Trust and lies Chapter 6

A call for support

--Celsius Bridge—

"What are we going to do about New Yevon?" Rikku asked fearfully.

"We need to vanquish Yevon once and for all." Everyone was surprised at Baralai's confidence in saying they had to destroy the political group he was once the leader of.

"That'll work!" Rikku didn't seem to realize that that meant they needed a well-formed plan.

"Well Baralai, how will we do that? You have a plan or something? I'd like to hear it." Nalah sneered.

"Yes I do have a plan."

"Really? What ever it is, let's not use it."

"What were going to just sit around while New Yevon destroys Spira?"

"Enough! What is with you two!" Yuna yelled. Everyone was staring at Nalah and Baralai, they did have a little disagreement now and then but recently they had argued about everything, and their arguments were more serious too. "Baralai, what do you think we should do?"

"We obviously can't take them out ourselves, so we see if the Youth League and the Machine Faction will help. The only problem is now that there's peace they may be reluctant to help, so they won't break it, but it's worth a shot."

"The Machine Faction! That means Gippal! Er... oh, heh..." Rikku was dancing until she noticed there were four people in the room who didn't know.

"She likes him, doesn't she?" Baralai smiled.

"Hey! Baralai! You didn't have to tell the whole room!" Rikku pouted.

"Let's go to the Youth League first, so Rikku's not... distracted." Yuna giggled, no doubt thinking about Rikku's reaction.


"Sorry Rikku, you do remember last time..."

Rikku's face had turned a bright scarlet. "Crid ib!(shut up in Al-Bhed)" Yuna began to tell the story, but Baralai was distracted. He was thinking about what Nalah had said. I really over reacted... she's so mad! I need to talk to her, again. I've been thinking about her so much. I need to come to terms with her... I think I need to come to terms with where I stand first... Do I love her...? Why else would I think about her so much? No, that can't be it... Suddenly Nalah noticed Baralai was staring at her, she glared at him and he immediately averted his eyes to Yuna who was now finishing her story.

"Well, that means we're headed to Mushroom Rock Road, save ourselves from Rikku and Gippal, for a little while anyway." Paine gave Rikku a little shove to let her know she was just teasing.

"Next stop Mushroom Rock!" Brother shrieked into the loud speaker.

--Mushroom Rock Road--

Nalah stared down at the waffle-grid pattern left by Yuna's boots as they crossed Mushroom Rock Road. Yuna had even, confident strides, she was the most eager to get this done, everyone else was nervous. The whole ordeal unnerved even Baralai, who didn't normally let himself show concern, or emotion at all... except around Nalah. Rikku, wasn't bothered by the visiting the Youth League, she was bothered by the 'not seeing Gippal first'. Finally the group reached the lift. When they got to the top where they were greeted warmly by Lucil and led straight to Nooj.

"What brings you here Gullwings? And Baralai?"

"We need your help, New Yevon tried to kill us, and we want to destroy them." Yuna flinched anticipating Nooj's reaction.

"You're blunt, aren't you."

"Please Nooj." Yuna begged.

"Okay, what do you want us to do?"

"Destroy them once and for all. We're off to Djose Temple after here, to try to get support from the Al-Bheds as well." Yuna explained.

"Alright, I'll come with you there, Gippal and I can form a Battle plan."

"Thank you Nooj." Yuna said bowing her head.

Nooj turned to Baralai, "I assume you resigned because they tried to kill you."

"That is correct."


"I forced them to be honest."

"Figures... Well let's go." Nooj rose from his seat and walked out.

"Yes, we can't keep Rikku waiting all day." Paine teased, Rikku punched her in the arm, though Paine was hardly affected. She punched Rikku harder, she muttered some curse in Al-Bhed and they were off.

-Chapter 6 Complete-

Sorry this chapter was kinda short and boring, but it was important! They gained the Youth League's support! Now what about the Machine Faction? Think Rikku can use her 'charm' to win over the Al-Bheds?