It was so cold struggling threw the snow. 'Just one more step' she kept thinking. The winds were fierce and she had to push with what little strength she had. Carrying a bundle in her arms, she kept walking for the child's sake. She had no idea where she was; she was starting to lose feeling in her body. Behind her was a trail of red in the snow. 'Where are we', she thought falling to her knees, then on her side.

The child in her arms looked up at her. He had blue eyes and auburn hair and two little fox ears sticking out of his head. He felt his mother's skin it was ice cold. He knew he would have to get her to shelter and get her warm. He looked for any sign of shelter all he could see was white that stretched out like it was the ocean. Then an idea came to him he turned into his fox form and started digging a hole. When the hole was big enough, he got the cloak he was bundled up in and set it in the hole. He then dragged is mother into the hole lying on the cloak. He then turned back into his humanoid form and bandaged her stomach with his shirt. He turned back into a fox and laid on top of her for warmth.

Yusuke, Kurama, Kuwabara, Keiko, and Yunkina were unloading the car. They were on vacation and decided to go to Makia. Yunkina had suggested the frozen territory for snow fun and she had missed her home. They were brining bags in different rooms. Hiei was watching them from a distant tree he wasn't staying with them. He had his own house that he preferred. He hadn't been in this area for a long while, he silently left the tree and began the long trek to his house. Krama was the only one who knew Hiei was even around.

Kagome came into conscious and saw Shippo laying on her in his fox form, she noted that he had made a small shelter for them and bandaged her wound. She winced at the pain and slowly slipped back into a deep slumber.

Hiei was in the clearing behind his house, he was just walking out of the forest that lead to his younger sisters house. He was thinking about Kuwabara staying in the same house as his sister, when the smell of blood hit his nose. He looked down to his far right and saw the red trail and foot imprints. This sparked his curiosity; he followed the trail to where it stopped suddenly. He looked around and found that there was a body imprint in the snow along with little fox feet leading and stopping in one spot also the smell of blood was stronger over there. He gently started to remove the snow from there, first he saw a girls face, his eyes widened then he carefully moved all the snow that was covering the hole.

Shippo woke when he felt the snow moving. He looked up to find a man there; he was short, wearing all black, and his hair was sticking up in black spikes. He also had read eyes; Shippo tensed and stood up growling at the man, he was a demon. 'I will protect my mother' Shippo thought glaring at the man.

Hiei watched the kit; he slowly put his hands down. "Calm down, I'm only trying to help" he spoke calmly.

The kit must have believed him, because he allowed Hiei to pick Kagome up. Hiei picked the kit up and ran back to his house. When he got there he sat the kit down and started a fire to warm the one room cabin up.

Shippo changed into his humanoid form, Hiei saw and went to a closet and threw an old cloak and pants, which were to small for him, to Shippo. He then started undressing the girl he saw the kit tense. "She needs to get warm" he started simply. Shippo went and sat by the fire.

Hiei finished undressing her and put her under the covers and went to the closet again and got out extra blankets and wrapped them around the girl. Hiei was confused and wanted answers, but he knew that the girl would be the only one to answer his questions. He felt to see if she was warm, but her skin was still ice cold, he stroked the fire with his powers to get more heat to her. He watched the kit move to the, 'girl, no women' he realized. The kit curled up around her shoulder, Hiei could see tears starting to well up in his eyes.

"What his your name?" Hiei asked looking at the two and letting a small smile grace his lips. They reminded him of his mother and sister.

Shippo wiped his eyes and answered, "My name is Shippo and this is my mother." Shippo saw the man's eyes widen a little.

"Where is her mate, why did he leave her out there to die along with his son" Hiei asked angry at the thought.

"Kagome", he pointed to his mother, "is my adopted mother." Hiei nodded his head saying he understood. "What is you name?" Shippo asked wearily.

"Hiei" he answered curtly, "Why were you two out there in the first place?"

Shippo looked back at Kagome. "You'll have to ask my mother, if she lives" he said his eyes starting to water, "I don't know what happened, I don't even know where we are."

Hiei nodded understanding, "Are you hungry?" he asked. Shippo nodded and Hiei went and got him some stew. 'Thankfully humans are good at something' he thought opening a can and pouring it in a bowl. He then heated it up at gave it to Shippo.

While Shippo ate Hiei went and checked on Kagome. She was starting to feel a little warm. When he placed his hand on her cheek, her cheeks were a little rosy from the cold. He moved a piece of her hair out of her face. 'She's beautiful' the thought.

Kagome work up feeling warm, she opened her eyes and saw crimson red eyes looking down at her. 'Those eyes are beautiful' she thought.

When he broke from their stare she looked around and saw Shippo in a black cloak eating at a table. She was in a cabin with one room, she knew that much but. "Where am I and who are you" she asked going to sit up but then winced and lay back down.

Shippo heard her and ran to her jumping on the bed and hugged her neck. Kagome hugged him back, they were both crying.

When they stopped crying and Shippo was lying on her stomach, Hiei answered her questions, "My name is Hiei and your are in the Frozen territory of Makia. Know answer my questions, How did you get here and how do you know of demons."

Kagome nodded her head and looked at Shippo, sleeping once again. "It's a long story" she started, "on my 15th birthday." (We all know the story... at least I hope you do)

After a half an hour she was finished and Hiei had brought her some stew and water to drink. She took it and thanked him.

"You never told me how you got here," he said watching her.

She stopped eating and looked up at him, her eyes were starting to water a little. "I was to weak and somehow went threw a portal and ended up here. I wasn't good enough and always got in the way," she said quietly. 'I hate lying to him but if he found out what would he do' she thought.

Hiei frowned at himself for making her cry; she didn't give him a real explanation but accepted what she said and didn't push her to tell him.

Over the next few days she stayed living with Hiei. Hiei would often go outside to play with Shippo while she cleaned. Sometimes Hiei would even train Shippo, and at night when Shippo was asleep they would talk. Occasionally every few days Hiei would leave, Kagome never knew where he would go. She asked him about it and he got a hurt look in his eyes and she never asked again. Though she did want to know.

Today was one of those days when Hiei would walk into the woods and return at dark. Kagome respected him enough not to follow and he never pushed her for the information she was with holding from him. So she started cleaning and making dinner while Shippo played in the yard.

Yusuke had found out a few days ago that Hiei was around buy spotting him in a tree. So now Hiei had to stop by ever once in a while and stay with him for a few hours or until it got dark. All he wanted to do was to check up on his sister then leave and get back to Kagome. He had been thinking about her a lot lately, he knew he liked her but loved her. Hiei was aroused from his thoughts as Yusuke and Kuwabara went into another fight, which the girls stopped.

"Hiei, where have you been staying" asked Yusuke. Hiei stayed quite.

"He has a cabin out here" answered Kurama for him.

"Well, how come he never told us before?" asked Kuwabara.

"Maybe because its none of your business" he threatened. Everyone went in for dinner and Kurama dragged in Hiei so he couldn't escape and get to Kagome till after dinner.

It was dark and Kagome was starting to get worried. "He's never been gone this long before" she sad pacing while Shippo ate. "You don't think something happened to him do you?" she asked Shippo.

Shippo smiled at her and reassured her that he was probably taking his time. Shippo was glad Kagome and Hiei like each other; he liked Hiei and sort of thought of him as a father figure. "Kagome, why don't you go and take a bath and relax, he'll come back," he said putting his dish in the sink.

"Sometimes Shippo you are so wise" she said smiling; she hugged him then went outside and walked the short path to a cabin that surround the hot springs.

Shippo waited till she was in the hot springs and he put on the cloak Hiei had given him, he was going out to find him. Shippo left the house and started to sniff the air for his sent. When he found it, he started running in that direction. He came to another cabin and peered in, he saw Hiei with a stoic face and sow some other people too. Shippo was to busy looking in he didn't notice the loose log in the stack and went tumbling. The four boys came out to and saw Shippo rubbing his head, "Ow" he muttered.

The two girls peered out behind the boys and they grabbed him taking the child inside. Hiei watched Shippo and was wondering why he left Kagome. 'Maybe something had happened but I don't smell blood' he thought.

"Aww" said both girls fussing over him. Shippo stared in horror no one was allowed to touch him except his Momma. He jumped on a ceiling rafter. Yusuke was first to notice what he was wearing.

"Hey, Hiei I think the kid stole your cloak" Yusuke said watching the kit.

"I don't steal," said Shippo crossing his arms.

"Now you're lying," yelled Yusuke. Shippo jumped at Yusuke but Hiei caught him in midair.

"Shippo, why are you here" he asked the kit, "did anything happen?" Yusuke stared at Hiei.

"No, everything's fine" he answered, "Just wondering why you weren't home." Hiei nodded.

"Shorty, who is that and how do you know him?" asked Kuwabara.

Shippo growled. "None of your business" answered Hiei coldly, "lets go Shippo."

Kagome finished her bath and walked into the house to find Shippo gone and Hiei had not returned. She started to get worried and she grabbed a cloak and called for the two. She headed for the forest and kept calling for them, and deeper and deeper she went into the woods.

"Wow, I didn't know Hiei had friends besides us," said Yusuke.

"I think he's hiding something," said Kuwabara.

"I think you might be right", said Kurama, "lets go to Hiei's cabin."

When Hiei and Shippo got back the noticed Kagome was missing. They found foot imprints in the snow leading deep into the forest, "Shippo stay here" he said.

Shippo nodded his head and went inside and waited for them to return.

So the group set out and followed Kurama. They went into the woods and came out into a clearing and saw a cabin. "That's it," said Kurama. They walked up to the door and knocked on it. Shippo came to answer the door and he growled at the group.

"What do you want?" he asked.

"Where's Hiei" asked Yusuke.

"He's out," said Shippo still growling at them.

"Can we come in and wait for him?" asked Kurama, "The girls are getting cold."

"Fine", replied Shippo opening the door for them.

Hiei had been following her for a while now, 'Where is she' he thought, 'I can't lose her'. He picked up his speed and found her pined to a tree by an ice demon, his body was made out of ice and he had the ability to throw his pieces of his body at you.

Hiei snuck up behind the demon and cut there is body with his sword.

Kagome had her eyes closed and fell to the ground waiting for the demon to kill her. Instead of feeling the killing blow she felt two strong arms around her. She looked up and saw crimson eyes it was Hiei. She let out a whimper and tears started to swell up. She nuzzled his neck smelling his sent, he smelled like burning cinnamon. She relaxed in his arms.

Hiei relieved she was okay, picked her up and started back towards the cabin. On the way back to the cabin, Kagome wrapped her arms around his neck and took in his sent. They were a few feet in front of the cabin when Hiei looked down at her, to see she was looking up at him. He slowly inched his lips towards hers, they were almost touching lips, when Yusuke, Kurama, and Kuwabara busted out of the cabin and were wide eye looking at him, except for Kurama who just grinned at Hiei, seeing the a woman in his arms.

Hiei cursed under his breath and Kagome just looked at the three boys, she tensed and held Hiei tighter. Hiei looked at her in reassurance and she relaxed once again. Hiei walked past the three and into the house to see his sister and Keiko. He sat Kagome down on the bed and Shippo jumped at her.

"Mamma, what were you thinking going off like that, your still weak" said Shippo scolding her.

Kagome frowned at him and her temper flared, "Excuse me Shippo, but if you would have stayed where I told you too. I wouldn't have to go out looking for you. Secondly I am not too weak to go and find my kit that might need me" she scolded him right back. Shippo flinched and dropped his head. Kagome sighed, "I'm just glad you okay, you just scared me that's all."

Shippo smiled up at her and she hugged and stroked his ears earning a purr from him. She laughed at his reactions to what she was doing.

Meanwhile the three boys came back in and sat down in chairs. Hiei was standing near Kagome and Shippo. "What do you five want?" asked Hiei.

"Well, for starters who is that and why is she living with you," asked Yusuke.

"And answer the fact that you were about to kiss her" said Kurama with a glint of gold in his green eyes.

"Shrimp kiss somebody!" stated Kuwabara, "I feel sorry for that unlucky girl."

Kagome was blushing and scowling at the three boys. Hiei had a look that he was about to kill Kuwabara and Shippo growled and tried to jump at the boy but Kagome held him down.

"My name is Kagome, and this is Shippo my son" she said answering the boys questions, "why I live with Hiei is because he saved me a couple of days ago. As your you, that was really rude and you shouldn't say that about people you don't know."

Kurama was grinning and Yusuke was laughing at the way Kagome scolded Kuwabara like he was a child and even Hiei was smirking.

Kagome turned and saw Kurama, "As for you" she said frowning but still blushing, "that would be none of your business." Kurama's face fell slightly and looked at Hiei.

Hiei was enjoying this; he was gracing a little smile. Keiko and Yunkina were hiding smiles, Kagome then noticed them, "I'm sorry but how are all of you?" she asked.

"Oh, My name is Keiko," said the girl with brown hair standing next to a guy wearing jeans and a jacket along with his hair gelled back, "this is Yusuke."

"Yo" he said lifting his head.

"I'm Yunkina," said the other girl with blue hair, she was smiling and standing next to the one Kagome had scolded. He had a light orange hair, "this is Kuwabara."

"Hi, umm sorry about earlier" he said sheepishly.

"My name is Kurama," said the red hair bowing a little, "its nice to meet the woman who has captured my friends heart." There was a mix of gold and green in his eyes, she noted.

"Two of you are demons," she said looking at Kurama and Yunkina, "One a kitsune and the other a ice apparition."

All of them looked at one another, except Hiei he was used to her surprises. Yusuke was the first to recover, "How did you know that?" he asked eyeing her.

"I have my ways" she replied. She watched Shippo yawn, and then looked at the clock on the wall, "no wonder why you're tired it's your bed time."

Hiei looked at the clock as well and moved to the door, "You can go sleep at your own cabin" he said pushing them all out. Kagome was tucking Shippo in he was already fast asleep. Kagome went and sat down next to Hiei on the couch in front of the fire. They didn't say anything for a while.

"Thank you for saving me once again" she said softly to not wake Shippo. She moved closer to him and laid her head on his shoulder.

Hiei looked at her and wrapped an arm around her, "your welcome" he simply started leaning down and kissing her. She wrapped an arm around him and kissed him back. When they broke apart they were both trying to catch their breath, Hiei laid his head on her shoulder and nuzzled her neck.

They both sat there like that for about an hour when Hiei picked Kagome up and set her in bed after scooting Shippo over. Hiei went and lay down on the couch and closed his eyes.

Kagome stayed awake, thinking about all that had happened. She quietly crept over to the couch. She nudged Hiei a little and he opened his eyes. "What's wrong?" he asked scanning the area or danger.

"Nothing" she said, "but can I sleep with you." He lifted the cover for her and she crawled in. He wrapped his arms around her and she laid her head in the crook of his neck.

The next morning Shippo woke up and noticed Kagome wasn't there. He got up and looked over at the couch and smiled. Shippo slipped out of the house and played in the snow. Shippo looked up when he heard some yelling, he walked over to Hiei's friends and glared at the two human males, cause they were yelling.

The group stopped and looked at the glaring kit. "Be quite some people are still sleeping" Shippo growled at them.

"Really" asked Kurama with a glint of golden in his eyes. Kurama walked in the house and stood there grinning at his friend.

Everyone else followed in, Yusuke was grinning and Kuwabara stood there with his mouth opened. Yunkina and Keiko were smiling at how cute the too looked.

Hiei woke and smiled at Kagome before looking up at the group watching them, he scowled and growled at them. His growl vibrated in his chest, which awoke Kagome.

Kagome looked up at him wondering why he growled and then followed his gaze and saw his friends watching them. She frowned and got up, she looked around, ""Where's my son?" she asked after not seeing him.

"He's outside playing" said Kurama, "by the was your human, so how could you have a demon child, that's not half human."

"He's my adopted son," she answered going outside and watching Shippo.

Shippo smiled at her when she sat down, he turned around not facing her and balled up some snow. He turned around and threw the ball at her, it his her on the arm. She laughed and stood up picking up snow and threw it at him. They both started laughing and in Kagome's case shirking, Shippo was much to fast for her to even get some snow in her hand to throw at him.

The rest of the group came out to see Kagome hiding behind some trees and Shippo carefully going around them and throwing the snowball at Kagome. She dodged it and ran towards their direction, Shippo threw one and it hit Yusuke in the head. Everyone started to laugh except for Shippo and Hiei who were smirking.

Pretty soon everyone had joined in even Hiei, he was only joining in because Kagome had thrown a ball at him and Kuwabara had decided since Kagome could do it he could.

Kagome saw Shippo hiding behind a tree and she ran and grabbed him but not before falling and went rolling in the snow with him. They came out of the tumble with Kagome on her back and Shippo sitting on her stomach, they were both laughing. Soon everyone stopped and were sitting around in the snow