The Awakening

(Turok awoke from the sound of his alarm clock.)

"I feel like my world is turned upside down."

"I need a shower." Turok told himself aiking pain from a rough night.

30 miles away

(The Creeper opened one eye as he began to see the sun rise. Not knowing what he'd expect next. He wouldn't care the next person he saw he would eat.)

"Dum, du, dum, dum, dum!" sang a little boy to himself as he entered the house of pain.

(The creeper hadn't eaten in 23 years so he'd be really hungry. He sprung forward and grabbed the boy's legs. As he struggled he spotted a pitchfork. As he reached the creeper reeled him into some hay.)

"Ahhhh".... in a blood curtiling scream.

(Just then he stopped struggling apparently he was dead. As the creeper began to feast he stared at the boy and plucked out his eyes out.) (Once done with the boy he spread his wings and flew away.)

(Turok was on his roof with his knife and sharpened it. With the music blasting he removed his shirt and read what he inscribed on his chest.) (The one shall never die faces his greatest obstacle in 1 week.)