Author: Shiva Darkwater Fandom: Prince of Tennis Rating: PG Summary: A short sweet moment in a candy store. Disclaimer: Seeing as I don't write much, I couldn't have created Prince of Tennis. I'm NOT that good. Trust me. Author's Notes: More like a warning... I haven't seen the Rikkai arc. I haven't read the Rikkai arc. All of this is based purely on my encounters with the fanon, and my own little Bunta muse. (Why do I have a Bunta muse when I haven't seen or read any part of Tenipuri that has him in it? Why do I love him so much?) I've had so many ideas stem from my Bunta muse… so many fics that I just let slip by (the one of Bunta watching a jackrabbit was cute though… cause he was all "we should put a baseball cap on it." Heh...) I don't know why I wrote this one and not any of the others. shrug Also, I was going make him buy pocky, but I don't know how much yen it costs to buy pocky… so I made it more vague. Seriously it did not say how much it costs in yen on my pocky box. Weird. Especially because the whole box was in Japanese… Don't mock the title… --;; I couldn't think.
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Strawberry Kiss Kiss

"One hundred, two hundred, three hundred… Five hundred and fifty."

"Must you count?"

Marui stuck out his tongue, giving an impish little smile. "You know Jackal, it was really sweet of you to buy it for me."

The lady at the shop took the change from the taller boy and bagged the item. With a dutiful sigh, Jackal put the bag into the pink haired boy's hands. "I don't know what you're talking about. Who was it that dragged me to the store, spent ten minutes walking up and down the aisles, only to find out that they don't have enough yen to pay for it?"

Sheepishly chucking, Bunta chided in a teasing tone. "But Jackal you should know that if you were ever in trouble I would always be there to cover your back. That's why you should always be there to back me up too. It's the duty of a partner; and we're partners aren't we?"

The smile Bunta gave was blinding, ten thousands watts, and the way his violet eyes lit up pushed Jackal's annoyance to the back of his mind.

"I'll know never to run to you for money though," he replied easily, patting Bunta on his head, fingers twining through strawberry pink strands and tugging. "I'll make sure not to trust you much with anything."

"Jackal" the boy whined, tugging on the large hand that tugged on his hair. "That hurt! Just be lucky that I can't do that back to you!" Bunta pouted, clutching his paper bag close to his chest. "If you're not nice to me I won't share you know."

An ambiguous "we'll see about that" was all that Bunta received as a response as Jackal began walking out of the candy store.

"What do you mean 'we'll see about that'? I'm not sharing if you're being mean to me."

"I bought it remember."

"That doesn't matter! You better make it up to me now."


"I won't talk to you anymore."

Jackal acted as if he never heard a thing.

The pout on Bunta's lips grew. "Meanie! Wait up!"

Brown eyes blinked and Jackal looked over his shoulder as the pink haired boy jogged to catch up with him. "Hmm? You want to talk to me now."

"I'll share. Of course I will." Bunta smiled, gazing up at his doubles partner. "You need to learn not to take me so seriously."

Jackal chuckled, leaning down to drop a light kiss to the boy's ruffled pink hair. "Don't worry, I never do."