Shippo who had stayed at Genkai's with Yunkina was worried when they wouldn't let him in to see his mother who he knew was crying. "What happened?" he asked trying to push his way through them.

"Just go and sit down Shippo. This isn't something for little kids," said Yusuke.

Shippo puffed his chest out and slipped past him to see his mother over Hiei crying. He walked up slowly to them and looked down at Hiei and knew he was dead. He tried to get Kagome to let go of him, "Mother," he said trying not to cry. She needed him to be strong, "Mother lets get you into bed."

"No," she cried, "He's not dead. He promised he wouldn't leave."

Shippo didn't know what to do anymore and ran out the room and cried into Yunkina. She tried to calm Shippo down. Kurama went into the room next. "Kagome, we are going to have to bury him. It's the only proper thing to do," he said softly.

"He is not dead," she yelled at him, "why are you giving up on him?"

Kurama couldn't take it anymore, "Kagome he is dead, he has no heart beat. No matter how much you try and deny it he is dead. He was my best friend and he's dead. You shouldn't dishonor him buy killing yourself slowly. Let us put him to rest." Kurama was pleading with her.

She stopped sobbing but the tears still came. "I'm sorry," she said softly, "we'll bury him tomorrow. But for now let me say my goodbyes alone with out interruption."

"Thank you Kagome," he said walking out of the room and closing the door.

Kagome got in the bed with him and position him to where he was holding her. "I wont forget you Hiei. I'll make sure your child knows you and that you loved him or her. But for now I just want you to hold me again."

Kurama stood in the hall debating on whether to tell Yunkina that Hiei was her brother or not. He finally decided that she deserved to know and walked up to her while she was sitting on the couch with Toya. "Yunkina" he said, "Hiei was the brother you were looking for. I'm so sorry that I had to tell you know but Hiei didn't want you to know."

Yunkina took this in for a moment and started to cry. Kurama walked away with his head down and Toya took Yunkina into his arms. "Why didn't he…Did he hate me?" she cried.

"No, Yunkina he was afraid that you wouldn't want to have a brother with a past like his," said Toya trying to comfort her.

Back in the room with Kagome she had fallen asleep for stress of the day. She had started having a dream that Hiei was alive but was walking away from her. "Hiei," she called out but he didn't stop he kept walking. "Don't go, stay with me please," she pleaded. He kept walking till he was almost out of her sight. "Hiei I love you and please let me die instead of you. You deserve to live," she yelled falling to her knees. A bright light flashed and there was a purple mist in front of her.

"You want the forbidden child to live and you can actually love him?" asked a majestic voice form the mist.

"Yes," she cried, "I love him. Please give him back."

"This is very touching but I don't know if I can give him back," it said.

Kagome almost lost hope then and there, "I wont lose him when I finally found him. Give him back now. Do you understand me? I love him and need him."

She heard the mist laugh and softly say, "He is yours", before waking up. She knew he was alive. That dream was not an ordinary dream she had gotten him back. She woke up smiling and went to check for a heartbeat, but it wasn't there. "But.." she trailed off and started to cry again. The tears fell on his face and his eyes began to flutter open. Finally he opened his eyes to see Kagome crying above him and he moved his arm to hold her.

She saw his hand moved and stared at him, "Are you alive or am I just dreaming again?" she asked out loud, "because if it's just a dream stop tormenting me, please stop making me hope."

"Kagome," he said but she wouldn't listen to him. Since she wouldn't listen he grabbed her and kissed her. She didn't know what had happened but then smiled and started to cry from joy. She kissed him back deeply and when they parted she screamed and hugged him.

Everyone hearing Kagome ran in to see Hiei alive. At first they thought it wasn't real then started to laugh and smile. Yunkina and Shippo ran and jumped in hugging Hiei too.

"Brother your alive," said Yunkina.

Hiei turned towards her, "Who told you?" he asked smiling at her and hugging her back.

"Kurama did," she answered.

A few months later Hiei and Kagome moved out to the countryside in a nice house that fit all of their friends and Yunkina and Toya had gotten married and were living with them. It was a normal day in the house when a window was shattered.

"Hiei, I hate you," she screamed at him grabbing his arm and twisting it.

"Now sweetheart it'll all be over in a few minutes," he said wincing at her grip.

She pushed one more time and then it was over. She sighed in relief and let go of Hiei and fell back onto the bed. "I'm sorry," she said through a scratchy voice.

"It's alright," he said kissing her, " I know you didn't mean it."

The nurse walked in and said, "I'm proud to announce that you have a boy." Hiei and Kagome smiled and were already thinking of names, "and a girl."

Both Hiei and Kagome looked at each other. "What?" they yelled looking up and seeing two babies instead of one. Kagome smiled and laughed, "I wanted a girl." Hiei looked down at her and smiled too.

"So what are there names?" asked the nurse.

Kagome answered with the names they had picked, "Salem and Tristin."

The nurse nodded and went to write the birth certificates and left the two with their new children. They smiled at the sleeping two and new it was going to be a good life together.

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