Introduction – Here's a wee intro for those who may not be LOTR/Silmarillion readers. Hopefully, it makes sense.

Deep in the southern parts of Middle Earth, away from the mighty wars of Beleriand in the First Age, Morgoth has planted the seeds for the conquest of the world. This will hopefully be an epic tale, full of warriors, demons, dragons, magic, powerful beings, what have you. I always envisioned the Elves as being completely different in their thinking, speech, and approach to life, so I'm giving them a sense of mystique and culture that is somewhat archaic. You won't often have an Elf say, "Wassup?" I want to look into the character and mind of those both good and evil and hopefully breathe a little life into them. There won't be a central protagonist, but rather an ensemble story with a mixture of characters.

For those unfamiliar with the LOTR mythos –

Eru is the one god, creator of Eä, the world

The Ainur are immortal spirits, servants of Eru

The Valar are the highest of the Ainur and there are 14, excluding Melkor/Morgoth

Melkor was the greatest of the Valar, but was corrupted

The Maiar are the lesser of the Ainur

The Sun and the Moon are vessels inhabited by the Maiar, Anar and Isil

The Elves are the Firstborn of Eru. They are immortal and never succumb to disease. They are split into several kindreds

The Vanyar are the Fair Elves and most beloved of the Valar. They tend to have golden hair and are exceedingly tall of stature

The Noldor are the Deep or High Elves and most skilled in crafts and lore. They are proud and curious and tend to have black hair.

The Teleri are the Woods Elves and are the closest to nature. They make skilled sailors and hunters.

The Eldar are those Elves that came to reside in Valinor, the land of the Valar

The Sindar are those of the Teleri that did not make the journey to Valinor and remained in Middle Earth

The Men are the Secondborn of Eru and are mortal. They come in infinite races and sizes. The Men of the West, or Dunédain, are long lived and taller of stature.

The Dwarves are the children of the Vala, Aulë. Created in secret, they tend to like underground dwellings and often excel in crafts

The Orcs are creations of Morgoth and are Elves, who were warped by his evil