Title: Ashes of the Past

Chapter: Seven

Author: Silent Figure

Authors Note and Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters though the story idea is mine. By the way guys I know it has been FOREVER since I last updated this or even "Revenge is Sweet" and I apologize my life has become so hectic since I've entered the Junior year of high school. Really no one told me it was quite a bitch. Not to mention I have been very busy with softball, modeling, and now a boyfriend on top of that. Plus I haven't really had much inspiration for either of these two stories. I do have one chapter completed for "For Love or War" and have started another . I did start another chapter for "Revenge is Sweet", but I'm not sure where exactly I want to take that story. So yeah please enjoy this update it may be awhile before the next, you never know.

Mist surrounded him blinding him from what lay before him. He heard the sound of metal clashing and the agonizing screams of men dying. The stench of blood filled his nostrils as he tried to find his bearings. Finally he was brave enough to take a step forward and see what lay beyond the barrier of mist. A battle field stood before him with thousands of men going at one another. A few men ran right past him, though none seemed to take in his presence. 'Where am I', he couldn't help but think. He continued walking before he tripped over something hard and fell to the ground. Standing up he looked at the gorgeous face of a sailor scout, her black hair matted with blood, her violet eyes open and blood stained the white of her uniform. A man lay right next to her, his short blond hair matted with blood as well and his porcelain face ashen white with patches of his skin slightly burned, his grey uniform that resembled Kunzite's burned as well. His face seemed familiar and grief filled him as he looked upon the two. Somehow he knew that they had been the cause of one another's death and that once long ago they had loved each other. Looking around he found more bodies surrounding the couple and continued on. He found two more couples slaughtered and like before he felt that the couples had done it to one another both in similar uniforms as the first couple. He stopped in his tracks as he saw Kunzite and a long blond haired scout fighting. A gold chain spiraled forth from her hand and encircled him catching him in her intended trap, but she did nothing, only held him prisoner. "What's the matter princess? To weak to finish me off", he asked.

Endymion turned his head then to look at the panting woman whose eyes were glazed over with tears. Her whole body was shaking with what seemed like fear. "I swear Kunzite I will free you", she replied her voice shaky as well.

Kunzite only rolled his eyes before breaking her chain with some of his own energy. "If you will not end it then I will", he grunted out as he let loose a huge ball of energy before the sailor could react. The ball went straight through her and for only a few moments she starred at him in disbelief before falling to her knees.

Kunzite walked up close to her smiling as his eyes met hers. The sailor looked down at her body watching as blood started to seep through her uniform staining it with her life's source. Looking back up she starred in utter horror and pain before she let herself fall into oblivion a single tears slipping from beneath her closed eye lids and Kunzite's name on her lips. "NO", he heard a woman scream and could barely see a woman in a long white dress, silver hair flowing down her back as she ran to the golden haired sailor. The woman knelt down and took the dead sailor into her arms not caring that the warrior's blood was staining her own clothes.

A fierceness overwhelmed him as he saw Kunzite draw his sword and lift it high above his head to strike the silver haired woman and was surprised to find that he stood in front of Kunzite only a moment later with his own sword drawn and blocking his. For a split second he saw Kunzite's eyes widen. "Prince do not make me take your life as well", he warned his icy blue eyes narrowed.

Endymion felt his own eyes narrow and himself reply uncontrollably, "You know I will not back down old friend. Besides all traitors are to be punished by death."

"It is not I who is the traitor Endymion it is you", Kunzite grunted out swinging his sword towards Endymion barely missing him by mere inches.

"If you were not so obsessed with that moon witch then you would see the light of things. The Lunarians plan to take over us", Kunzite pleaded with his master as he avoided another thrust. Endymion couldn't control his actions and found himself panicking for even words he knew were not his were escaping his mouth. Before he knew it his sword had found its way into the rib cage of his friend and comrade. He wanted to do something to avoid this but found himself just watching as his friend crumpled to the ground shock written all over his face. Panting he watched as blood stained the ground around the body.

"Goodbye…old friend", he whispered before he turned around to face the silver haired princess. Her long hair was plastered to her body covering her face so he could not see it and it was then he realized it was raining. 'What the hell is going on', he questioned himself. The princess was rocking the golden haired warrior back and forth, her body racked with sobs of grief for what was obviously her friend. Once more his body was moving of its own accord and he approached the woman who seemed so familiar, yet he had no memory of her. He paused as she turned to him and her glistening blue eyes met his midnight ones. To his disappointment the image of her face was taken up as mist surrounded the two.

"Wait", he called before he found himself surrounded by darkness instead of the mist that hid the princess.


Endymion sat up in bed glad to be released from that nightmare. Never in his life had he seen so much blood shed and never would he have slain one of his own over a woman. Yet as he thought about it he couldn't help but wonder what that woman meant. Her eyes that was all he could remember seeing, her beautiful blue eyes that reminded him of sapphires of the rarest kind as well as someone he knew. Groaning he pushed the thoughts from his mind and arose from his bed long before he knew his maids would come. Walking barefoot across the floor in only his silk black pants he opened a door that led to the room of his captive. To his surprise she was sitting up and looking out his large windows starring at the moon in the sky. She had managed to scoot her way to the edge of the bed though it was clear she did not dare try to get off of it and walk. In the light of the moon her hair was silver, like the princess in his dreams and he suddenly had an overwhelming curiosity to see her eyes. Yet his body would not move and he found himself rooted to the spot. He only watched her. The sight was so calming and his breath caught in his throat as wind swept through the room encircling her and then him. He felt it then, the life of the moon though as before, just as soon as he felt it did it disappear. "How long do you intend to keep watching me", she asked breaking the silence and turning to him.

He let a smirk grace his lips as he walked closer to her feeling her shudder under his gaze. "I couldn't sleep so I'd thought I would come entertain myself", he replied reaching out a hand and caressing her cheek. For a moment she hesitated before she pulled away and pushed herself back onto the middle of the bed.

"Do not ever touch me", she spat as the moon disappeared behind a lair of thick clouds leaving the room in complete darkness.

"Why ever not? I think you would rather enjoy it", he replied his tone daring and confident as he approached her.

She stayed in the middle of the bed even as he sat on the edge of it. "You know I will never come to you willingly", she stated her eyes showing her panic.

He chuckled in reply as he scooted closer to her until he was only a breath's away. Her breathing became shallow as he looked into her eyes. "Oh but I think you will", he whispered huskily.

She leaned back her hands flat on the mattress behind her, supporting her weak body. He came even closer to the point where his body covered hers, his arms holding him up beside the sides of her waist and his legs on both sides of hers. Her breath caught in her throat and for a moment she felt like she was with the real Darien that was until he reached up and cupped her cheek. Instead of the warmth she expected to emanate from his hand coldness greeted her. She closed her eyes blocking out his eyes, angry at herself for even trying to convince herself that the man before her was the same one he had once been. "Leave me be", she growled as she pushed his arm away her eyes fierce before she turned away from him.

Endymion tilted his head a little to see her face interested in her defensive reaction. Her body was shaking until finally her arms collapsed and she fell back on the bed. "You're trying to resist me and I can see how much it takes out of you. You will give up…I can see it", he whispered as he completely covered her body with his own, moving his hands to rest beside the sides of her head.

Her eyes narrowed as he lowered his head down to the point where his lips were nearly touching hers and he could hear her labored breathing as clear as a bell. Placing one of his hands underneath the back of her neck he lifted it up a little bit, his eyes never leaving her lips. "I wonder how you'd taste", he whispered before he lifted her lips to his so quickly that she had no time to react. Serena shivered in fear as she felt his ice cold lips touch hers, they were nothing like Darien's yet she still felt desire swell up inside her. Her insides wanted to melt as she felt his lips start to return to the warmth and comfort that was associated with Darien, but her mind forced her not to react to the kiss in a positive way. Using the last of her strength she pushed against his shoulders hoping he would get the idea.

Strangely he did and pulled away from her almost immediately his breathing a little labored. After that he looked down into her narrowed eyes before sliding off the bed. "'You are truly a woman of stubbornness…honestly I think you should give up now after all I think we both know it would be much more…tolerable for the both of us", he stated looking down on her.

"Not in this life time", she replied gaining the courage to look up into his eyes again, defiance shining through.

He chuckled shaking his head at the woman before him. He bowed in defeat as he said, "As you wish. But do not think it is over."

As soon as his last words had left his mouth he disappeared into the darkness leaving her to herself once more. Sighing in relief she rolled over onto her stomach and crawled her way to the pillows. Once there she allowed herself to collapse proud of herself for overcoming his seduction though found that tears still came to her eyes. "Damn it", she muttered before whipping away the result of Endymion's tampering.

Turning her head to the side she met the moon's everlasting gaze. "Please help me through this", she whispered her prayer hoping that someone would hear her. Like every night since her capture she closed her eyes and allowed herself to enter the realm of sleep only to be taunted with memories of what once was the man named Endymion.


Endymion sat brooding by the fire his eyes starring intently into its roaring flames. They leapt back and forth very much like a dance. The cracks and snaps the fire made seemed to be taunting him, reminding him of his desire. After the kiss he had desperately wanted to take his captive to his bed and have his way with her, but he wouldn't do it unless she did it willingly. Though rape was common among his kind he never could bring himself to do it, a woman struggling against him did not ignite his desire. Though that kiss had, sighing he turned away from the fire realizing it reminded him very much of his captive. Dangerous, defiant, passionate, desirable, all of these words that were commonly associated with the fire were apart of her being as well. "Women", he muttered angrily pushing all thoughts of her away from his mind, with a little more effort then he liked.

Standing up he walked over to his windows looking out them searching the night sky for something. Something he couldn't quite put his hand on. 'Looking for me', a giggling voice whispered in his ear. Immediately he turned around at the ready only to find himself alone in his room. His eyes narrowed his hand immediately on the handle of his blade. A light breeze twirled around him gently as though playing with him. "I truly am going insane", he muttered to himself turning back to the window only to find the crescent moon in the sky. Blue glistening eyes flashed before him. Shaking his head he tried to rid the strange feelings overcoming him. When next he looked up in the sky the moon was covered once more in the shadow of the clouds. Morning would come soon and with it, his daily duties.


Serena awoke to an empty room and couldn't have been more relieved than at the moment. After the kiss she had had woken up several times in the night with nightmares of her giving into him before he disposed of her for good. Sighing she pulled herself up to a sitting position finding it easier to do so than it had been in the past few days. Serena jumped a little when the door opened suddenly until she caught site of who it was who had opened the door. Molly was carrying a tray of breakfast only this time it was pancakes and bacon. "Breakfast shall be good this morning", Serena exclaimed as her mouth began to water.

"Yes it most certainly shall", Molly replied a little more cheerily than what was normal for her.

"What is it that has you so happy", Serena asked as the tray of food was set on her lap.

"Oh last night was the human's weekly gathering. It's always amazing, we discuss the past, share stories and songs, and during this time it seems like nothing can touch us. I wish you could have been there", Molly explained.

"It sounds great…I haven't really been around other humans that much until now", Serena replied as she munched on her pancakes.

"I told them about you and now you're a cause for hope. Serena you do realize that you're the only human to have ever lasted so long in the drainers and to have been spared from them after you entered them", Molly said her eyes saying that there was more, but she seemed like she didn't want to reveal it.

"What is it Molly? I can see that you're holding something back from me", Serena questioned her.

"Alright…well one of the head man servants suggested that you…you try to seduce Endymion. He said that you might be able to turn him to our side. He'd be a most needed ally", Molly explained her voice trying persuade Serena to think about it.

"No, molly you know I will not. Besides his heart is made of ice", Serena replied her face and mind set in stone.

"Yes, but Serena you could melt his heart. You were always the joy in everyone's life when everything went spiraling down. If anyone could melt his heart it would have to be you", Molly urged her.

"Don't be foolish Molly. Do you honestly think that during these past five years that I haven't been affected as well? Did you ever think that I have had enough of this life? I am no longer the same person you remember Molly. I haven't been that way for five years", Serena declared.

Molly bowed her head a little, her face mirroring the shame she felt inside. "I'm sorry Serena…it's just seeing you again. You were always a cause for hope in the past and even now you bring sunlight to this dark world. You were always super woman to me, you never could be brought down then and I assumed it was the same today", Molly replied her eyes glistening with unshed tears.

"It's alright Molly and I'm not saying to loose hope. You know I'll never say that no matter how hard our lives are, but I can not go through with this plan of theirs. I hope you understand", Serena explained softly.

"I do Serena. It was wrong of me to ask anyway. Look I'll go and start the water for your tub and everything, you enjoy your breakfast", Molly replied as she stood up from sitting on the edge of Serena's bed.

"Wouldn't you like some of this first", Serena asked with her eyebrows raised in surprise.

"No that's ok Serena. I've already had plenty of food today; even if it was nasty it really filled me up. Maybe next time, oh and by the way you have a new sleeping gown to wear", Molly called out from behind her seeing as how she had entered the bathing room.

"Oh really? Is it as skimpy as the one I wear know", Serena questioned curious as to how much cloth would actually cover her.

"Actually no…it's longer and more elegant", Molly said as she re- entered the room.

"Ready", Serena asked as she pushed the tray aside and scooted to the edge of her bed.

"Yep", Molly replied as she walked over to her and wrapped an arm around her waist before placing Serena's arm over her shoulder.

Together they stood up off the bed, Serena swaggering a little. "Are you alright", Molly questioned.

"I'm fine. A little dizzy, but I'm fine", Serena replied as she took a step forward with Molly at her side.

"You're coming along pretty fast. It's astounding", Molly commented as they passed through the doorway and into the bathing room.

Serena held onto Molly as she undressed and with her help stepped into the warm tub. "This feels amazing", Serena exclaimed as she rested her head on the side of the tub.

"I bet now let's get you washed. Master wouldn't be pleased to find you out of bed", Molly replied as she poured bottles of scents and soaps into the tub. Molly felt Serena relax as she washed her hair, her hands massaging her scalp.

"This makes me miss salons so much", Serena commented as she looked up at her now smiling friend.

"Oh I know what you mean. Sometimes I look around and regret not being able to enjoy the luxuries we had while we were free you know? But Salons now surely the Dark Kingdom could've left us that", Molly replied joking lightly.

"Yeah", Serena said offhandley before she was caught by surprise when Molly dunked her under the water.

"What was that for", Serena asked incredulously as she turned to look at her friend who was trying to suppress her giggles.

"I'm sorry Serena I could not help myself, besides I needed to wash your hair out now stop complaining", Molly answered her voice filled with her amusement.

"Next time warn me before you're going to dunk my head in the water", Serena replied her annoyance clearly written on her face and shown in her voice.

"Oh come now it's more fun to surprise you", Molly teased as she scrubbed Serena's upper arms, back, and shoulders.

"I'm sure it is", Serena grumbled as she messed with her hands finally noticing how pale they really were.

Lifting her arms out of the tub she noted that all of her skin was pale. "Don't worry you'll regain your color", Molly reassured her.

"So…I was thinking about these human gatherings and was wondering if…when I'm fit can I …can I possibly…", Serena started to say.

"Come", Molly finished her sentence. Serena looked up at her hopefully for it truly had been a long time since she had really talked to other humans.

"Of course you can come Serena. Just beware some of the human's there are snakes, just trying to keep alive and will stab anyone in the back if they can to gain. Honestly I think you could bring some sunshine to these meetings. You always did have a lovely voice when you weren't trying to cover it up with a horrible one just because you were afraid someone would hate your real voice", Molly said as she finished with washing the parts of Serena's body that she could reach.

"Here you go, you can wash your middle", Molly said as she handed Serena the wash cloth.

"Thanks Molly", Serena replied truly grateful for this piece of her old life that had come to her like a miracle.

Serena finished cleaning herself as Molly set out a nice warm and fuzzy towel along with a long black sleeping gown. From what Serena could see the dress had a low v-cut with laced patterns on the outline of the dip. "Come on let's get you dressed", Molly urged as she helped Serena stand up before she wrapped her in a towel.

After towel drying, she slipped the gown over Serena's head and once more Serena couldn't help but grimace at what she was put in. She did have a low v-cut with lace to out line it but the very dress clung to her skin and a slit that went nearly to her hip and gave a clear image of her right leg. "At least this one is more…concealing", Serena said as she looked herself over in the mirror.

"You look lovely in it. Now would you like me to braid your hair", Molly asked as she helped Serena back into the other room and into a sitting position on the bed.

"Would you like to do my make up as well seeing as how I'm getting ready for something", Serena asked with obvious suspicion and annoyance.

"Serena it was merely a question. It seems weird to look upon your hair and not see anything done to it. Like the old days you remember you had your hair up in imitation of Sailor Moon", Molly questioned as she began to braid Serena's hair not noticing her suddenly stiff posture at the mention of Sailor Moon.

"What is it what is with this quietness", Molly asked realizing that Serena never did answer her earlier question nor did she seem to fill the silence that had fallen between them.

"It's nothing. I just thought of…rumors I had heard of while I was in the city. Rumors of Sailor Moon still being alive", Serena replied deciding that she'd like to feel out Molly's opinion of the hero Molly had once claimed had saved her from her evil double mother.

"Oh we've heard them too it is one of the few things that keeps us going here. Though when we heard the news of the other scouts that hope dropped by a considerable margin. The Dark Kingdom was all too happy to announce the death of the other Sailor Scouts in fact they proclaimed it to those of us they took as their slaves. Thought it would completely destroy all of our hope. The way I see it though, so long as she still lives there will always be a slight hope for us. She was after all the leader of the group. Tell me, have you seen her", Molly asked her eyes shinning a little with hope.

"Once, she saved me from a captor. Every now and then she shows herself though it has been more rare and rare since the death of Tuxedo Mask. Of course that was four years ago so you can imagine the depleting amount of times people have seen her. I believe after so much loss she would begin to loose hope", Serena replied her eyes glazing over and her voice sounding more distant as she thought of it.

"I would hope not. She is all that is truly left for us, we need her. The last bit of true justice left on this god forsaken planet", Molly said her strength on the matter pulling through, her beliefs firmly in place.

Serena closed her eyes and bowed her head in shame. If only Molly had known that who she spoke of was indeed the one she was speaking to. Molly would hate her if she ever knew. Molly instantly noticed the change in her friend and walked around to face her once she had finished the braid. Coming to sit in front of her she placed a hand under her chin and made Serena look up into her eyes. "I believe we will be free someday. I know it and I know it will be because of her. Do not fear my friend Sailor Moon has never truly failed us", Molly said a comforting smile on her face unknowingly sending another arrow of pain into the heart of Serena.

"She already failed. She let this happen", Serena replied with self conviction and bitterness as she turned away from Molly.

"We all let this happen for not even our own government or the government of other countries could stop this. The whole world fell. Do you not know of the nuclear war they had in America that wiped out so many or even in England? This happened everywhere and all the greatest countries fell. Sailor Moon was a young woman who unlike Sailor V had just come into her shoes as a hero. I think at that time she just wasn't strong enough", Molly said with such assurance that even Serena began to believe her.

"And you think she is now after all those losses", Serena asked her eyebrows raised in disbelief.

"I think she will be. She'll over come it, I just know it", Molly replied without a single flicker of doubt. Looking into her eyes Serena found that she couldn't quite disbelieve her.

"Are you two done talking yet", a voice asked startling the two and breaking the moment. Looking over to the side Serena saw another maid looking at Molly with urgency.

"We are why", Molly questioned her voice and tone changing from soft and comforting to hard and cold.

"Because the master is on his way in from the practice court yard. He's in a hell of the mood and wishes for no one to be in his chambers when he enters", the maid replied haughtily.

"Very well we shall leave now", Molly replied getting up and walking over to where the Maid stood in the door way.

"I will be back later dear friend", Molly said as she turned to face Serena briefly before she left.

Before the door shut Serena heard the other maid ask, "Is that her? She is far more beautiful then you let on surely she could do the job."

The door was shut and all sound cut off before Serena could hear Molly's reply. Sighing she looked around a new type of energy swelling up inside her. Molly's words had some how broken through some of her barriers and begun to encourage her. Swallowing the lump in her throat she scooted to the edge of the bed and slid down so that she was on her feet, all the while grasping onto the column of her canopy bed. Slowly she began to let go until she was standing without the help of anything holding her up. To her surprise she didn't quite feel as dizzy as she expected and carefully she took a step forward, her knees shaking and her stance wobbly. Walking step by step it seemed like forever before she reached the door way in which her friend Molly had earlier walked out of. Leaning against it for a brief moment to catch her breath she then turned the knob and with a heave of breath opened it. Expecting to see some sort of Guard she was relieved to find none as she stepped into the marble hall way. Looking down it she found that it was much more lit then the ones she had ran down in her escape. Shutting the door behind her she rested against it, keeping her eyes on the two sides of the hall way to make sure no one was around. Letting out a sigh of relief she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She had come a far way and deep down she wished she had the energy to run, for surely she could find an easier way of escape out of an area that wasn't meant to keep the inhabitants in. After awhile she took in a deep breath before opening her eyes and setting them ahead in determination. Taking a few steps she turned to the left and began to walk down that hallway, her hand resting on the wall her pace slow. When she had reached the closest door way she leaned against the frame taking another rest. "What am I doing", she questioned herself out loud.

Deep down she knew that she didn't have the strength to escape and she was definitely not trying to take a tour of the castle. When she was about to begin again and head back to the room she heard the sound of footsteps. Freezing in place she held her breath in fear and panic. Pushing herself against the door she hid herself completely in the door frame so that someone approaching would never see her. The anticipation multiplied when the steps that were ever nearing stopped in front of her own room. Immediately she thought it to be Endymion and when she peeked her head out she was surprised and relieved to find that it was instead Molly. Though she found herself surprised for Molly did not enter the room just merely stood by it, at attention her face blank. About to step out and question her she stopped short when Endymion materialized in front of Molly. Immediately she pressed her back against the wall and held her breath in fear both for her friend and herself. "You wished to speak to me your highness", she overheard Molly ask knowing that she most likely bowed at the sight of him.

Taking a breath she peered around the corner once more only to find that Endymion was alarmingly close to Molly. "Tell me servant who it is I look like", he questioned in such a tone that it would make anyone buckle underneath it.

"What…what…do you…mean your highness", Molly asked her voice shaking and her body trembling, her eyes wide.

"I overheard you talking to the girl. You said I looked like someone she knew and she bit your head off, disclaiming it. Do not try to play this off servant or you will quickly find yourself in a situation your friend escaped though I am sure you will not", he threatened his posture stiff and his eyes ablaze.

Serena watched with wide eyes as Molly took in a deep breath and replied, "I thought…thought you looked like this guy that she used to argue with all the time before the attacks."

"His name", Endymion asked without hesitation and in such a demanding way you would have thought he was questioning a criminal. Serena took in a deep breath as Molly bowed her head.

"HIS name", Endymion demanded after a few moment of silence, his voice clearly indicating he would not take anymore delays.

"His name was Darien Chiba master", Molly replied with a bowed head her body still trembling.

Serena closed her eyes as she heard Darien's full name said out loud for the first time in the years since he had converted into Endymion. "That will be all human, now leave me be. If I want anymore answers then you best answer them, remember that for the future girl", Endymion told her before pushing her aside his voice clearly threatening.

Serena watched as her friend walked away trying to cover her shakiness. Gulping Serena continued to watch as Endymion stepped into the room. Closing her eyes she leaned against the door way her sudden burst of energy long dissipated. Sliding down to a sitting position she rested her head against the door way. Why would Endymion wish to know who he looked like? Questions rose up in her and suddenly a slight burst of hope ignited. Was Endymion questioning his past? Turning her head she smiled slightly as she heard him yell out a curse before slamming open his door and walking out. "Damn woman", he exclaimed.

Looking up at the ceiling she waited for him to find her. To her utter lack of enjoyment he turned in the direction she was in and began to storm his way toward her. She nearly gasped as he walked right past her, but held it in, in fear that he would turn back around and find her. Her smile of satisfaction though disappeared as soon as Endymion back pedaled and turned to face her. She stared into eyes that were lethal in their fixture which were of course aimed at her. "Might I ask why you relocated yourself", he gritted out.

"Getting away from you", Serena replied lifting her chin up defiantly her voice sounding very proud.

Serena shrieked as in a flash he had her standing up with one arm wrapped around her back and her body pressing into his. With his other hand he found the back of her neck and turned her head so that she was facing sideways to him. Leaning in he whispered harshly in her ear, "Try to escape again and I will make sure you suffer, do you understand?"

An uncontrollable shiver traveled down her spine at the mention of his words. Serena just simply kept staring in the direction her head was tilted at, ignoring his question and knowing that he wanted a response of understanding. She heard him growl before he slammed her body into the door that she had been leaning on earlier as he pushed his own body up close to her. "Do you understand", he demanded to know once again only this time she was forced to look into his eyes.

She glared and nodded her head still not willing to voice her understanding. She took notice that this angered him even more and grabbing onto her chin he got within just inches of her face and asked low and gutturally, "Do…you…understand?"

When she refused to respond he squeezed her chin painfully and began crushing her body. Deep down she knew she shouldn't say anything, but the thought of giving in to that impulse would be selfish. It was no longer just her anymore, if something happened to her not only would Molly loose the last of her past, but the last of her hope. "Yes", she finally gritted out.

"Good", he growled before releasing her. Serena glared angrily as she realized that her breathing was ragged and that her body was shaking.

Her body felt weak and the edges of her vision were beginning to cloud. "Not again", she muttered not wishing to fall into that world of darkness once more.

Endymion turned to her and immediately picked her up with ease knowing that she was about to pass out. Within a few moments she found herself on the bed she had earlier tried to escape. "Sleep now", he ordered as he sat down on the couch. After awhile her breathing evened out and she slipped back into the dreaded dream world though she didn't let herself slip there without a fight.

Endymion sighed as he finally heard her relax and slip into unconsciousness. Running a hand through his sweat matted hair he thought over the most recent events. He had discovered he looked like the Darien for which that name had been heard in the draining rooms and the one in which the girl had said a few times in her sleep. Not to mention the maid had said something in sync with the dying mother. The maid had said he looked like the guy the girl in his room used to argue with all the time. The mother had said that 'Sere' used to argue with the guy he looked like. Perhaps he had found her at last. Of course his new found knowledge had put him in a good mood, that was until he had walked into his room to find the girl not in the bed. He even checked the bathroom and it had turned out that she was nowhere to be found. When he had discovered her leaning in the nearest doorway in the hallway he had felt immense relief before his anger had set in. Never before had he been so panicked as when he had discovered her disappearance. It seemed his attraction for her was growing which as his Queen had stated might lead to attachment. His mind was at war with itself it seemed. Part of him wished to rid himself of the girl so no attachment would form while the other part told him he needed to keep her for the information she might be able to provide. Groaning Endymion stood up and walked to her bedside. "Who are you girl? And what are you doing to me", he asked the sleeping woman.

Unbeknownst to him the wind answered him with a swift gust that wrapped around him and even her. Turning to the window he walked to it and closed it never catching the meaning behind its suggestion.

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