Slayer Hunting
Part 3 Of Visionary
by Chaoseternus Previously: In Part 1 Visionary

Buffy thrashed around in her bed, the nightmare coursing through her mind making her cry out in fear and pain. Flashes of pyramids, of demons who took humans as hosts, of cultists in funky armour passed through her mind. Then Buffy saw her, a slayer leading an army, a host of humans against the cultists, screaming 'false gods' for all to hear. The humans behind her taking up the chant, as demons, even vampires joined the slayer in pushing this vile creature and his followers off their world.

"The Tarithna is well known to the system lords, Tarithna means Hunter of debased ones, and is one of only two positions respected by all Goa'ulds, indeed it is rumoured Ra once killed a minor system lord who attempted to control the Tarithna, and that the Tarithna commanded an army of Jaffa on this world " Teal'c replied.

"Garage door openers, if you don't send us the correct code, the door stays closed" O'Neill gestured towards the iris over the StarGate, "and you splat"

"Yikes, now that is how you deal with door to door salespersons"

Da'mos turned as Buffy approached and a shockwave of energy hit her again, throwing her back into O'Neill, they crashed into the wall and down to the ground, grunting in pain.

"You know, I think maybe this ones a Goa'uld….." Buffy said, as she crawled painfully back to her feet.

"You know, you may just be right" O'Niell looked over to where Da'mos was torturing an SF with his ribbon device, "Yep, that's a Goa'uld…"

"Xander" she said slowly

"Yeah, buffster?"

"We have a prophecy" Buffy replied.

"Shit, I hate it when that happens"

"Excuse me? Prophecy?" O'Neill added, his tone disbelieving.

"Prophecy" Buffy and Xander confirmed, their tones resigned.

"Twice she falls and twice she shall arise,

Eternally chosen

Guardian and destroyer of the First gate

Champion of the Heavens Gate

In the hour of her greatest deed,

The Fallen Angel, cast out by the Host and Choirs,

Shall send forth the Legion, the blight,

The plague on all humanity,

Of two minds she shall arise,

Of one she shall fall,

And darkness will encompass all"

"Exactly how many ships are we looking at?" O'Neill asked.

"At least three motherships, and 14 Ha'taks, they are amassing at Tyrendula and we expect them to be ready to leave within the next three days" Jacob replied, his voice tense, "There is no way that you and your allies will be able to take that lot out in a fleet action, so it will have to be a covert assault as usual"

Previously: In Part 2 Bane Of Anubis

"Wonder what Hammonds face would be like if we showed up with a mothership?" Xander chuckled.

"Hey, Teal'c, no minds of their own right?"

"Indeed, the supersoldiers do not possess a mind of their own" Teal'c replied.

Willow giggled slightly, then started chanting,

O'Neill cursed as ten black suited figures of Anubis's supersoldiers strode confidently into the room, spraying the area with lethal bolts of energy. O'Neill dived back behind the console and was about to grab the supersoldier killer, or whatever it was Carter was calling it these days when he noticed the growing pile of Jaffa bodies, the lack of any weapons being fired at his team, and the covering fire he was receiving, from the supersoldiers? What the hell?

"My Lord Anubis" Osiris's mocking voice blared into the room, "you have seen fit to send your supersoldiers after me, so be it. For that I now deprive you of several of your much vaunted ships. Should be interesting trying to attack Earth with a weakened fleet against a Tau'ri fleet which now includes Asgard ships of the line. Do enjoy"

"Anubis didn't send supersoldiers after Osiris, we did" Willow commented confused.

"General Hammond? This is General Stockwell, SpaceCom, we are picking up three bogeys coming in hot, profile suggests Ha'taks"

"They can't see us" Willows softly spoken comment distracted Hammond in mid sentence, and they all turned to look at the Wicca.

"Err… excuse me?" Daneil asked.

Willow looked up, then blushed as she realised she must have spoken that last out loud, "the moon is directly between us and the Ha'taks, they kinda can't see us"

Carter started, and then moved around to look over Willows shoulder, "She's right, they shouldn't be able to see, yet. We will be unmasked in about 15 minutes though"

Giles turned to O'Neill, "You wouldn't perhaps be thinking what I believe you are thinking, would you?"


Giles grinned ferally, a ripper like mask settling over his face, "Jolly Good"

"Then we die for our God! Signal Ba'al's Wrath to destroy the Tau'ri vessel by any ramming, we will ram the mothership, tell Ba'als Vengeance to finish the mission, and rescue any surviving Udajeet and their pilots, we will die for our God!" he shouted defiantly.

"False God!" was the last thing he heard, as the brilliant electric flash of a Zat'nicatel overwhelmed, once, twice, thrice, his body vanishing into nothingness under Colonel O'Neill's surprised but approving gaze.

"Intel picked up some interesting information from the computers on Del Shakka Mel, Anubis has captured a Queen Goa'uld, and is using her offspring for experimentation purposes, mainly for the purpose of creating a stronger, longer lasting supersoldier" Hammond paused to let that sink in, "at the moment, the facility is relatively unguarded as most of it's defenders were diverted to Anubis's fleet, this research facility must be destroyed, and it cannot be by gate as the planet is question has an iris on it's gate

"Gr. Gr. Greetings. My Na. Name is Enerina" Buffy stuttered, her eyes glowing, her manner screaming scared, broken.

"Oh bloody buggering hell" Giles cursed.

"Seconded" Willow moaned.

"Shit" Xander cursed, "Of two minds she shall arise"

"Its time" Buffy said, her manner screaming warrior, ready and determined.

"Hammond, contact the Tok'ra and Thor, we need constant updates on his location and we will need the Tara Mclay ready, SG-1, Scooby's, we're going to Cleveland, see a gal about a scythe"

"Its time"