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A year later from the last chapter

One year old Nathaniel was running around the back garden, waiting for his daddy to catch him yet again. Harry chased after the playful little boy as he toddled around on his short little legs. Finally catching up with him, Harry grabbed the boy gently and swung him up into the air. A happy laugh came from the little boy, and a deeper grown up one came from Harry.

"Dada," came the happy talk from Nathaniel, his bright green eyes shining with laughter.

"Come on little one time for nap, nap," Harry said, as he carried Nathaniel into his and Neville's bedroom.

Nathaniel's bottom lip stuck out in a mini pout; the lip began to tremble, Harry looked at his son and shook his head. There was no way the little tyke was going to get out of his nap. The last time he got away with no nap he was grouchy for the whole day.

"Will you go nap, nap if I'm there," he said softly, as he gently brushed the dark brown hair. The only answer was Nathaniel clinging on to him even more. "Okay then."

Harry climbed onto the bed with Nathaniel securely held in his arms. He laid down and let go, so Nathaniel could get comfy, the little boy curled up in his daddy's arms. Within ten minuets he was asleep, covered in a soft, pale green blanket. Harry watched his son sleep, thinking back over the last year since he was born.

His health was never going to recover fully; it had taken at least two months before he could even perform the most basic of spells. His magic was now fine; it was his physical health that was the problem. When he had given birth he used his magic and had added some of his own life force to keep Nathaniel alive, when it was all over he had used so much of his magic that his life force wasn't able to replenish itself without magical help.

Harry now suffered from small black outs, that only lasted a minute or two, but were still scary when he was alone with Nathaniel in case something happened. They didn't happen too often now, but it was still a cause for worry. He would get out of breath easily, and had to be careful when playing with Nathaniel, because when he got out of breath he sometimes had bad dizzy spells. Things were improving, but would never go away.

Not long after school had finished Neville had started his own business. A few botanical gardens, mainly for plant potion ingredients, it was a success so far, Professor Snape had started to get his ingredients from there as Neville was the best at growing plants, especially the rare ones. Harry was not working; he was at home with Nathaniel all day, which he didn't mind. He had missed his N.E.W.T. exams, so he had waited until the September and had taken them then, he passed with flying colours.

The only other thing Harry had top deal with was Minister Fudge. It was four months ago that Harry went to the Ministry of Magic and demanded to see him, Fudge had tried to be diplomatic, but Harry wasn't going to let him. Harry told him exactly what had happened, and why his and his child's lives were in danger.

The press was outside the office and could here every word Harry had said to the Minister. The newspapers the next day were full of the incident between Fudge and Harry. It didn't take long for the people to kick Fudge out of office; he was discharged for gross incompetence that led to two lives being put in danger. Arthur Weasley was given the position of Minister of Magic. Everyone was happy with Arthur being in charge he was fair and never favoured anyone.

Hermione and Ron were now engaged, Harry was to walk Hermione up the aisle as her father had died when Death Eater had attacked her home, and her mother was hurt, but alive. Neville was to be Ron's best man; it was something to look forward to. Hermione was a trainee medi-witch and Ron was an Auror in training.

A kiss to the forehead brought him out of musings. "Hello love, what are you thinking about," Neville asked, as he sat down on the bed.

Harry smile at him and replied, "Just things that have happened over the last year."

"Don't dwell on the past we have a future to look forward to," Neville said, as he bent down for another kiss.

Harry smiled and nodded, he lay down properly with Neville on the other side of Nathaniel. They lay quietly talking about things to come, friends, children and family, the most important things in life.

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