A/N: Prologue! This thing desperately needs one...SOOOOO..here's da prologue. The first part is gonna be a tearjerker. Daisuke seems to get the short end of everything in this story. I'm such a meanie to him. So..um, I'll shut up so you can read..

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon. If I did...Hikari would have been tortured many times by now. Sora too. And the show would revolve around Taichi, Yamato, Daisuke, Ken and Takeru, and all their "issues".

-----Two years ago-----

"I'm sorry," Ken shook his head. "But...I can't..talk to you anymore."
"Miyako, let's go." Ken turned, and started walking. Miyako soon followed, glancing back at Daisuke as he slid to the ground.
"Ken.." he felt his eyes burning. Why..why am I crying? And why do I suddenly feel so damn empty? Damn it. I don't know if I can deal with the crap I'm fed everyday if I don't have..him. He's the only real friend I have...DAMN IT! Why the fuck is he doing this? Doesn't he care? Did I do something? Probably. That me; just call me Mr. Screw-up. All I ever do is mess things up. Why did I expect to be able to maintain that type of friendship? I should've known I'd never be able to pull it off. Damn it. Damn it all. I don't care what happens to me now. I don't have anything worth living for. Fuck this whole damned planet. Daisuke wiped his eyes, and stood up. He needed to get away from everyone, and everything. It's not like anyone's going to miss me. They couldn't give a God damn what happens to me. I wish I was dead. I mean, why not? If I feel dead...I may as well be dead. He found himself at the beach, looking out at a magnificent sunset. Not even the fucking weather gives a damn. I hate this place! I've gotten nothing but pain here in my 12 years of life, so why should I stay? Maybe someone up there will want me. He glared at the sunset, wishing it would just get dark so he could do what he had come there to do. He decided to walk around for awhile, doing his best to ignore the sunset. When the sun finally disappeared, he made his way to a bench and sat down on the ground, setting his bag on the bench. He leaned against the bench, facing away from the water. He reached inside the side pocket of his bookbag, removing a small, silver switchknife. He flicked it open, and put it against his wrist. Damn it, why can't I just slice it open? I want to, more than anything. But..I just..can't. No!! I came here to do this, and God damn it, I'm going to slice every part of me open if that's what it takes. He pressed it into the skin, feeling a sharp pain as the crimson flowed out. He leaned back against the bench and let himself bleed. It felt good. He rolled the switchknife around on the palm of his hand, admiring it. He made another slice in his wrist, a little higher, wincing in pain. As he let it bleed, he heard someone running towards him. DAMN IT! Not now! I just want to die in peace. I hate this place...I fucking hate it. Even when I'm trying to leave, no one leaves me alone.
"Daisuke? What the hell are you doing?"
"What the fuck does it look like."
"You're gonna bleed to death!"
"That WAS the original intention. Now go away. I want to die in peace."
"You're not going to die, you're going to come with me."
"Try it."
"Fine," the stranger moved around to where Daisuke was sitting and sat down next to him. "I'm not going to lay a finger on you though."
"Go away.." Daisuke was starting to feel weak, from the loss of blood. "Wait..who..Takeru..?"
"The one and only," Takeru replied, with a grin. "Now please..let me help you."
"Damn it! That's why I'm doing this! I'm sick of everyone and their false kindness!! And now the only person that could give a damn apparently doesn't!!!!!"
"Huh? You had a falling out with Ken, huh?"
"...I don't want to think about it."
"Then I won't talk about it."
Daisuke blinked. Why is he being so nice? It's almost like he sincerely cares about me. He was knocked out of his thoughts by something warm touching his arm. He looked down at it to find that Takeru was cleaning the blood away in the only way he could: with his tongue. "What..what are you doing?"
"Cleaning your arm," Takeru replied, looking up at him. "You're coming with me, damn it."
"...I don't want to."
"Well, if you don't," Takeru pulled away from Daisuke, and stared down at the sand. "..I'm going to feel guilty the rest of my life."
"Yes! Guilty!"
"Why? It would be wrong not to feel guilty if I left you here to kill yourself."
"I thought none of you cared."
"Where did you get that idea?!"
"I don't know..it's just..I don't feel like anyone ever takes me seriously...like I'm nothing but the comic relief in their life."
"Daisuke..if you weren't here..life wouldn't be half as interesting."
"You're just saying that."
"No, I'm not. And I do give a damn about you. And I..I ..don't want to see you..die."
Daisuke blinked and turned away. Takeru grabbed his chin and pulled his face back around. "Takeru.."
"Will you come with me now?" Daisuke didn't answer, but he let himself fall limp onto Takeru's shoulder. "I see. That's a yes then?"
Daisuke nodded weakly. "I..don't think I have enough energy to walk though."
"I can carry you."
"That's going to look way weird."
"I don't care."
Daisuke could feel his cheeks turning a little pink. He looked at Takeru, who had a look of kindness, and something else Daisuke couldn't quite describe, glowing from his eyes. Takeru blinked. They ended up staring at each other's eyes for a moment. Daisuke couldn't believe he hadn't noticed how tired and sad Takeru's eyes were, and Takeru was amazed that he couldn't see the least bit of emotion in Daisuke's eyes.
"Shall we?"
"Um..where are we going?"
"My place," Takeru threw Daisuke's bookbag over his own shoulder. "It's closer than yours."
"..Um, Ok."
Takeru bent down and took the switchblade out of Daisuke's hand. Daisuke just glared. Takeru wondered what to do about the blood on the knife. He gathered a small bit of his shirt in his hand and wiped it off.
"Takeru..your shirt.."
"Forget it."
Takeru closed the blade and stuck in his jeans pocket. He kneeled down and scooped Daisuke into his arms. Daisuke couldn't believe that someone as scrawny as Takeru could be so strong.
"..You really do care."
Takeru raised an eyebrow and smiled. "Just relax, Ok? Don't waste your strength. You've just lost a good amount of blood, and if you keep using up energy like that, you'll pass out."
"Well then..Thanks."

-----The Wednesday before the story actually began-----

Knock Knock.
"I'll get it!" Yamato yelled as he ran down the hallway, eager to get the door. He threw it open to reveal the person he had just been talking to on the phone. "Hey Tai."
"Hi," Taichi replied, stepping into Yamato's lair, noticing it looked somewhat..clean. "You actually cleaned?"
"Yeah," Yamato nodded. "The kitchen is still nasty though."
Taichi laughed his infectious laugh. Yamato secretly wanted to melt. Taichi noticed the out of touch look on Yamato's face. "Um, are all your lights on upstairs?"
Yamato shook his head, coming back into reality. "Sorry I'm a little..tired."
"I see."
"So," Yamato started walking towards his room, Taichi tailing him. "Did you have anything particular in mind for tonight?"
"Not really," Taichi shrugged. Oh yeah, like I'm gonna tell him why I'm really here. 'Yeah, Yamato I came over because I wanted to tell you I'm in love with you'. That would be sooo smooth. I don't know what I'm so afraid of..he's not going to yell or get mad or anything. In all probability..he probably feels the same way. He just may not be aware of it yet. Why am I trying to think of all the bad stuff that could happen? I should look on the bright side. Like what's the best case scenario...wait, I'm not old enough to see that yet! When he came out of his thoughts, he discovered he had walked straight into the frame of Yamato's bedroom door. "OW!!!"
"Dude..you Ok? Your eyes glazed over and then you walked into the frame of the door to my room!"
"..I..I was just thinking about something. Ow."
"You want some ice for that?"
"No, I'm Ok," Taichi replied rubbing his cheek.
"Um..so what do you want to do?"
"How about we play a game?"
"What kind of game?"
"A video game."
Yamato fell over in the most graceful anime way. "I shoulda known you'd say that.."
Taichi laughed at the sight of Yamato's feet sticking straight up into the air. "That's me, Video game shonen."
"...," Yamato flipped the light switch that was located next his door, and walked over to his handy-dandy TV that had a VCR built into it. He turned the TV on and flipped through the channels until he reached channel 3. He then bent down and pulled out his video game rack. "So what shall we play?"
"How 'bout...that old Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers game?"
"Sounds good to me," Yamato replied, bending down. He shoved the Power Rangers game cartridge into his old beat up Sega Genesis and pushed the power button. "I call the green ranger."
"Whatever you want," Taichi replied, eyeing the old Sega. "When are you gonna get that PS2 you've been yammering about?"
"Oh..," Yamato's expression saddened. "We've been a little tight for money lately."
"I understand," Taichi nodded. "Even my family can't afford one."
"Taichi," Yamato's face brightened slightly at his friend's empathy. "It's Ok. You don't have to be nice about it."
Taichi nose turned a little pink. "I felt a little bad about bringing it up. And it is true that my family can't afford one."
The character select screen came up on the TV. They both turned, Yamato speed selecting the green ranger. Taichi took a little while, but finally decided on Goldar. The selected the 'city' stage and started fighting. Taichi let himself die in one fight, just to see what would happen, and Yamato found out that kicking Goldar in the crotch didn't do any damage to the flying monkey.
"Ok, that was a bizarre game."
"You had no balls!"
Taichi sweatdropped. "It wasn't me! It was a flying monkey with no balls!"
"Whatever," Yamato rolled his eyes. He pulled his shirt off and started searching in his dresser for another one, not noticing Taichi's reaction. Taichi didn't realize how much he liked Yamato's body until that moment. My God..he is so perfect. I want to touch him. Maybe...No! I can't. Because I'm too unsure of anything to make a move. But if he doesn't put a shirt on soon, I'm gonna--No! Not the pants too! Gah! This is too much. I hafta look away before this gets embarrassing. He turned his head sharply to the left, making sure that he couldn't see Yamato even out of the corner of his eyes. Yamato finally found a shirt and pair of boxers and walked back over to Taichi. He slung an arm around his friend, waking the other out of his thoughts. "I'm decent now, you can look." Yamato laughed.
"Oh..shut up," Taichi glared and pushed Yamato away.
"Hey! what was that for?" Yamato kicked Taichi in the leg, sending him down onto the floor with him. They wrestled for a few minutes, Taichi growing more and more uncomfortable. When he couldn't take it anymore, Taichi pulled away, and sat with his back facing Yamato. "Hey, you Ok Tai?"
"N-no..I-I'm not.."
"Is..is something wrong?"
"Yes, something is very wrong."
"Please..please explain."
"If..if you insist..," Taichi took a deep breath. "It's actually..two things.."
"Huh? Well..go on, go on."
Yamato's pupils became very small. "..I guess the second is now..an obvious."
Taichi nodded weakly. "I guess..sense you haven't said..that you feel the same way...you hate me."
"I don't hate you..but I'm not sure..if I.."
"I should leave."
"No," Yamato stated sharply. "It's to late for you to go."
"But..but I want to be alone."
"Ok..then why don't you..go sleep on the couch or something?"
Taichi nodded again, and stood up. "Fine." He walked out of the room, Yamato staring at him almost..forlornly.

-----The night before the story starts-----

"Where the hell is she?" Daisuke grumbled to himself, looking out at the ocean. As he watched the waves gently tumble onto the beach, he saw someone approaching him. Is that Hikari? No, it's someone else, a boy. Wait a minute. I recognize that hair. It can't be. Not him. What would he want with me now, after he completely lost contact with me two years ago? He stood up to get a better look. It was indeed the person Daisuke feared it was. Daisuke gulped as Ken walked right up to him.
"Hello Daisuke."
Ken nodded. "It's..been awhile, hasn't it?"
"Go away."
"I guess I shouldn't have expected you to be forgiving. Silly me."
"Go away already."
"I came here to apologize."
"There's nothing to say. I hate you."
"Daisuke..I..came here to tell you more than sorry," Ken peered into Daisuke's eyes. While Daisuke stood there, stunned, Ken moved around behind Daisuke. "I came to tell you..why I disappeared."
"I don't want to hear it," Daisuke moved away from Ken, noticing that Ken had quite the 'wandering eye'. Daisuke bit his lip to stop from yelling at Ken for doing so. "Just go away!"
"But I don't want to," Ken whined, dragging his index finger across Daisuke's shoulders. He grinned in satisfaction when he felt Daisuke shudder. "I'm sorry..did that tickle?"
"What the hell?!" Daisuke turned around, glaring at Ken. "What are you doing?"
"It doesn't take a genius to figure it out," Ken replied, as he once again took an eyeful of Daisuke. "I shouldn't even have to say it."
Daisuke back away a little. "I don't care. You're starting to scare me."
"Then..I guess I really don't need to stay here any longer," Ken replied, kissing Daisuke lightly on the cheek before walking off in the direction he came from. Daisuke stood, frozen, wondering exactly what had just happened. He slowly brought a hand up to the spot on his cheek that Ken's lips had graced. He felt something coursing through his veins that he had never felt before, and probably never would again.
A/N: Wow, that was long! Yes I have an 'old beat up Sega Genesis', and yes that power rangers game not only exists..but its fun too. This is I hope this matches up whatever I had written before. I didn't read the first couple of chapters over before I wrote this, so it may not match up. I guess there's not much else to say.