A/N: I think I'm in the zone- second update in a week. As always, I have no idea where this story is going, but it is fun so it will continue. Completely and utterly AU at this point, it makes little sense and has become a soap opera. But that's okay, because that just means that it'll keep going, no clear end in sight. ; Daisuke'll get unconfused pretty soon though, and more problems are in store for Yamato and Taichi. What, I really don't know, but that's okay. And since half of this was written quite some time ago, I don't really remember what's going on with Ken and Takeru, and I'll leave it up to you to decide what's going on there.


Takeru stared at the empty sidewalk before him, trying to make sense of what had just happened. He slowly brought his hand up to his face, and fingered his lips. What was that all about, anyway? Takeru stood there for a moment, unable to work any of it out. He sighed, giving up for the moment, and was about to enter his apartment complex when a voice called his out to him.
Takeru spun around to face the speaker. Blue hair and pained, slightly desperate eyes answered his gaze. "Ken, what happened?"
"I have no idea," he looked at Takeru earnestly. "I just..I was hoping you would have some idea.."
"How would I..?"
"Well, Daisuke was here, wasn't he?" Ken's eyes still pleaded with Takeru's confused gaze.
"Yeah, he was," Takeru stepped towards the other boy. "What happened before he got here though?"
"I..well, I kissed him.." Ken looked down a little. "But..he pulled away, I don't know why. He just said he was sorry. Then he left. I followed him here."
"Hmm," Should I tell him what Daisuke did when he was here just now? "Uhm, you wanna come inside? I'm not sure this is the best place to talk about this.."
Ken looked back over at Takeru. "Oh, yeah, good idea.."
They made their way to Takeru's apartment in silence, both pondering what to say when they got inside. I want to tell him, but I'm not sure I should. He has a right to know, but I don't know if Daisuke would want me to tell him. When they were finally inside the apartment, they decided to talk in Takeru's room, even though his mother wasn't home.
"Umm," Ken looked around nervously.
"Just sit wherever," Takeru flopped on his bed, and motioned Ken to come further into the room.
Okay," Ken sat down on the bed near where Takeru had flopped. "Ahh, where were we.."
"I guess," Takeru took a deep breath. What the hell. "Its my turn now.."
Ken nodded, and scooted closer to Takeru.
"Well..he didn't say much," Takeru began uncertainly. "He..well, he kissed me. But..it was..different.."
"Different?" Ken seemed sincerely curious. "Different how?"
"It..it was, well, harder, more forceful," Takeru sat up, fidgeting a little. "Like he was trying to tell me something important, but didn't know how to say it.."
Ken sighed, and looked up at the blank ceiling. Takeru could see he was hurt, but could also see that he was trying to conceal it. But before Takeru could think of something to say, he saw Ken's shoulders begin to shake.
"Its not fair," Ken turned his head to face Takeru. "After what I..both of us went through.."
Takeru moved to a sitting position beside Ken. "I know it isn't fair, but he must have a good reason for this. Daisuke isn't the type to do something like this if there isn't a real reason."
"I know," Ken looked at Takeru. "I just wish I knew why.."
"So do I," Takeru glanced at Ken, then stared ahead for a few seconds. "I don't think we can do much else except be patient with him right now."
"Yeah," Ken sighed, and Takeru felt his weight against his shoulder. "I hate feeling this helpless.."
Takeru tensed when he felt Ken's weight, but then relaxed. He felt the urge to do something, but he wasn't sure what. This reminds me of something. Its..like that night on the ferris wheel. Takeru glanced at Ken uncertainly. Ken wasn't paying any attention to Takeru and didn't notice. He seems so much different now. He seemed so...together that night, much more so than he was before he disappeared. But now.. Takeru was having a hard time resisting the urge to put an arm around Ken, something he never thought he'd even think of doing. Takeru took another deep breath, and slowly put a hand on one Ken's shoulders. Ken snapped back to reality, startling Takeru.
"Ah-" Ken looked at Takeru in surprise.
"Ahh..I guess I shouldn't have don't that," Takeru mentally slapped himself, then made to remove his hand.
"No, its.." Ken looked at his lap, but put a hand on Takeru's wrist before he could remove his hand. "It's okay, I was just..startled, I guess."
Takeru blinked, but didn't move his arm. "Okay..I guess it was kind of..sudden.."
Ken turned his head up to look at Takeru. "It was."
"Next time I'll tell you first," Takeru chuckled. Ken smiled.
"You do that," Ken patted his cheek playfully.
Takeru smiled, but paused before he spoke. Ken laid his head on Takeru's shoulder, and didn't seem to care if Takeru spoke or not. Takeru looked at Ken again, then rested his his own head on Ken's.
"Nothing," Takeru fought the urge to laugh at Ken's surprise. "Just..ah, making myself comfortable."
"Uh huh," Ken raised an eyebrow. He let himself sink into Takeru a little more.
"Cozy?" Takeru asked.
"Mmhmm," Ken smiled, and turned his eyes up to look at Takeru. Right now..well, this is..different. But..its nice...it's..calm, and I can think clearly even though I'm not by myself. I think I like this. He felt his smile deepen, and stretched an arm across Takeru's chest, bringing his hand to lie on Takeru's shoulder. Takeru was clearly taken by surprise, pulling his head away from Ken's almost instantaneously. Ken laughed a little at this, and Takeru swatted at Ken teasingly. Ken caught Takeru's hand with the hand not draped across him. Takeru tried again, with his other hand, but Ken caught it again. Takeru scowled, then grinned. Ken looked at him curiously, but didn't get a chance to speak before Takeru lunged at Ken, who ducked, causing Takeru to fall over his lap.
"Takeru," Ken shook his head sadly. "You're not gonna win.."
Takeru scowled again. He flipped himself over, and somehow managed to push Ken down, pinning him. Ken hadn't been expecting this, but was none-the-less able to retaliate, throwing Takeru off. He proceeded then to push him down, half on top of him, half on the bed. Takeru just laughed. Ken stared at him blankly.
"I see you enjoy losing?"
"Not especially," Takeru smiled. "But I'm not trying very hard."
Ken just stared at him. Takeru laughed. Ken was about to remove himself when Takeru reached up and touched his face.
"Oh," Takeru pulled his hand away, somewhat suddenly. "I-no, its nothing. I..was just..uh...lost in the, uh, moment, I guess."
Ken's shock receded into an amused grin. He took Takeru's hand and put it back to his face. "I didn't say stop, did I?"
"I-uh, what?"
Ken chuckled. "Its okay. You just took me by surprise."
Takeru nodded, but took his hand away again, slowly this time. Ken frowned a little, and began to move, but he hadn't gotten very far before he felt Takeru's hand grasping his arm. Ken looked down at Takeru, unable to really say anything, and once again surprised. Takeru pulled Ken down closer to him, his other hand almost around his neck. Ken realized he wasn't certain of what he was doing anymore, but he also realized he didn't care anymore. What I do now...doesn't really matter, does it? No..I don't think it does. Takeru pulled himself up to a half sitting position, Ken still in his grasp. He put his hand all the way around the other boy's neck, and brought his face closer to his own. Ken brought the hand that wasn't being held down by Takeru's to Takeru's face, brushing the other's cheek with his fingers. Takeru hadn't been expecting his, but didn't wince. Takeru looked at Ken seriously, not moving any closer, but not moving any further away.
"Ken," he looked him the eyes. "I-"
"Don't think about what you're doing, Takeru," Ken looked downwards a little without moving his face. "Just do it."
Takeru nodded slightly, and closed the gap between them. The kiss was nervous, nearly shaky at first. It lasted awhile, however, and was more than a bit deeper than the one they had shared before. Ken brought the rest of his body closer to Takeru's, unsure of why and unsure of what it was he wanted to badly.
Oh God, I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I just hope it isn't a mistake..

Daisuke didn't know how far he'd gone, or exactly where he was anymore. He just knew that he'd been running for an awfully long time in what seemed like giant circles. Why did I let this happen? What the hell is wrong with me? I thought I knew what I wanted, where I was going. But nnooooooo, I have to change my mind at the last minute. I hate myself. Daisuke looked around, suddenly figuring out where he was. I'm near Yamato's...I wonder if he'd let me stay the night, or, well, what's left of the night. Well, its worth a shot, I guess. He turned left off of the street he'd been walking down, turning right twice more several blocks further on. Before he realized how far he'd gone, he was in front of the gates to Yamato's apartment complex. Having only been there a few times, he had to circle the complex once before he knew which building he wanted. When he saw that the buzzer had the tenants' names next to their unit numbers, he let out a sigh of relief. Then he realized there were two Ishida families in the building. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, its a common enough name- but why, oh why? Daisuke fell forward, into the window next to the door, he forehead making a thunking noise as it connected with the clouded glass. The door opened a few moments later, much to Daisuke's supreme shock.
"Ow," he moaned, after falling backwards in surprise.
"Eh-?" Daisuke looked at the speaker, his grasp on the situation completely gone.
"What are you doing here?" Yamato asked, bending down to talk to Daisuke.
"I, uh," Daisuke began, suddenly understanding. "-I have no idea. I really don't."
"Well, you look like hell," Yamato, said frowning. Opening the door, he added, "You're coming inside whether you like it or not."
Daisuke picked himself up, and followed Yamato inside and up the three flights of stairs to his apartment.
"You have amazing timing, you know that?" Yamato commented as he unlocked his door. Before Daisuke could answer, he continued. "My dad's not coming home tonight, so we'll have no interruptions while you explain what in God's name you've done to yourself this time."
"You could be nicer, you know," Daisuke told him sharply.
"I could be," Yamato said, considering it. "But I think you'll talk sooner if I'm not."
"Er," was all Daisuke could say that. He knew quite well how right Yamato was.
"That's what I thought," Yamato said, plopping himself down in the living room, talking up most of the couch.
Daisuke didn't say anything as he entered the living room, and sat down on the floor. Yamato glanced at him uncertainly.
"So, what happened?" He asked, his voice not as harsh as it had been moments before. "I though you and Ken went out..?"
"We did," Daisuke said, his voice bitter. "And I screwed up, okay?"
"Well, I gathered that," Yamato said. "But- well, what happened, exactly?"
"Not very much, really, but that's mostly because I left in the middle," Daisuke said, his voice still bitter. "I feel really, really stupid."
"You left-?" Yamato sounded dumbstruck. "But why?"
"I thought- I was wrong about how I felt about him," Daisuke said quietly.
"Oh," Yamato said softly.
Neither spoke for a few minutes; Yamato was uncertain of what to say, and Daisuke had nothing left that he wanted to say. Then, something dawned on him.
"You didn't come straight here, though, after you left Ken, did you?"
"I- Why do you say that?" Daisuke looked at him, questioningly.
"Well you guys went out this afternoon, correct?" Yamato saw Daisuke nod. "And obviously you weren't with him until midnight. You left something out."
"I- I went to Takeru's," Daisuke said, feeling even more stupid. "Why do you care?"
"Why'd you go to Takeru's?"
"I have no idea," Daisuke told him irritatedly. "It just felt like I had to.."
"I have a hard time believing that you had not idea," Yamato said, looking sharply at Daisuke. He didn't elaborate on it, but went on speaking before Daisuke could object. "So what happened at Takeru's?"
"Uh, I'd rather not say," Daisuke said, averting his eyes from Yamato's gaze.
"Well, you did something stupid, judging from that reaction," Yamato observed calmly.
"Look, it's none of your business," Daisuke told him, the irritation in his voice rising again.
"You showed up on my doorstep, so now it is my business," Yamato said simply. "And if you don't tell me what happened, I'm sure Takeru will."
Yamato had him there; Daisuke knew perfectly well that Takeru would be calling Yamato the next day to ask him if could shed any light on what Daisuke had done.
"Well?" Yamato asked impatiently.
"All I did was tell him I'd left Ken in the middle of our date," Daisuke replied, still not looking at Yamato. He fumbled with the rest of his words, trying to find a way to make what he had done sound not quite as stupid as it so clearly was. "After that, he- well, I don't remember exactly what he did, but I remember him coming up very close-" he paused, already feeling stupid. What a mess I've become, I can't even remember what happened. "-I don't know why, but I kissed him, and, and, oh, I don't know! It was inappropriate, I had no reason to."
Yamato snorted. "I never would have thought you'd be the type to try taking advantage of something unsuspecting."
"Well, that's what it sounded like," Yamato said. "You knew he had no idea what was going on, so you took advantage of that, kissed him, and then, what? Did you just leave him there, gaping in shock?"
"Yeah, I guess I did," Daisuke, feeling stupider than ever.
"He'll be fine," Yamato said, sensing a note of guilt in Daisuke's voice. "But you don't even know why you did that, right?"
"No, I don't." Daisuke shock his head. "You haven't got any idea why, have you?"
"Of course not," Yamato answered. "You weren't think with your head, at all. You acted on an impulse you didn't even understand."
Daisuke sighed, wondering how it was that Yamato had such a knack for making him feel stupid. "It'd be nice I did understand any of this."
"Yeah, it would, but that doesn't look likely anytime soon," Yamato said, preparing to get up. "I think we both ought to sleep on it, alright?"
"Uh- Okay," Daisuke said, glad that Yamato had decided to let thing rest.
"Are you alright sleeping out here?" Yamato said, motioning at the couch as he stood up.
"Yeah, that's fine," Daisuke said, eager to get Yamato to leave him alone.
"Okay then, we'll talk more in the morning," Yamato said as he left the room, and Daisuke alone.
Daisuke picked himself up hastily and flopped down on the couch, wondering how much Yamato had actually been able to discern from that conversation. I don't think he's realized anything, not really. Well, at the very least, he doesn't have any idea that I do know why I want to kiss Takeru so badly. Daisuke turned over, so that he was facing the back of the couch. He'll probably figure it out after Takeru talks to him, though. Daisuke squirmed a bit, but found he didn't really care what Yamato thought of him. Sleep was creeping up on him, though and his thoughts were cut short as his eyelids fell, bring to him the comforts of sleep.