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Robin and Raven were on their daily retreat to the roof to talk and do...other things. They had been together for two months now and were very happy. Robin was less obsessed with Slade and Raven was opening up a little bit more.

This day was different however. They had a certain alien jealousy watching them. 'Robin should be mine' thought Starfire 'She must have bewitched him. He loves me and only me, not some lowly half-breed that should be rotting in the depth on hell.'

She watched as they passionately kissed and it took all of her self-control not to blast Raven. The only reason that she didn't was because it would upset Robin. She never wanted to upset Robin, only free him from that burden of a women.

When she couldn't take it anymore she flew off into the city to try and figure out how to get rid of Raven, and she knew just who could help.

She stopped at an alley to grab a pink hoody that she kept hidden in a bag under a dumpster. Slowly she made her way to a huge mansion that held meetings for G.R.O.O.T.T.N. She walked up to the door and pushed a pink button linked to a speaker box.

"Hello" said the box.

"Hello this is Starla, I'm here for the meeting"

"Welcome Starla, please take the elevator to the third floor and enter the fifth door on the right". With that the door opened and 'Starla' walked in, positioning the hoody so it hid her face.

When she entered the room it was filled with blonde girls in pink fuzzy clothes. On the wall was a banner that said G.R.O.O.T.T.N. and under the letters were what it stood for; Get Raven Out Of Teen Titans Now.

These were her real friends, not that witch. "Hello friends" said Starfire, all eyes now on her "Hi Starla!" came back in a chorus.

'Now' she thought 'I will get Raven out of the Teen Titans, and comfort Robin.

She smirked evilly as she walked in.


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