HA! I bet ya'll thought that it was over...didn't u!

Well... its not so ha!

I thought it was over too but...I'm sitting here bored so... epilogue! Ha!

And I have forgotten to do this...oops

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Here ya r


It had been two years after Starfires 'suicide'. The police still couldn't figure out how she had managed to do all that stuff to herself, but they believed the remaining Teen Titans. Their words were law.

Everyone had a happy ending, BB met a girl, that was so unlike Terra it wasn't funny. They're getting married in two years. Cyborg met a very nice Fem-bot (yes, from Austin Powers) she is currently recharging in his room.

And our dear couple, Robin and Raven, it turned out that Raven was one month pregnant when the whole incident happened. So they now have a baby girl, named Shade. She has blue eyes (ha! Robins eyes color revealed and he didn't even have to take off the mask) with dark purple hair and a red charka, just like mommy.

Also like mommy, Shade is telekinetic, but she can show some more emotion than Rae.

Raven is currently three months pregnant with a bouncing baby boy, they have decided that he'll be called, Dante.

And they all lived happily ever after...until Beast Boy got the chicken pox.