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Pregnant and Bonded?

Harry had arrived into potions class, just in time to avoid points being taken off. He went and sat next to his best friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. The lesson was half through when the potion they were making began to give of a pungent smell. The room felt hot, heavy and stuffy and Harry began to feel that he couldn't breathe.

The room began to sway in front of Harry's vision, the darkness of unconscious began to claw its way up. The darkness broke free and wrapped Harry in its embrace, as the teen fell into unconscious; he fell towards the floor of the potions lab.

Professor Snape arrived at the fallen Harry's side, quickly. He shouted orders at the students in the room to pack up and clean everything away. He also had one run down to the Hospital Wing to inform Madam Pomfrey of their impending arrival.

They arrived in the Hospital Wing and Madam Pomfrey took charge of the situation and had Harry lying down on one of the beds. He was still unconscious to the world around him with Harry comfy in bed; Madam Pomfrey started to cast the diagnostic spells to find out what was wrong with the seventeen-year-old.

Madam Pomfrey soon found out what was ailing the young man; she discussed it with the newly arrived Headmaster Dumbledore. Professor Snape had already gone back to his classroom, not waiting to find out what was wrong with the boy. Harry's condition was one that was very rarely heard of, let alone known to happen.

Harry woke an hour later, opening his eyes to the blurry figures in the Hospital Wing, he could tell this because of the clean and antiseptic smell the room had. The room came into sharp focus when he had put the glasses someone had given him on.

He looked up and greeted with a smile. "Madame Pomfrey, Headmaster Dumbledore."

A curious Dumbledore looked at the boy, who last year had defeated Voldemort. "Harry, did you know of your condition?" he asked gently.

Harry looked back at the headmaster with curiosity. "What condition, professor?" he answered with a question of his own.

Madam Pomfrey stepped forward and answered, before the headmaster could. "You are four months pregnant, Mr. Potter."

Harry's face lit up in wonder and unconcealed joy, a hand went to his barely noticeable swollen stomach, where his child lay. He whispered, smiling. "I'm pregnant."

Dumbledore went and sat down in the chair next to the bed and asked, "You didn't know you were pregnant?"

"I knew something was wrong, I haven't been feeling to well, but I though it was nothing so I kept quiet about it," he answered honestly.

"Harry, you do know that a child born out of wedlock is something frowned upon it the Wizarding World," Dumbledore explained to him, "We need to find out who the other father is." he stated looking seriously at the young man.

"I know professor, and I'm not telling you who the father is," Harry started to tell Dumbledore. "I am already bonded with my partner," he added, before Dumbledore could say anything, Harry took out a silver chain which on it lay a silver and gold bonding ring.

Dumbledore and Pomfrey tried to find out who the other father was time and time again. Wizards and witches could get bonded at 16 without needing their parents or guardians permission. Harry did not have to answer to them if he did not want to. Madam Pomfrey decided to keep him in the Hospital Wing to make sure he was aright. His visitors during the day were the usual people that saw him when he went to the Hospital Wing for something or other.

A gentle finger touched his lips to tell him to keep the words that would come silent. A familiar voice softly said, "Hello love, are you alright?"

"Yes I am," Harry answered his invisible husband. "I have some good news," he said as he pulled his invisibility cloak off his lover.

He sat on the bed and gently ran his fingers through the inky black hair and asked softly. "Like what, love?"

Harry sighed happily from the feel of the fingers going through his hair. "I'm four months pregnant."

Joy and happiness lit up his lover's face. "I'm going to be a dad, oh Harry that is wonderful news," he exclaimed with unconcealed happiness.

The two kissed passionately, pouring all their love, joy and happiness into it, they lay together well into the night just holding onto the other, letting the joy they felt flow through them. The sunlight began to filter through the windows and light up the room. The lovers awoke in the sunlight that bathed them.

"You have to go before they find out," Harry whispered at his lover, not really wanting him to go.

He gave Harry a good bye kiss and said, "love you Harry." As he then placed his hand on Harry's stomach and whispered softly. "I'll see you soon, little one."

He got out of the bed and wrapped the cloak around him. Giving Harry another kiss, he whispered, "I love you my heart." Before leaving Harry and his child behind.

With a whispered, "I love you Neville." Harry began to drift into a peaceful and happy sleep, dreaming of Neville and their unborn child.

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