You have just entered room "Hogwarts."

Boywholived: Hey, everyone. Who's all in here?

Blondsrpnt: Just me. No one else seems to be in here. A/S/L?

Boywholived: About 16/m/Little Whinging. You?

Blondsrpnt: About 16/m/London. What's your name?

Boywholived: Um..Neville.

Blondsrpnt: Neville Longbottom? Interesting screen name you've got there...

Boywholived: Who are you?

Blondsrpnt: I'm not about to say that online.

Boywholived: Fair enough. I won't say who I am, then.

Blondsrpnt: Fine, fine. So, boywholived, what's up?

Boywholived: Well... I'm going to say nothing to save you the trouble of listening to my problems. What's up with you?

Blondsrpnt: Good boy, I have no interest in your girl troubles. Nothing is up with me.

Boywholived: What makes you think it's girl troubles!?

Blondsrpnt: Boy troubles, then?

Boywholived: Well... you could technically say that...

Blondsrpnt: I see. ;) So you're a bit of an arse bandit, then?

Boywholived: What?! No! I didn't mean like that...!

Blondsrpnt: What else could you mean?

Boywholived: I lost someone very close to me this past spring, alright? Drop it.

Blondsrpnt: Don't worry, we all get dumped. Except me.

Boywholived: Ugh... that's not what I mean. I'm not gay. Forget it.

Blondsrpnt: Who said you were gay?

Boywholived: You've been implying that for the last 5 minutes!

Blondsrpnt: So you're gay?

Boywholived: NO.

Blondsrpnt: Famous Harry Potter not wanting to come out of the closet?

Boywholived: Who is this? What makes you think I'm Harry Potter?

Blondsrpnt: Come off it. I'm not a bloody Hufflepuff.

Boywholived: ... Malfoy?

Blondsrpnt: Good job, Potter. Now, what's two plus two?

Boywholived: You have to be a manky git at all times then, do you?

Blondsrpnt: No idea what you're talking about, Potty. Now, it's just the two of us. Who's the boy that dumped you?

Boywholived: Why do you care/why are you talking about this? I wouldn't tell you anything, even if I was put under the Cruciatus. I'm also not gay.

Blondsrpnt: I'm completely bored and have nothing better to do then to grace my presence on you. I noticed you didn't mention the gay bit till the end of your statement.

Boywholived: How do you use the block thing on this...

Blondsrpnt: Wittle Potty can't face me? Aww!

Boywholived: Why do you use the same insults you used from our first year?

Blondsrpnt: Why should I waste my time coming up with new ones just for you?

Boywholived: You're wasting your time talking to me now, aren't you?

Blondsrpnt: Hm. Touché.

Boywholived: Why the hell are you talking to me, Malfoy?

Blondsrpnt: I already said. I'm bored. Besides, this is a chat room. Someone is bound to come in sooner or later.

Boywholived: I guess so...

Blondsrpnt: Ever cybered?

Boywholived: WHAT? NO WAY, MALFOY.

Blondsrpnt: Don't wet your pants, Potty. I was asking if you had, certainly not asking if you would with me.

Boywholived: Oh. Well, no.

Blondsrpnt: Don't know how, eh? Not surprising. You can barely play Quidditch...

Boywholived: Shut up, Malfoy.

Blondsrpnt: My insults are so un-insulting, and yet you and the Weasel are always set off by them. Pity you're so brainless.

Boywholived: Why is it a pity?

Blondsrpnt: A Death Eater's Imperius curse would never work on you, you not having a brain and all.

Boywholived: ...Those are dangerous words you're speaking.

Blondsrpnt: Mm. I know, aren't they?

Boywholived: Draco, I'd watch what you say. These chats can be logged.

Blondsrpnt: I have no fears. And we're on a first name basis now, I see?

Boywholived: Didn't notice.. Malfoy, excuse me.

Blondsrpnt: Trust me, I don't mind. ;)

Boywholived: What in the bloody hell...?

Blondsrpnt: Come off it, Potter. Haven't you ever thought of cybering?

Boywholived: Nope.

Blondsrpnt: Think about it. No repercussions.

Boywholived: What are you implying?

Blondsrpnt: Come on. Let's cyber.

Boywholived: BLOODY HELL. NO WAY!

Blondsrpnt: Come off it, Potter! Who's ever going to know?

Boywholived: Like I'd trust you.

Blondsrpnt: Ah! But you didn't say no that time. Could Potter swing a bit?

Boywholived: Shut up, Malfoy.

Blondsrpnt: Come on. Aren't Gryffindor's brave? Doesn't seem to me like you're living up to your House's name... maybe you're just a good liar. Should have been in Slytherin, eh?

Boywholived: Don't EVER say that again.

Blondsrpnt: Let's cyber, then.

Boywholived: Bloody hell, fine.

Blondsrpnt: Excellent. You start.

Boywholived: Start what?

Blondsrpnt: THE CYBERING. Merlin's beard... you're an idiot.

Boywholived: Fine. If only to show you up.

Blondsrpnt: I wouldn't expect anything less. Now type a bit, make it... good.

Boywholived: Fine, stop interrupting me then...

Blondsrpnt has invited "PParkinson4", "Goylelackey", "Crabbelackey", "Chudleycanons", "Hogwrtsahstry", "Weasleygrl", "4getfulboi", "Loonyluna", and "Dobbyssn" into room "Hogwarts."

Chudleycanons: ... Hello?

Hogwrtsahstry: Ron... What's going on?

PParkinson4: Draco, why'd you invite a bunch of Gryffindors...?

Loonyluna: Hello everyone...

PParkinson4: ... And Loony…

Dobbyssn: Old Master invites Dobby! Dobby very nervous. Dumbledore lets Dobby use computer!

Boywholived: I slowly walk over, unbuttoning your shirt, and cooing into your ear. "Mm, Draco..."

Weasleygrl: WHAT

Hogwrtsahstry: THE

Chudleycanons: HELL

4getfulboi: HARRY!

PParkinson4: POTTER?

Dobbyssn: Goodness! Dobby is ashamed of the Great Harry Potter! Dobby did not expect such things from the great Harry Potter! Dobby must drown himself in the lake!

Dobbyssn has left the room "Hogwarts."

Boywholived: DRACO!

Weasleygrl: Disgusting.

Weasleygrl has left the room "Hogwarts."

Chudleycanons: YOU'RE USING HIS FIRST NAME? I'm telling Dean and Seamus... I can't believe you Harry. I want out of our dormitory NOW.

Chudleycanons has left the room "Hogwarts."


Hogwrtsahstry: Harry... How could you..?

Hogwrtsahstry has left the room "Hogwarts."

4getfulboi: I can't believe it... but I guess you and Malfoy always did have a... thing... I hope I forget this really soon...

4getfulboi has left the room "Hogwarts."


PParkinson4 has left the room "Hogwarts."

Boywholived: MALFOY. Why haven't you said anything?

Blondsrpnt: Oh, sorry. Crabbe and Goyle were just recording and saving the entire conversation.

Crabbelackey has left the room "Hogwarts."

Goylelackey has left the room "Hogwarts."

Blondsrpnt: I knew you were enough of an idiot to fall for that.

Boywholived: Why the hell did I trust you…? Why the HELL did I do that...?

Blondsrpnt: Despite what everyone thinks, the only boy I could ever possibly love is Draco Malfoy.

Boywholived: I'm going to hex you into next week. And then some.

Blondsrpnt: Go ahead, and have a nice wank while you're at it. Idiot. You made my day!

Blondsrpnt has left the room "Hogwarts."

Boywholived: BLOODY HELL.

Loonyluna: Don't worry Harry.

Boywholived: Ugh. YOU'RE still here?

Loonyluna: I always knew you were gay.

Boywholived: ... Don't talk to me.

Boywholived has left the room "Hogwarts."

Loonyluna: Well... I guess it's just us then.

Loonyluna: Yes, I suppose it is.

Loonyluna: So... how are you?

Loonyluna: Good, you?

Loonyluna: Same. Harry Potter just came out of the closet.

Loonyluna: That's interesting. I always thought so.

Loonyluna: So did I…

Loonyluna: So...

Loonyluna: So...

Loonyluna: Want to cyber?

Loonyluna: Sure.


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