as the Sailor Scouts, and she the leader of them. To the media she was Sailor Moon to her family and friends she was Serena Tsukino, an "average" fifteen year old. Or so she looked to be. Sighing Serena decided she would not spoil the mood by thinking of her other identity. Today she would be happy and as she walked by her tormentor and long time rival Darien Chiba she did not let her mood sour at the sight of him, but instead she smiled at him, and even giggled at the shocked look she had received for the small gesture. Today there was no stress to weigh down upon her shoulders and she was able to bask in the often taken for granted ability to be normal. Closing her eyes Serena breathed in the scent of the cherry blossom filled air.

Instantly her hopes shattered as reality came crashing down when a scream broke out, a scream that indicated that the Negaverse had yet to be defeated and had returned once more. Serena stopped in her tracks, her body going rigid as she heard a distant rumbling that began to shake the earth under her feet and rattle her nerves. She looked towards the direction in which the rumbling was coming from only to see an eruption of light that nearly blinded her. She covered her eyes and tried to see through the fog that the bursting light had left in its wake. Serena almost fell to the ground as she felt her body's life energy being drained by this mysterious fog, but the fact that she was no ordinary human she gave her the ability to with stand the power that threatened her life. The fog slowly cleared to reveal many people strewn across the streets and side walks all of them unconscious. The beeping of her communicator went off but she did not answer it, she already knew what must be done. "MOON PRISM POWER MAKE UP!" she yelled with her hand in the air, within a flash of light she was stripped of her attire which was replaced with ribbons that then transformed into a fuku. As soon as the transformation ended she ran towards the place where the explosion had taken place.

When she had finally reached the place she froze at the sight before her, on the ground lay several people, women, men, and children all being drained of their energy by the negaverse general known as Kunzite. Her blue eyes widened as she noticed her friends, her senshi trying to fight him off but failing miserably. A sudden burst of power hit her square in her back which sent her straight into a tree with such a force that she was sure she had left an imprint. Serena groaned as she turned around leaning against the tree for support to look at one of the last of the Negaverse general's. The blonde green eyed general Zoicite.

The man had an evil grin plastered on his face that indicated clear intentions of destruction. "So glad you could join us Sailor Moon. A bit late, but still in time to enjoy the end of your world."

Serena's eyes narrowed, "And what makes you think that this is the end of my world? You know I will destroy you the same way I destroyed the others."

Zoicite's eyes flashed in anger at the mention of his comrades who had already been destroyed by the scouts. "You shall regret that by the end of this day."


Sailor Moon panted as she pulled herself up from the ground only to collapse once more, she had been fighting with Kunzite for a while and she was exhausted and he had yet to break a sweat. This battle had dragged on for hours even after she had destroyed Zoicite with her tiara. But her power did nothing on Kunzite; he was too strong for he already had taken the lives of her four best friends. She looked up well aware that there was blood dripping down the side of her head from a cut she had received when she had landed on a nearby rock after a blast had sent her flying. How she longed to hide in her pillow and weep for those she had lost at that very moment, but she was this planets last hope and she had an obligation to fulfill, even if it meant to fight to the death. "What's the matter Sailor Moon, can you not stand up?"

He kicked her in the stomach causing her to coil into a ball, tears springing to her eyes. Groaning in pain she realized she had to be strong for her lost friends, she tried to pull herself up only to be beaten back down again. She groaned in agony refusing to allow him hear her cries of pain that threatened to escape her lips. "You should just give up Sailor Moon you have lost everything. Your world is ours."

"Over my dead body asshole", she yelled as she pulled herself up from the ground her eyes reflecting pure determination but her body only able to stand, it was useless to her after taking so many beatings over and over again. He threw another bolt of energy at her just for it to be destroyed by a piercing rose. Serena closed her eyes thankful for the interruption for she knew she could not have dodged the power that surely would have ended her life. All she saw before she collapsed into unconsciousness was a black figure taking hold of her, the arms of this silhouette protecting her damaged body, the only image of this silhouette the she could see was her savior's eyes, a dark midnight blue framed by a mask of white.

Five years later…

Crystal blue eyes fluttered open as the memory faded away from the mind of the woman. A memory that was wished to be forgotten, a memory that stabbed her in the heart every time she thought or dreamed about it. A lithe hand wiped away the sweat the dream had left upon her forehead before she once again tried to close her eyes and fall back asleep. But it was useless every moment she slept she dreamed of memories that caused agony in the deepest bowels of her heart. She lay still staring up at her ceiling trying to clear her mind of the memories.

No longer was she the fifteen year old girl from that memory, but a twenty year old young woman whose life had been destroyed. Her name was Serena Tsukino, a defeated woman who struggled every day for her survival, like every other human who had managed to escape capture on the planet. It had been five years, since the attack which had determined the future of her people. Silent tears ran down her angelic face at the thought of it, what had become of this planet? What? Her hands covered her face as she thought of it. The negaverse had won the final battle defeating her and taking everyone she knew and loved. They had defeated her and through wounds that ran deeper than flesh she had managed to escape and survive. There weren't many humans who had indeed survived the first wave of attacks but those who did stuck to hiding, for Serena only the sound of their screams during raids let her know that there were still humans in the city. All that was left of her world was debris and oh how she longed to escape the sights she saw each day but the knowledge that she had to fight until death kept her from that. She would appear and fight as Sailor Moon every now and then, but would go back into hiding soon after a battle injured and hopeless.

Serena sat up from her make shift cot and looked around at what was called her home, it was an under ground cavern she had found under a huge pile of debris, that had once been two buildings. She had found it long after they had searched the area and ever since no one had found her. She looked around the caverns walls, on them were pictures of her friends and family. She had an old night stand with a candle on it, she lit it knowing full well it could blow her cover, but it was day and the dark kingdom did not dare come out during the day. It was not their way or in their nature to be in the light, but to the human's unfortune the sun had lately been blanketed by dark clouds. On the night stand was her broach and in it was something very special, something that meant the fate of the universe, the name of this precious fate was the Silver Imperium Crystal, the only thing that kept the dark kingdom from controlling everything. Serena ran her fingers along the crystal; it still held the warmth from when it had first been created four years ago. She would not allow tears to fall as she thought of its creation and how it was she had come to possess the crystal. Serena stopped short as she saw dust from the ceiling drift to the floor, her eyes widened and she made no move. Someone or something was above her. 'It's too early in the day for their searches', thought Serena as she waited for the thing above her to make a move.


Above the cavern stood a man whose cold midnight eyes struck fear into the hearts of every human. He was once human like those he now hunted, but that part of him he could not remember nor did he care to remember, all he knew was his duty to find the damned Silver Imperium Crystal. Sailor Moon had eluded him for years and his pride did not take a liking to it. Raven hair blew in the breeze as the man turned his head back and forth searching for any sign of the famed Sailor Moon. The man could feel the power of the Silver Imperium Crystal burning in his blood, for it had become apart of him long ago, how he could not remember. His musing's were broken as he heard a whimper. His eyes shifted from the ground below him to the side, there in the darkness he saw a child, a little boy. An evil grin appeared on his face as he spotted the boy in the far corner hidden in the shadows of the debris. He walked forward toward the boy who now was pushing his back further into the wall as if to hide himself. One word was whispered from the boy's mouth before the child passed out from a dark energy that enveloped himwith the out stretch of the man's hand. This word was "Endymion".

Authors Note: Ladies and gentlemen that is the beginning of my story sorry there is not much talking and not a lot explaining but don't worry the story shall be laid out. This is just the intro and is a brand new story that is all MINE! Lol… which means I actually came up with it and the idea is originally mine. I'm updating all my stories but "Prophecy" which is currently on hold guy sorry. It will be awhile. – silent figure