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- - - - - -

Silence Is Still Not Golden-Chapter 7

- - - - -

She entered her house at 4:59.

"I'm home," Stephanie said walking into the house.

"Hey Steph," Vicky said.

Stephanie waved, "Hey, what are you doing home early?"

"It's 5 o'clock, what are you doing home early?" Vicky asked.

Stephanie blushed deep red.

"Okay, none of my business, but Andrew called about thirty minutes ago and wanted to see if you wanted to go out for pizza with him..."

Stephanie gulped, "I have a lot of homework so..." Stephanie lied.

Vicky nodded, "Have you seen your sister?"

"Oh, she's uh," Stephanie stammered, Oh God, what did she want me to say? Oh yeah, I remember. "She's staying for dinner with Lisa and then they are going to watch a movie and she'll be home around 9," Whew.

Vicky nodded.

Stephanie gave her a quick wave and ran upstairs.

- - - - -

At 9:15, Stephanie heard the front door opening and slamming and she heard Michelle's stomping upstairs.

Stephanie's door flew open and Michelle ran in, slamming it behind her.

"You okay?"

"I hate Aaron. All he wanted to do was have sex. I hate him."

"Oh, Michelle," Stephanie said pulling her sister into a hug as Michelle sobbed into her shoulder.

- - - - -

Stephanie woke up the next morning at 6 AM.

Michelle had left her room at 10:30 and went to her own room and then Stephanie couldn't get to sleep until 12:45.

"Thank God, I don't have a hangover," she said and stumbled into the shower, she needed a really long hot shower.

One hour later she got back into her room and picked out something to wear.

She chose a pink corduroy skirt that rode to her thighs with a white tank top and a matching pink corduroy jacket.

She put on a pair of white sneakers and did her hair and makeup.

Her hair was pulled into a half ponytail and then sprayed it with glitter hair spray.

She heard a knock on her door. She looked over and saw Michelle.

She had on a pair of plain flair blue jeans with holes in the knees. She was wearing a black tee shirt that said "Don't tick me off, I'm running out of hiding places for the bodies" in white lettering and a white jacket and a pair of white sneakers, her hair was pulled into a clip so that her red tips streamed across the top of her head and she had on her spiked necklace to cover up her two hickeys.

Her face looked pale and she had on black eyeliner and pink lip gloss.

"Hey," she said quietly.

"What happened to the fishnets and mini skirts?" Stephanie asked.

Michelle glared at her dumbly.

"Okay, stupid question," she said and grabbed her messenger bag and purse from where they were leaning against her closet door and followed Michelle downstairs.

They walked outside so Michelle could catch her bus, Stephanie grabbed her car keys, and she wanted to leave early so she could stop by Gia's apartment to talk to her. It was only 7:30 in the morning.

Michelle saw her bus pull up and she gulped, she saw Aaron sitting by the window.

"Just go," Stephanie urged.

Michelle gulped.

Michelle waved goodbye to her sister and then ran to the bus and up the steps, since it was early the bus still had a lot of stops to make throughout the school district.

Stephanie saw Michelle slide into the seat with Aaron, even though almost all the seats were empty.

They talked for a minute and then Michelle and Aaron's lips were locked together.

The bus door shut and it drove off.

Stephanie smiled and got into her car and drove towards Gia's.

- - - - -

"You guys kissed!?" Gia exclaimed.

Stephanie nodded.

"Oh my God," Gia said with a very small surprised smile on her face.

"I know...horrible right?" Stephanie asked.

The two were sitting on the couch in Gia's living room at her apartment.

Gia's mom got married to a professor at Stanford University shortly after Danny did and now they lived in a really nice penthouse apartment close to the beach.

"No..." Gia said.

"What? G, you do realize I cheated on Andrew last night don't you?"

"Yep, no big deal,"

"Easy for you to say, you've been cheating on your boyfriends since well...ever." Stephanie replied shortly.

Gia grinned, "I know."

Stephanie shook her head.

"Look, Steph. Don't feel bad okay, we've all cheated on boyfriends before, don't worry." Gia said.

"I cheated on Andrew!" Stephanie exclaimed.

"Okay, do you want the whole apartment complex to hear you?"

"Sorry. I just feel awful. Did I mention I was nearly drunk last night?"

"See so you have nothing to worry about...say you were drunk,"

"That's what I thought I would say too. But I can't. See, I wasn't very drunk, and I came onto Charles,"

"Did he let you?"

Stephanie nodded, "But it doesn't matter. I wanted it so bad and I got it. And I don't regret it,"

Gia smiled, "So nothing to worry about, right?"



"I made a promise to Andrew that I wouldn't lie to him about anything. And I can't actually say that I cheated on him... I'd have to lie to him, and I can't it would break our promise,"

"Steph, you already broke a promise to him."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I remember last year on your 1 year anniversary you two both promised each other that you would always be together, never cheat, etcetera, etcetera,"

"Oh. I shouldn't have promised that," Stephanie said.

"Don't blame yourself Steph, now look I gotta go change and then we have to get to school," Gia said and walked into her room.

She returned ten minutes later, she was wearing a white belly tee shirt with the Wonder Bread logo on it, since it was a belly shirt her belly button ring was visible. And then she was wearing a blue jean fringed mini skirt and a pair of K-Swiss sneakers with red stripes and red laces and her hair was pulled into a high ponytail.

She slung her red messenger bag over her shoulder along with her black shoulder bag purse and then grabbed her sunglasses.

She picked up a cigarette from her kitchen table and lit it up with a lighter and then walked out of the house, Stephanie following.

"We're taking my car today, after school, I'll give you a ride back here and you can get your car," Gia said walking to her blue Miata convertible.

Stephanie opened up the passenger side as Gia turned her key in the ignition.

She put the top down and turned on the stereo as they pulled out of the parking lot.

Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm was playing.

Next to Michelle and her friends, Gia was the next person she knew who loved alternative music.

Gia took a puff out of her cigarette.

Even though Stephanie didn't smoke, she didn't have as big of a problem about Gia smoking as she used to since she sometimes thought Michelle did, but she was pretty sure she didn't.

Gia pulled into the school's parking lot and got out. Stephanie followed her.

Gia dropped her cigarette on the ground and stomped it out and then kicked it under Harry Hung's Hummer which was parked right next to Gia's car.

The two walked into the school, Gia grabbed her white I Pod out of her purse and placed the ear buds in her ear's and pressed the play button and then put the player back in her purse so she could still listen to her headphones.

Stephanie heard Gia humming along to Still Waiting by Sum 41.

The two continued to walk down the hallway.

Stephanie saw Andrew talking to Charles.

She gulped and then turned around and ran out of the school.

"Steph!" Gia called after her.

Mickey saw her too and ran.

The two chased her all the way into the parking lot.

Stephanie leaned against Gia's car.

"What the hell was that?!" Gia asked.

"I just can't face them today."

"And...?" Mickey asked.

"Let's ditch," Stephanie said.

"She broke out of the good girl shell!" Gia exclaimed and she and Mickey did high fives.

Stephanie rolled her eyes as the three got into Gia's car and drove off.

- - - - -

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