She crouched by the Celestial Inn, watching as guests entered and left the crouded Inn. She saw the man she'd been waiting for. The merchant wouldn't even know what hit him. I'll just get behind him and take his loot before he finishes his drink, she thought slyly. Ryelle had been a thief as long as she could remember. Her master was a wealthy landowner, with many thieves working for him, but he was dispicable in every way. He had a son, who looked at her in a rather sick and twisted sort of way. She looked around her for any chance that she was being watched before making her move. She walked ever so casually toward the merchant, when all of a sudden, there was a fight in the corner of the bar. The merchant lifted himself up, to see what was happening and she made her move. Ryelle grabbed the bag of gems, and ran. She made a left and climed up on to the roof to see if he followed. Ryelle peered down at black cobble stone street below and instead found her friend Dromyr following suit. He stared up at her and smiled.

"What on earth are you doing following me?" Ryelle glared at him and scowled.

"Helping you by distracting attention," he replied to her. He stared at her with his large green eyes. Ryelle knew he was just trying to help, but in her profession, she could have been caught and killed or tortured.

"So that was you fighting. Well, I appreiciate the help, but next time, warn me ahead of time to avoid mess ups ok?" Ryelle wanted to be angry but Dromyr had a way of getting out of trouble with her. She rolled her eyes and smiled, before coming down off the roof.

"I will, I promise," he said thoughtfully. "Has your master's son been acting weird around you again?"

"Kymer? Yeah, on a fairly regular basis. I actually caught him trying to touch my thigh the other day, then one of the other thieves came in and he left. That boy is sick and twisted, and if i ever catch him at it again, I will personally make sure that his hands and eyes will never come near me again." Ryelle stared at the ground with her fists clenched. She knew what Kymer wanted, and she knew his father would see to it that she gave it to him. She shuddered to think about it, but she would never let that happen to her.

She and Dromyr walked back to the mansion in silence. They both lived there, but dromyr didn't have much responsibility to Yyrtof, Ryelle's master, only his parents did. Yyrtof had found Ryelle when she was only and infant, and decided to teach her the arts of thievery, and stealth. When out doing jobs, she had to disguise herself as a boy, because women were to be escorted everywhere and she would be very noticeable in inns and bars, plus male clothing was easier to move around in. Every month or so she had to cut her curly brown locks, and every job she had to bind herself so she wouldn't be recognised as a girl. Kymer, Yyrtof's son, was betrothed to her now, and that's the way Yyrtof wanted it.

Kymer was a thin stick of a boy with black greasy hair and brown eyes. It made her sick to look or think of him, and what his and his fathers intentions for her were, she didn't know. She wasn't going to find out though. She'd been keeping a little of her loot at a time, saving for the chance to get away. When the time came, she hoped to run far away and try to find her real family. Inside, she secretly hoped Dromyr would come too. She knew he would if she asked him, but she wouldn't risk both of their lives.