Chapter 2: Herding me up some new cattle...


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Chapter Two: Herding me up some new cattle...

Part Three: Mmmmm... rum...

Jack Sparrow sat in utter and desolate despair below decks on the Black Pearl . Yes, he had his pretty boat now, but the boredom of not having one's life in danger every few minutes was enough to drive a man mad. And to make things even worse and intolerable, there was...


And to add insult to injury, Anamaria had decided to try to wake him up, namely by pounding him over the head with his own empty bottle.

"Get up, dammit!" she yelled into his ear.

"Mrmmm...?" he said, which loosely translated to "Why?" in Jack-speak.

"WHY? Because you have duties, that's why. You've been asleep half the day. Not to mention the fact that I'm horribly bored..."

He whimpered slightly and hid under his pillow, though it didn't take away the clear-headed feeling of being sober.

"NOOOOO!!!!" He screamed, praying that the headache that resulted would replace a hangover.

It didn't.

What he needed was some adventure, some action... some rum. But even pirates have slumps and no wealthy merchant ships were anywhere near them. In fact, he doubted he'd seen so much as a canoe in the last few days. Not that there were really any canoes in the Caribbean, generally. It was the point that mattered. Not even Tortuga could save him from his boredom now; he'd done everything new and exciting there. (A/N- -ahem- Minds out of the gutter, people... even though that's where mine lives... it has a cardboard box house and everything!)

"Out onto the deck into the sunlight, mister." Anamaria said, shoving him out of bed, failing to care if he was half-dressed.

"Five more minutes..." He muttered, trying to dive back into bed.

She, however, put a vicegrip on his ear and towed him out of the cabin and onto the deck.

"It'll make you feel better." She commanded in her scariest, most authoritative voice, which was something you couldn't just ignore, even if you were Captain Jack Sparrow.

The sunlight's glare off the water burned his eyes and helped his headache intensify a few notches, and for a few brief moments, he debated on whether or not to jump off the side of the ship to relieve the monotony. Just when he thought that his future looked completely bleak, billowing white sails appeared on the horizon. Billowing white sails of a ship with a verrry rich owner. Who probably had some sort of alcohol aboard. A pool of drool began to form at his feet before he came to his senses.

"All hands on deck! We've got ourselves a ship to board." He shouted, grinning evilly and nearly slipping on the accumulated drool. Beside him, a certain someone ahem-ed loudly.

"We've had our eye on that ship for the past hour. And it doesn't seem to be going very fast. By my calculations, it will be within boarding distance at approximately midnight."

"WHAT?" Jack shouted, a vein bulging on his neck, "We have the Black bloody Pearl. What ship can outrun us? Definitely not that slow thing."

"I don't know." Anamaria sighed, "I just don't have a good feeling about this."

And that's when things got bad.

Part Four: Scourge of the Earth...

(A/N- ha! Cliffhanger-ness! And POTC being replaced with..... well, you'll see. I'm gonna get some complaints... –grin- GAH! I was just about to do research on the new versions of this, but I really couldn't bear to dirty my google search box with it, so I'll have to go off of memory. Yes. I watched it when I was ten or eleven! SO WHAT!!!! ; I still have my cards somewhere, but that's just because I think that I'll actually get something for them someday. Ha. Just like everyone else. Whatever. The funny thing was that I sucked (and still do) at card strategy games, so they never really got used. I just liked finding pretty cards with holographiness. I was such an odd child... anyways, FYI, I watched this once over summer break, but could only sit through it for five minutes. So just for the record, I'll say this: The show is evil.

"Alright, everybody! It's time to get up and face the day! Come on, the sun's shining and-"

Ash Ketchum was interrupted from his horrible cheerfulness by a mallet to the face.

"You expect me to be happy after sleeping on the ground in the middle of the wilderness with two guys?" The mallet-wielder glared.

Ash resorted to humming his annoying little theme song at the top of his lungs (you know which one I'm talking about).

"Dammit, do you really have to sing that ANYTIME we're walking? It's not even a real song for God's sake!"

"Dumdedumdumdedummdum" Ash hummed on, oblivious to the redhead on a tirade beside him. Namely, because she was almost always on a tirade. Humming helped him go to his "happy place".

"Why are we walking around in circles in the grass AGAIN? What the hell is wrong with you???? And why do I hang out with you? I'm obviously too good for both of you."

"We've gotta catch them all!" Ash said, with his usual incredibly stupid hardheadedness.

"Has it ever occurred to you that you accepted a mission from a professor (who was quite possibly crazy) that basically entails the enslavement of creatures who have generally done nothing wrong to you in tiny balls? And you don't even get paid for it, dumbass!"

"I'm gonna be the very best... like no one ever was." Ash sang, knowing his control over his group was slipping.

"Is it just me or does he sound like Michael Jackson when he's singing this horrible theme song?" Misty groaned, wishing that she hadn't brought anything else up. And wishing that she had earmuffs.

It was too late for wishing, though. Ash's torture for blasphemers had begun. And it'd go on like his to at least two hours.

"To catch them is my own test... to train them is my cause."

"Way to go, Misty." Brock said, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, shut up, Brock. I'm in as much pain as you. He never tires of this awful theme song!"

"I will travel across the land..."

"Yeah, you're in as much pain, but you started it." Brock replied, rolling his eyes again.

"Shut up. Besides, you CAN'T roll your eyes at me."

"Why not?" Brock said angrily.

"Searching far and wide..."

Pikachu backed away and considered going back into the tiny-ball-of-hell to escape the inevitable mallet fest. Or to give Ash a seizure right then. Choices, choices...

"Your eyes are always shut. How can you roll them?"


"Pika pikaaaaa." Pikachu said, which loosely translated to 'She has a point.'

"For each Pokemon to understand the power that's insiiiide."

And then, the worst part of this Hell came. Misty and Brock both trembled in fear and resisted the urge, but it eventually overcame them. They began to sing along. And dance.


"A heart so truuueeeeee... your courage will pull us through."

"You teach me and I'll teach you... POKEMON..."

"Again with the Michael Jackson-ness..." Misty managed before being sucked back into the finale.

Gotta catch 'em all... gotta catch 'em all! POKEMON!


"You. Shall. Not. Question. The. Master. Of. This. World." Ash said, his eyes growing slightly bigger and redder.

"Errr... ok?" Misty gaped.

"I must say, Misty, you were one of my favorite specimens caught, but if you keep acting like this, I will have to take drastic measures."

"Speci-- Eh?" She scowled until she saw Brock make vigorous nix motions behind Ash's back, "Errr, I mean, Yes, sir!"

"Good. Now let's run through that again."

And he began singing. Again. And Misty and Brock's eardrums began to bleed. Again.

"Psst... Misty?" Brock said, elbowing his fellow prisoner while trying to stem the blood flow.

"Yeah?" She mumbled with her head buried in her arms in agony.

"Run. Run away as fast as you can. Ash is up to something. Something bad. Save yourself, Misty."

She rolled her eyes and glared at him

"This another doomsday prophecy to try to get into pants, isn't it? Like the time that you told me that Ash was the Anti-Christ and that he would use his army of Pokemon minions to enslave the human race and that we would have to repopulate a race of humans who weren't in bondage to him? 'Cause that was a pretty lame one... Ash is perfectly harmless."

"Oh yeah? Ask Pikachu."

"Pikkkkaaa! Pi Pikaaaaaaaa!" Which translated roughly into "Dear God, help me. He touches me."

He began to sob, not that anyone understood. Even when he started rolling on the ground in anguish, the others (and especially Misty) cooed about his cute little "prance dance". Brock attempted to roll his eyes again.

"No, seriously, isn't it odd that he called you a specimen?"

"Nah... that was just Dark Ash talking."

"Err, Misty? Wrong show."

"Oh. Right. I guess it was kind of weird, then." Misty muttered, sneaking a glance back at Ash to make sure he was still occupied. Surely enough, Squirtle and Charmander were writhing in pain from the singing. He'd be distracted for a while.

"Dammit. There must be a leakage in the fabric of fiction. I know that's how I got here. I used to be a playboy gunsman in an adult swim anime show. And look at me now!!! Going after Nurse Joys who perpetually shoot me down and being some little sadistic kid's bitch. Oh, the shame..."

"Yeah, well I was a seductress. Alright, I was a secondary character to some naïve bimbo blonde, but I had a huge male following. And now I got stuck in this show where I look like I'm 12."

"True dat." Brock said, with an evil letch grin directed to her chest area.

"I will kill you dead. Don't doubt me. So, what do we do?"

"That's the thing... I don't know. Any ideas, Misty?"

By then, the mallet had already swung, leaving Brock to ogle the pretty little Nurse Joys twittering around his head.

"You mean you don't even have a plan???" She roared a bit too loudly.

Ash snapped out of the singing abruptly, leaving Squirtle and Charmander to have spasms on the ground.

"WHAT SORT OF A PLAN????" Ash barked from behind Misty, making her jump out of her seat and have a heart attack simultaneously.

"Errrr.. oh crap."

"So... you've figured out my master plan, have you?"

"Well, no, not really..."

"And you know that I'm planning to bringing some new specimens from all the realms of fiction here shortly."

"No, actually, I didn't. And I don't really want---"

"Why, you might ask. BECAUSE I HAVE TO CATCH THEM ALL."

"I think he's turning into one of those villains who divulge their master plan to anyone." Misty groaned to the still-unconscious Brock.

A pop of displaced air signaled the arrival of three new guests.

"You've got that right. Not even we're that bad." Jesse purred, "JESSE!"

"JAMES!" Her counterpart screeched.

"To protect the world from devastation--"

Misty left Brock to his fate as they spewed out their speech and another pokemon battle ensued. She knew had a new quest before her: to go find a gun to shoot herself with. Of course, it WAS a rated G show, which meant she probably wouldn't ever find a gun, let alone die. Still, there was always drowning...

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