Silence Is Still Not Golden

Note: Okay if you guys haven't seen the episode of Full House called Silence is Not Golden, you might not understand this first part. But hopefully you will. This is my first Full House fan fiction. Hope you like it.

"Charles, could you come here for a second?" Charles Anderson's foster mom called up the stairs.

"Okay!" Charles called and jogged down the stairs.

He saw a familiar figure sitting on the couch with his parents.

"Dad, what are you doing here?" Charles asked. His usually cheerful voice trembled as he spoke.

"Charles, I'm sorry about what happened back when you were in the fifth grade," his dad said.

"And...? What's going on?"

"Charles, your dad wants you back home, he's gotten the help he needs he's been in anger management for the past 5 years," his foster mother said.

"No. No! I'm not going back to San Francisco with him, its not going to happen!" Charles yelled.

"Charles, he wants you back home, he is your father!" his foster dad said.

"You're more my dad then he is!"

"Charles, I'm sorry, he already got the judges permission," his mom said.

"What about my permission!?" Charles exclaimed.

"Charles, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," his dad said.

"Charles, could you please just pack up your things, your dad will be taking you home tomorrow morning," his mom said.

Charles groaned and ran back upstairs to his room.

Charles' foster mother walked over to Charles' dad, "If you so much as lay a hand on him, he will be out of your house and your life forever,"

"I'm home!" High school sophomore Stephanie Tanner said walking into her house, dropping her messenger bag on the floor.

"In here, Steph!" her Uncle Jesse called from the kitchen.

She walked into the kitchen.

Joey Gladstone was sitting on a chair at the kitchen table with his tattered, Mr. Woodchuck.

"Joey, it's a sponge with eyes, let it go," Jesse said.

"Do you guys need help with anything?" Stephanie asked.

"You're not usually one to help out around here, ever since high school started, at least," Uncle Jesse said.

Stephanie laughed and rolled her eyes, "Yeah, I know sorry, I've just been busy with homework and Andrew and Gia, you know,"

Jesse nodded, "You can set the table,"

"It's only 4 o' clock," Stephanie said, looking up at the clock hanging above the refrigerator.

"Yeah, but DJ's coming home today, remember?" Jesse asked, referring to Stephanie's older sister DJ, who was a junior at Yale University.

"Oh yeah, dad's picking her up at the airport right now isn't he?"

"Yeah, but DJ brought back 2 other creatures,"

"Lemme guess, Steve and Kimmy," Stephanie said referring to DJ's boyfriend Steve and best friend Kimmy Gibbler.

Joey sighed, "The Tanner house is never sane,"

Stephanie laughed, "Well, I'm going to go upstairs, see ya,"

"What about the table?" Jesse called after her, but Stephanie was already gone.

"Hey Steph," Stephanie's thirteen year old sister, Michelle said, she lying on her stomach on Stephanie's bed thumbing through the latest issue of Teen People.

"Hey, what are you doing in my room?" Stephanie asked.

"Good to see you too," Michelle replied.

After DJ moved out, Stephanie got her own bedroom and Michelle got DJ's old room. But sometimes Michelle would go to Stephanie's room to use her computer, since Michelle's had just been ordered and was going to be delivered sometime in the next two weeks.

"Isn't that mine?" Stephanie asked, staring at the magazine.

"Yeah, it came in the mail today, but I need it for something," Michelle said, never taking her eyes off the magazine.

"What would that be?"

"This," Michelle said ripping a page out of the magazine and walking over to her computer desk.

"Michelle! What did you just rip out?" Stephanie asked.

In the last five years Michelle had changed, she was still cute but she changed her style. Her ears were pierced twice, and she loved rock and roll, alternative, ska, and punk music. She wore concert tee-shirts of old eighties bands or newer bands.

Today she had on a white tank top that had the words Miss Understood on them in black lettering and a pair of black cargo pants, her strawberry blonde hair with the ends died red was pulled into a ponytail and she had black and red rubber bracelets up her arms.

Stephanie hated those bracelets but it just made Michelle wear them more.

Stephanie walked over to the computer. Michelle placed the picture on the scanner and scanned the picture into the computer. It was a picture of Blink 182.

"Okay, so you ruined a perfectly page in my magazine, for a picture of Blink 182? You can get them all over the internet!"

"This ones different, see?" Michelle showed her the picture.

It was of the band whenever they did a concert at the Staples Center in LA.

"Oh. Because it was in California?" Stephanie asked.

"No, they're from California." Michelle said.

"Then why?"

"Because I'm in the picture, see?"

Stephanie glanced at the picture, indeed Michelle was in the picture along with her best friends Denise, Lisa, Teddy, Derek, and Aaron.

"Michelle! You're in the eighth grade, how did you get in that concert?" Stephanie asked.

"Aaron's older brother's best friends dad is the manager of the Staples Center, he let us in, and we got back stage passes, see?" Michelle asked reaching in her drawer of her computer desk and pulling out a backstage pass that had autographs of Tom, Mark, and Travis on it.

"You better hope dad never finds out, Blink 182 is on Wake Up San Francisco tomorrow," Stephanie said.

"Hopefully dad won't tell them I'm a fan and then give them my name," Michelle said.

"Like they'll remember your name," Stephanie joked and walked over to her mirror to reapply her makeup and put in a new pair of earrings that her boyfriend, Andrew had given her.

Just then Stephanie's phone rang.

Stephanie leaped onto her bed and grabbed her phone.

"If it's for me, hand it over," Michelle said logging off her computer and climbing back on her bed and grabbing her red nail polish off of her nightstand.

"Why would it be, it's my phone line, you have your own," Stephanie said and then answered her phone.


"Hey Steph," Stephanie's best friend Gia said into the phone.

"Hey Gia, what's up?"

"Nothing much, I'm at the mall right now with this guy who I just met, he is such a babe, you're going to flip out as soon as you see him, I swear, he just moved here from Fresno,"

"Okay, I'll be there in about ten minutes, see ya," Stephanie said and clicked off her phone.

Michelle had her headphones out and was belting out the words to I Believe in a Thing Called Love by The Darkness.

"How do your friends deal with you?" Stephanie asked sarcastically.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Michelle asked.

"Well I mean, Lisa and Derek for example, I never took them as the punk rocker types," Stephanie said going to her closet to find an outfit to wear to the mall.

"Well, I didn't either, but Lisa loves alternative music and Derek loves rock and roll. Teddy and Denise usually don't mind rock, they like ska more and Aaron and me like all types," Michelle shrugged.

"You and Aaron are like soul mates, you guys have liked each other since like pre-school," Stephanie said grabbing an outfit to wear.

"Shut it," Michelle said throwing a pillow at her sister.

Stephanie changed out of her blue jeans into a light pink skirt from Aeropostale that rode just at her thighs and a white halter top that had a lowercase S written on the middle of it with light pink lettering.

She grabbed her white platform thong sandals from her shoe rack in her closet and then grabbed her purse and waved to Michelle and walked out the door and down the stairs.

"See you guys later, going to the mall with Gia, dad home yet?" Stephanie said coming into the kitchen.

"No he called a minute ago, he'll be home in twenty minutes, when are you coming home?" Joey asked.

"I dunno an hour or so, Gia has a new friend she wants me to meet, see ya," Stephanie said grabbing her car keys out of her purse and walking out the door.

She walked over to her red Volkswagen Beetle convertible and got inside.

Shifty's CD was playing as she drove to the mall.

"One love, one shot, its all we ever got, girl you got me started now I'm not gonna stop, Slide Along Side yeah baby that's right, I'm gonna show you the time of your life," Stephanie sang along.

"Hey, Steph!" Gia waved her over in the food court.

"Hey G," Stephanie greeted her with a smile.

"You made me sit here for an hour so I could meet Barbie?" a boy with tan skin, dark eyes, and dark brown hair said from where he was sitting next to Gia.

Stephanie glared at him, "Nice to meet you too,"

"Steph, this is Charles Anderson, he just moved here from Fresno," Gia said.

"Yeah, and aren't I psyched," Charles said sarcastically.

"San Francisco is awesome," Stephanie said.

"Not if you're in my shoes,"

"Okay then," Stephanie said taking a chair and sitting at the table.

"Well, I'm meeting going to check out the new CD's at FYE, see ya," Gia said getting up from her seat and walking towards the escalators.

Stephanie rolled her eyes just as two of the most popular girls in school walked into the mall, Jennifer and Jennifer.

"Hi Stephanie," the Jennifer with light brown hair said with a smile.

"Yeah, hey Stephanie," the other Jennifer said.

"Charles, meet Jennifer and Jennifer," Stephanie said.

"Or thing one and thing two?" he asked jokingly.

"Ugh, he's just like that one kid from fifth grade, The Accident," The brunette Jennifer said.

"Guys, we said we weren't going to talk about him anymore," Stephanie said shaking her head.

"Who?" Charles asked.

"This kid from our fifth grade class, he was like the class clown, or class ass," Blonde Jennifer said.

"Good one," the brunette Jennifer said giving the blonde a high five.

"Well we gotta go, I'm going to Sassy," Blonde Jennifer said.

"Me too," the brunette said.

"No way!" they both exclaimed.

As they were saying it, as they always did, Stephanie mouthed it out, batting her eye lashes jokingly.

"Bye Steph," the girls said and walked off.

"They remind me of girls from my fifth grade class. They had the same name too, Jennifer and Jennifer," Charles started, "Then they hung around with this other girl, I had the biggest crush on her, but I always covered it up with hatred and mean jokes, she helped me with my dad though, not that it helps anymore,"

"Reminds me of a kid from my fifth grade class too, I had a crush on him, and I thought he liked me too, so I called him and he said if I ever called him again he would call the cops for sexual harassment, but later on in the year, I found out his dad hit him, and my Uncle Jesse called Children's Aid and had him taken away from his dad and put into a foster home, I never saw him again, but I still really liked him, but I'd always just joke with him and tease him," Stephanie said.

"That's what happened with my crush too," Charles said.

"You don't think...nah, never mind, I gotta go, nice meeting you," Stephanie said getting up from her seat and slinging her purse on her shoulder.

"I'll be starting your school tomorrow," Charles said.

"You a sophomore?" Stephanie asked.

Charles nodded, "You?"

Stephanie nodded, "You got a ride home?" she asked.

Charles shook his head.

"Would you like one?"

Charles nodded and followed her out the main doors of the mall and into the parking lot.

"Nice ride, girly, but nice," he said getting in the passenger side.

"Yeah, I got it like a month ago. My friends and my boyfriend love it,"

"You're boyfriends lucky," Charles said and then realized what he said, "To you know, have a girlfriend with a cool ride, my girlfriends all dig my ride,"

"What type of ride is it?"


"Seriously?" Stephanie asked.

Charles laughed, "No, I drive a Jeep, it was a gift from my foster parents that I got for my birthday before I came back here to live with my dad,"

Stephanie pulled out of the malls parking lot and glanced at Charles, "You were in a foster home?"

Charles nodded, "Yeah, like your old friend, my dad hit me, the girl I liked helped me out with him and one of her family members got me into a foster home. I remember wanting to hate her so much for that, but I couldn't I liked her too much,"

"I'm sorry, about your dad, I mean, so now you live with him again, that's just stupid,"

"Yeah, it's been five years but I'll never forgive him for it, never,"

"So where do you live exactly?"

"Down this street, and then take a left, and then a right, and it's the third house on the left side," Charles said.

Seven minutes later, Stephanie pulled into his driveway.

It was a two story house and it looked newer but it was just redone, it was nice, and big.

"Did your dad start a family after you?"

"After he got out of some therapy, yeah, now he has two kids, a three year old girl and a newborn baby, and a wife. He loves them more than he ever loved me, or my mom," Charles said.

"Where is your mom?" Stephanie asked.

"My mom died when I was five,"

"My mom died when I was four," Stephanie replied.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"Its fine, I live with my younger sister, my dad, my step-mom Vicky, his best friend Joey, my uncle Jesse, his wife, and their nine year old twins, Nicky and Alex, then I have an older sister but she's in college," Stephanie said.

"Big family, big probably happy family, right?" Charles asked, taking off his seat belt.

Stephanie nodded.

"That's good, you're lucky, see you tomorrow, thanks for the ride, Steph," Charles said getting out of the car.

"Do you need a ride to school tomorrow?"

"Nah, I'll drive myself,"

"Well incase you change your mind, here's my home phone, cell phone number, and email address," she said grabbing pad of paper out of her purse and jotting down numbers and email addresses, she slid it into his palm.

"Thanks. See you," Charles said and jogged into his house.

Stephanie's heart fluttered for some reason, "Yeah, see you,"

She shook her head with a smile on her face and pulled out of the driveway.