Author's Notes:

1/4/2014: Because of some major edits I made to the story I combined six chapters into three. Unfortunately this makes reviews all screwy due to only allowing 1 review per chapter. Therefore please skip ahead to Chapter Four to start reading. Read below for some important notes about the story:

2/4/2011: Innocent Games was started back in 2001. 10 years ago! I have recently edited and updated each chapter to fix a number of grammatical/plot errors. I'd be honored if you took the time to re-read it. My ideas for the story have finally been fleshed out (yes, there is an ending!) and I'm hoping that 10 years has improved my writing. The story has so much potential, that I've decided to continue it. It will be completed!

This story takes place after the end of season 2, but there are a few key things I do not mention. Since I began this story before the final episodes of season 2 every human will not have a digital partner. In this alternate world, so to speak, digimon are still unknown among the majority of the human population. There may be some mention of the other foreign chosen children, but they will most likely not be making any appearances.

There will be a few Japanese terms occasionally; I didn't want to Americanize the story completely and I like the reminders that these are not English speaking characters (even though I write them that way). I'm only using Japanese honorifics when the characters are speaking to adults in the dialogue (for example: Izumi-san for Mrs. Izumi). I also refer to the characters as the Chosen Children rather than digidestined and I will occasionally refer to Ken's past as the Digimon Kaiser rather than the Digimon Emperor.

Many chapters include flashbacks from the show. I've been using the Japanese version of the dialogue simply because it is more serious, hence matching the overall tone of this story better. I may have taken some liberties at editing it a tiny bit just so it isn't as awkward in English.

3/30/11: I have made some more edits to the story to fix some issues with name confusion at the suggestion of Sonfaro. (Who is an awesome author, go read his stuff!)

I have chosen to use both Japanese and English dubbed versions of the character's names, but the narrative will use their dub names (with the exception being Iori).

The 01 character's English dub names are nicknames in this story (as they were portrayed in the first season dub, i.e.: Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi, Yamato "Matt" Ishida). Their Japanese names will be used when referring to their full names and also occasionally in the dialogue (especially when their families are speaking with them).

For the 02 characters:

Iori "Cody" Hida will almost exclusively go by Iori. Cody is Iori's English name he had used in an English language course, but he is attempting to drop his old nickname so only a few persistent characters (*cough*Davis*cough*Tai*cough*) will still call him Cody.

Daisuke "Davis" Motomiya will go by his English nickname Davis, but for a few exceptions in the dialogue.

Miyako Yolei Inoue goes by her middle name Yolei due to reasons explained in the story.

For reference the character's ages are listed below:

Joe = 19 (in college)
Tai, Matt, Sora = 18 (seniors)
Mimi, Izzy = 17 (juniors)
Yolei = 16 (sophomore)
Davis, Ken, Kari, TK = 15 (freshmen)
Iori = 13 (junior high)

I will be sticking with the English dub versions of the digimon's names simply because I remember them best.

Now that I am done rambling, I give you the story. (Begin at CHAPTER FOUR!) Enjoy and please review!