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X. Realization

Sango hummed a random tune as she dangled her legs in the water from the rock she sat on. The cool water soothed and calmed her. She was polishing her katana. Her eyes followed the movement of her hand. Up and down, up and down, on the already shiny blade. She didn't come here to polish her sword, but to get away from her friends for a while. The steady rhythm took her mind off things, and she seemed to polish her troubles away.

Inuyasha, Shippo and Kagome had been giving her encouraging smiles ever since she broke Miroku's spell. She'd even heard Kagome mumble congratulations to her. She knew why they were acting this way, and she didn't want to talk about it.

Most of all, she was avoiding Miroku like she had over the last couple of days. Mostly because of what she said that one night and how she reacted when the first kiss didn't work. And the fact that she pulled him closer when he was breaking away from the kiss. She could not fathom what possessed her to act that way, heat of the moment perhaps. She felt embarrassed and did not want to know what he would make of the situations.

Also, she didn't want to confront him, or rather, confront herself about her feelings for him. The kiss proved that she was his true love, right? But Sango wasn't totally sure. Besides, she didn't like him that way, she told herself, so why should she care whether it was true or not? That kiss was only there to help him out, like helping a friend in need. It didn't mean anything, did it?

Sango didn't want to admit it, even to herself, because admitting it would somehow make it more true. She couldn't possibly love him, he was a pervert. Also, Sango reminded herself, she had vowed to herself that she would never allow herself to get close with anyone, especially males, ever again. She could not bear to lose someone she loved again, that pain had dulled, and she didn't want a chance to bring that back again.

But still…

Sango remembered that kiss, and the memory brought such warmth to her heart. She remembered how much she enjoyed it…

She immediately scolded herself after that thought, reminding herself once again of that vow and how the kiss was just a favour.

Something inside her told her to just admit it even though she had desperately tried to shut out that voice. In the end, the nagging voice won, but she was still shy to actually confess. And also, she was afraid that he would turn her down. Just because a story written by some stranger said that the kiss had to be done by the frog's true love doesn't make it true.

A cough sounded behind her, snapping her back to reality.

"Is that sword shiny enough? Or are you trying to whittle it down?" the voice of Miroku asked. Sango looked down and saw that when she was in thought, she had shone her sword so much that she could see her face and Miroku's face in the blade. Mustering as much dignity and nonchalance as she could, she casually put her sword away.

"What do you want?" she mumbled. Half of her was annoyed that he had found her and wanted him to leave her in peace, and the other half was glad that he came and wanted him to stay.

As if reading her thoughts, he asked, "Mind if I sit with you?"

Sango shrugged, not knowing exactly how to answer. Miroku took her gesture to mean that she didn't care, so he sat on the other end of the rock, with his back to Sango and the water.

"So," Miroku started, but found that he couldn't think of anything to say. He felt his cheeks flush, and could not understand why. They were almost always together, and he had never felt this way.

"Are, are you avoiding me?" he finally asked. He didn't mean to be so blunt, but he felt somewhat hurt that she was avoiding him. He had been holding back for so long, because he didn't want to hurt her, for his time on earth was limited, he didn't want her to lose someone who would be close to her. But he realized that he could not hold back anymore. He remembered how she was worried about him when he didn't come back, and how she sort of saved him from the owl. Most of all, he remembered her tears when her first kiss didn't work. She seemed so sad and disappointed that he wanted to give anything in the world just to hold her close. However, he wasn't exactly sure if she had felt the same way. He had thought that kiss and her reactions meant something, but her actions confused him. So when he saw her disappear into the trees with mumblings about polishing her katana, he decided to follow her. He decided to be brave, to just come out and admit it, and hopefully, she meant it when she kissed him. He'd even composed a little speech while he was walking here. But when he saw her, the question of her behaviour popped into his mind and he felt that he just had to know.

Sango tensed at his question. Was she that obvious? "Um, n-no," she lied, not sounding very convincing. "Why would you think that?"

She heard a sigh from him. One of disappointment. "I, I thought you were. I thought, um, hoped that the kiss, well it meant something, you know…" Miroku trailed off.

Sango gasped. Her cheeks were flaming.

"Well, I guess not," Miroku continued, "I guess it's just um, a favour, huh."

Silence. So he turned to sit next to Sango, taking his sandals off and dangling his feet beside hers in the water.

"I, I'm sorry for asking that, um, I just…" Miroku couldn't think of anything to say, which was odd for him, as he always something clever to say. But he felt nervous for some reason.

"Did you enjoy being a frog?" Sango decided to change the subject. She asked the question without looking at him. There was a hint of sarcasm in her voice.

"Well, actually being a frog wasn't as bad as it sounds," he answered matter-of-factly, a smirk gracing his features.

"I'm sure it wasn't." The sarcasm was dripping from her voice, for she was thinking of the times when he went down her kimono and under Kagome's skirt.

"However," Miroku continued, "I'm glad that I'm human now."

"Oh? Why is that? I'd thought you'd want to stay as a frog for a bit longer." Sango turned slightly to look at him with raised eyebrows.

"Because I couldn't do this as a frog, could I?" Miroku suddenly leaned forward, catching Sango by surprise, and brought his lips down on hers for a quick and chaste kiss.

Sango was stunned as he pulled away. She turned her head quickly to hide the blush that was creeping up her face. To surprise her further, Miroku hugged her by wrapping his arms around her waist from behind, and rested his chin gently on Sango's right shoulder.

He sighed, and Sango's ear tickled as he softly whispered "Thank you".

Sango tensed as he hugged her, but relaxed and to Miroku's surprise, leaned back on his chest. She reached up with her hand to bring his head down and kissed him softly.

"Your welcome," she whispered. "I'm glad you are human too." She closed her eyes as she listened to his steady heartbeat.

Miroku smiled, his heart swelled as he gazed at the bundle in his arms.

"Sango, remember how when the first kiss didn't work, you said you weren't a princess?" he whispered.

"Mhmm," she mumbled back, nodding her head. "I remember you seemed to protest when I said that."

"That's because you are a princess to me." Miroku tilted her head up and kissed her softly. She kissed him back and never wanted the moment to end.

They did not have to say anything, but both understood each other's feelings. There they stayed, basking in each other's love, well, at least until an owl crept up behind them, looking for revenge from a certain little frog. But, that's another story…


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