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Harry was still grinning as the irritated Order members filed out of the room. Oh what a great feeling this was, being in control. He relished in the memory of Dumbledore's moment of confusion and the realization that he had been backed into a corner. Harry's smile didn't even falter when the door was shut sharply behind the final Order member, leaving only the requested occupants in the room.

"Now Harry," Dumbledore said, his eyes suddenly looking a lot less cheerful. "I believe that you owe us all an explanation."

Harry couldn't help it. He chuckled softly to himself. The pure idiocy of that statement alone was enough to assure him that this little "meeting" was going to go exactly as he had planned it.

Raising an eyebrow, Harry said, "Owe you? Please Headmaster, do inform me as to what I could possibly owe you? Unless I am very much mistaken, it was you who hid my destiny from me. It was you who decided that I was far to young to understand. It was you who decided all those years ago to send me to the Dursley's." Harry's eyes took on that rather dangerous glint again, making Ginny scoot back slightly in her seat. "And wasn't it you who decided to ignore a child's pleas for help, so that he would be properly conditioned when he finally attended Hogwarts? So please Headmaster, do enlighten me as to how I owe you anything?"

Dumbledore had the good grace to look properly ashamed of himself. "Harry…I don't think that I will ever be able to atone for what I have done but you must understand-"

Harry cut him off. "I don't have to understand anything, Headmaster. However, this is not what we have gathered for. I understand that you had some questions." Harry was back in command again, his brief relapse into anger quickly dissipating into a calm and tightly controlled mask. "Before that though, I would like to say something first."

Mr. Weasly chose that moment to enter the conversation. "Harry, you really shouldn't talk to the Headmaster like that." The older man's eyes were sharp with disapproval. "He only has your best interests in mind."

The green eyed boy laughed openly at this statement, as though it were the funniest thing he had ever heard. Sadly, it was.

"Oh please Mr. Weasley. If you're still swallowing that tripe, you might want to open your eyes and take a look around." Harry gestured maliciously to his bandaged arms. "Do you honestly think that I would have to do this if Dumbledore had my best interests in mind?"

Mr. Weasley was about to respond when Dumbledore cut in. "That is enough! Harry, what is it that you wanted to say?"

It was odd, Snape thought, that Potter's smile never faltered throughout the entire confrontation. It was almost as though he were enjoying the verbal sparring with Weasley and Dumbledore. But how could that be? Potter was just another teenage ignoramus that couldn't tell the front of his wand from the back. So why would arguing bring such cheer to the boys emerald eyes? Snape decided right there that Potter needed to be very closely observed for a while. There was something amiss going on here…

Then suddenly it hit him. Snape's obsidian black eyes widened almost comically as the realization hit him like a brick wall. Potter had figured it out. He couldn't honestly guess how, but Potter had found out the one secret that would be suicide to admit. The one secret that would ruin the boy's very life and person.


Several different scenario's ran through the Potion Master's head, trying to make sense of the whole situation. There was no way that Potter could have figured out what Lily had done to him. It was impossible. Yet somehow it all made sense, the way the boy's magic felt different, how his personality had changed, how in control he seemed. There was no way that the Potter who had once been the bane of his very existence was sitting before him now. It wasn't even likely.

Realizing the grim reality of their situation, Snape just sat back and waited for Potter's pronouncement. What else could he do?

No matter how much fun it was to drag this entire conversation out, Harry knew that if he didn't get to the point soon, Dumbledore would take those choices away from him. "Now, enough of this." Taking a deep breath, Harry looked the aged potion's master straight in the eye and said, "I want to apologize for looking in your pensive last year."

Remus would have happily sworn on any religious text that he had never seen Severus Snape look so incredibly shocked. It were as though Harry's pronouncement had shaken him to the very core. But, to be painfully honest, he himself felt rather shaken. A Potter apologizing to a Snape? It was unheard of. Surely James must be turning in his grave. Remus smiled to himself as he thought of what his best friends reactions would have been. Sirius would have first checked for a fever and then gone out and promptly killed Snape for poisoning his Godson's mind, James would have most likely fainted, and Lily…well, Lily would be Lily. There was really no other way to describe it. She was an animal all her own. But now was not the time to be pondering his dead friends "would-be" reactions. He had to figure out what in the hell Harry was thinking.

Severus could only stare at the black haired boy before him. His mind was in a fog. This wasn't actually happening, it couldn't be happening. There was no way in hell that Harry-Sodding-Potter was actually apologizing for something. Much less to him.

"What are you trying to pull Potter?" Snape said, his customary sneer back in place as the mask fell back over his eyes. "Surely this is some elaborate prank. Do tell me, are Weasley and Granger going to jump out with cameras? They'd make a fortune off of pictures of the infamous Severus Snape excepting your apology."

All of the rooms occupants cringed slightly when they saw Harry's eyes harden with anger. Of all the stupid things the potion's professor could have done, he had to go and antagonize Harry especially when he was apologizing. But honestly, even they had to wonder what in the hell was going on. The day Harry Potter apologized to Snape was the day that he took the dark mark. So what was going on?

"You're a little full of yourself Professor." Harry said, his emerald green eyes brimming with disgust. "Believe it or not, not every one of my actions has an ulterior motive. I simply wanted to apologize for looking in your pensieve last year. It was wrong of me." Looking down at his hands he said in a softer voice, "I just want you to know that I am not like James Potter."

"No, perhaps your not." Snape said carefully, making sure that every mask and barrier he had was up and functioning. He didn't know what the catch was here but he would soon enough. "Even though you could pass as your Father's twin, perhaps you are not the recipient of his personality."

Harry had to smile. This was just too easy. "Yes, I could pass as James Potter's twin, couldn't I?"

"That is what I just said, is it not?" Snape sneered at him, looking as though he had gone slightly daft. "You are your Father's carbon copy."

Again, Harry's smile only grew wider. He had to wonder what their reactions would be like. 'Perhaps the Headmaster will be rendered speechless' he mused silently to himself, repressing the urge to chuckle. "No Professor Snape, I am not my Father's twin. However, I could pass as James Potter if I wished to."

"Harry dear, James Potter was your father." Molly Weasley said cautiously, as though afraid of being yelled at again.

"Wrong again Mrs. Weasley." Harry said, a look of triumph on his pallid face. "James Potter was not my father."

"Harry, I must insist that you stop this game." Dumbledore said, looking at him carefully.

"Oh but Professor," Harry said, leaning in closer to the old man, his emerald eyes gleaming predatorily. "I'm not playing any games."

Ginny could only stare at the black haired boy in wonder as he grinned carnally at the aged Headmaster. How much he had changed…it was like he wasn't even Harry anymore. The Harry she knew wouldn't be so disrespectful to the headmaster, even if he was treating him like a child. Her Harry would blush furiously and duck his head, and maybe try to do up his already tied shoe laces. But the Harry that sat before her was calm, cool, and had a tongue as sharp as broken glass. Somehow, the change didn't worry her. Hidden deep in a place where she hid her darkest secrets and dreams, she was excited by this new and mysterious Harry.

"Harry," Ginny said, speaking up for the first time. "What do you mean that James Potter wasn't your dad? I mean you look just like him and everything."

For the first time, Harry smiled a real smile. It wasn't the feral look that made people sit on the edge of their seats in anxiety, or the calculating grin that seemed to curl his lips during verbal battle with the headmaster. This smile was tender and kind, something of a rarity in their presently shadowed world.

"Well I explained most of it in my letter, but I suppose having the missing pieces would help wouldn't it?" The green eyed boy said kindly.

The tension in the room automatically rose to a dangerous level. The adults in the room looked incredibly wary while Ginny just stared at Harry in a confused way.

"Letter? What letter?" The small girl asked, confusion coloring her voice.

Now it was Harry's turn to look confused. "What do you mean 'What letter'? I left you and Remus a let-" Suddenly he broke off, the pieces of a mental puzzle suddenly falling into place. "You never got it did you? Or maybe," Now Harry looked downright dangerous, as though he might disembowel the next person to open their mouth. "Or maybe you did."

Moving forward on the couch so that he was closer to Ginny he said, "Just don't move for a minute, I need to check something." Then, placing his hands on either side of her head, Harry shut his eyes and went still as a corpse.

They remained like that for several moments, no one daring to move a muscle. Not even the overly protective Mrs. Weasley, for fear of what Harry might do should she interrupt. She had seen that look in his eyes and had no desire for its intensity to be focused on her.

They the silence was broken. Harry's eyes snapped open and he whirled around to face Arthur Weasley, who was sitting next to his wife looking for all the world an anxious stander by.

"You!" Harry hissed, fire in his eyes such as no one had ever seen before. "How could you? To your own daughter." Harry paused then, looking as though he were physically restraining himself from blowing something up. When the boy looked up again, Mr. Weasly almost wished that he hadn't. There was such a terrible anger in those emerald eyes that it made the older man cringe away from the pure intensity it.

"As much as I would like to yell and blow things up, it is not my memory you tampered with. The right to have a tantrum belongs solely to your daughter." Turning away from Mr. Weasly in disgust, Harry faced Ginny who was looking more confused by the second.

"Harry? What are you going on about?" Ginny said, feeling decidedly left out. It was apparent by the looks on all of the adults faces that they knew something she didn't. "And what were you just doing to me?"

Harry took a deep breath, how the hell was he going to explain this one? 'Well you see Ginny, it turns out that your father and the other Order members have been playing around with your memory. And by the way, I've developed new powers that let me see into other peoples heads! Cool huh?'

Gathering his resolve, Harry said in his most convincing tones, "Ginny, your father wiped your mind."

The silence in the room was deafening. No one, not even Dumbledore dared to move. Harry watched Ginny, something akin to pity in his eyes. He really did feel bad for her, it wasn't every day that your father messed around with your memory. If you couldn't trust your family, who could you trust?

"What?" It was the only word that Ginny could summon at that point. "My father…my mind…Harry I haven't been mind wiped least of all by my father." Ginny was starting to get irritated now, how dare he accuse her father of something like that?

Seeing the anger and irritation growing in Ginny's eyes, Harry quickly cut her off before she could build up a steam. "Ginny, just answer something for me okay? Have you been experiencing any memory loss, or maybe just moments when you couldn't remember specific events?" Harry could see that she was fighting an internal battle with herself. He softened his voice and said, "Please Ginny, think hard. This is very important."

Ginny didn't want to answer him, she really didn't. Confessing that there was a rather suspicious gap in her memory would almost be like admitting that her father had mind wiped her. But how could he do that? He was her father, and fathers didn't 'obliviate' their children.

"Yes," Ginny admitted softly. "I can't remember what happened after I fell down the stairs and hit my head. But that's normal, isn't it?" She asked, begging Harry to give her a reason to believe that her father would never do such a thing.

Harry looked at the normally fiery red head sadly. He didn't want to cause her any more pain, but he couldn't just let this kind of thing lie. Something needed to be done and if no one else would do anything, then he would have to.

"Let me remove the block Ginny." Harry said gently. "Do you trust me?"

Ginny nodded instantly. Harry was one of the only people that she seemed to trust anymore.

Harry smiled kindly and said, "Alright then, I need you to relax for me. I am going to enter your mind and remove the block from your memory. Once I do, everything should be fine again." Harry paused for a moment, looking imploringly at the red haired girl in front of him. "I need you to promise me that you won't try and fight my mind off, because I will essentially be putting my mind into yours. If you try to keep me out it may result with anything from a migraine to memory loss."

The green eyed boy saw Ginny take a deep breath, as though steeling herself for a great battle and said in a mere whisper, "Alright Harry."

"Now wait just a minute here!" Mr. Weasly said, his normally kind blue eye alive with indignant anger. "Just what are you going to do Harry? I don't think that I want you playing around in my daughters head!"

Harry snorted with laughter, "How ironic, you're getting all high and mighty because I am going to remove a memory block that you put on her." The dark haired boy sneered in disgust at the older man. "Sit down Mr. Weasley, you have no say in this matter."

Harry could see that the older man was silently fuming at the clear dismissal in his voice, but didn't say another word. Dumbledore had yet to say anything, and Harry honestly couldn't wait for the sparks to start flying.

"Now Ginny," Harry began, turning his attentions back towards the red haired girl. "Just relax alright? I promise, this won't hurt if you don't resist me."

Stretching his hands towards her, Harry let his fingertips rest gently on Ginny's temples and closed his eyes. Focusing the power from his core into his fingertips, he let the magic flow through the pressure point and into Ginny's skull.

A deep, pulsing power gripped him as he entered Ginny's mind, and Harry had to marvel at how different her mind was from his own. His own mind and core was a labyrinthine maze of tunnels that twisted in and out of his sub-conscious, making sure to lose any enemy in its obtuseness. Ginny's mind on the other hand was a wide open plain, completely desolate and barren. It was almost as though she were lost in her own mind.

Harry took a deep, cleansing breath and quickly anchored his magical core to Ginny's. This way he could not accidentally float back into his own mind with a piece of hers still with him. Securing himself tightly, Harry relaxed himself so that he could call forth Ginny's magic. The whole process would be worth nil if the magic was to overwhelmed by his presence to even appear.

Slowly yet steadily Harry felt her magic seeping through the grassy floor, and filling the wide plain itself. The green eyed boy grabbed hold of Ginny's magic the moment that there was enough to take hold of, and did a quick scan over the mass of power.

The mental fingers of Harry's mind probed and glided over the pulsing light until he encountered something that should definitely not be there. There, like a scorch mark on Ginny's deep purple aura, was the memory block. It glowed a sickening black color, rather like an ink spill on a piece of clean parchment and Harry was frankly disgusted by it. Summoning up a small portion of his magic, he sent it jolting down his arms and let it sink deeply into the black memory block.

Harry snorted in disgust as the block dissipated. Destroying the thing had hardly taken any energy at all! Shaking his head, Harry slowly let go of Ginny's magic, and let his anchor go. He could feel his own body trying to pull him back to the physical world, and Harry gave himself over to his body's impulses. Suddenly with a sharp slap from his senses, he was back in his own head. The emerald eyed boy took a deep breath before opening his eyes, feeling entirely calm.

Ginny on the other hand was not faring entirely as well. She was awake and conscious, but her skin was abnormally pale and her freckles stood out vibrantly against her face. Harry watched as the red haired girl slowly turned her head this way and that, trying to gain her bearing again, and then as her eyes landed on her Father. Ginny started to shake slightly, her mouth opening and closing in either disbelief or physical shock, Harry couldn't tell. But then all of a sudden, Ginny's body caught up with her mind and her head snapped over to her father.

"What did you do?" Ginny hissed, her eyes practically sparking with a furious anger.

"Ginny dear," Her father began, apparently trying to feign innocence. "I don't know what-"

"You know damn well what I'm talking about!"

"Ginevra Weasley, don't you dare talk to your father like that!" Mrs. Weasley said, finally deciding to enter the conversation.

Ginny's raging eyes suddenly turned to her mother, sensing another target. "Were you in on it too Mum? Hmm? Did you condone what Dad did to me?" The fiery girl spun around, glaring at each member in the room. "How many of you were there when he mind wiped me? How many of you let him do it?" Ginny was screaming by this point, her face an angry red mask. "Why didn't you fucking tell me!"

This was apparently the last straw for Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. "Ginevra Weasley! You will not use language like that, and certainly not in reference to us!" Mrs. Weasly roared at her daughter, the same fiery glint in her eyes.

"And why the hell not! You lied to me! You can't bloody well tell me what I can and can not do any more!"

"I do concur with Ms. Weasley in this particular case." Said the resident Potions Master in his cool voice, effectively cutting through the rising tension. Pinning the Weasley parents with one of his patented glares he continued, "While I do not appreciate the screaming match that has occurred, you honestly can't expect to mind wipe your child, and then expect her to listen to you again."

"And what say do you have in it!" Mr. Weasley shouted, rising from the couch and stalking towards Snape. "You have no children, so how could you know? Go and mind your own business Death Eater!"

There was a split second of silence before the ex - Death Eater drew himself up to his full height of 6 foot 3 inches and stalked towards Arthur Weasley who was looking as though he might regret his earlier words.

"Do you care to repeat that Weasley?" Snape said, drawing his wand in the process.

"You will both sit down this instant!" The headmaster roared, apparently tired of this game. "Harry, you will stop playing with us and explain what is going on."

Harry smiled again, the same smile that always put Ginny on edge. "Well Headmaster, you already know what I just did to Ginny seeing as I explained it in my letter." His eyes flashed slightly at these words, as though to emphasize just how deeply he resented Ginny's mind being wiped. "Though, I suppose that is not what you are enquiring to."

"No Harry, " Dumbledore said, his own electric blue eyes glittering dangerously. "I want to know why you wanted all of us in here, and why you are causing such havoc."

The green eyed boy looked Dumbledore straight in the eye and said, "Well, I have discovered something that I don't think was meant to be discovered." Harry paused slightly to let the dramatic effect sink in before continuing. "I have found out that I am not actually the son of James Potter."

"What do you mean Harry?" Remus said, speaking up for the first time. "You are James' very image."

Harry gave the werewolf a slightly indulgent smile before saying, "Yes Remus, I am. But, you know as well as I do that my mum was an ace at charms. She would be able to put a two part glamour on me as an infant to cover my real appearance and alter my magic. This way I would appear to be the son of James Potter." The boy's smile widened slightly as he continued. "You see, I discovered the blocks on my magic during the summer Holidays and decided to remove them. I was most surprised at what I found."

"What did you find Harry?" Dumbledore said, his electric blue eyes widening slightly with their intensity.

"I found out that James Potter is not my biological Father, but some one who was very close to him."

"Who Harry?" Remus said, looking and sounding more then slightly exasperated.

Harry was about to answer when Severus Snape cut in and said, "You, Lupin."


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