Returning to the pilot's chair a day after the escape, for once Riddick wasn't around the controls. In fact he wasn't even around, he had finally fallen asleep for the first time, so I decided to check out some things. The credits weren't in the old account anymore but I could easily find them. The courses had been changed since I had first checked them. We were heading to some planet called Lupis 5but now we're heading some dark, rainy planet with a thick atmosphere near M57.

'But he has it as a fuel and run stop.'

From there, the course heads back to Lupis. I check the sensor making sure Riddick is still in his room. I work faster then I ever have before. I create a new account under a name and move every last credit Riddick tried to hide from me into the account. I take the chain with the gold tag out of my pocket and look at it thoughtfully.

'M57. He was going to dump me off somewhere to fend for myself and he was going to keep all the money for himself. Selfish.'

I stand up and head for my room, grabbing a duffle bag out of the storage compartment on the way. The med-lock sign grabs my attention and I search around, reading every container until I find some fast acting sleeping pills.

'One for children, two for adults. Do not operate machinery or drink alcoholic beverages.' I dump four into my hand. 'If I could just slip him a few of these…'

I open the door to my destroyed room and unzip the duffle. I toss in merc clothing, a badge, and a few black shirts and jeans. Digging in the pile of clothes, I find a gun, loaded with the safety on. I tuck it into my pants and cover it with my shirt. I open the door leaving the bag in the room and putting the pills into my pocket. I back out of the room, closing the door as I go, but my back hits something hard… someone warm. I hold my breath as his arms wrap around my waist.

'He missed the gun. Its ok, he missed the gun. Breath, breath.'

His warm chest presses against my back as I feel the heat of his breath on the scars around my neck. Suddenly, is mouth closes over the soft spot under my right ear and I gasp, and pull away. He pins me to the wall facing him and goes back to suckleing my neck.

'Don't let him do this! He is just going to dump you off.'

I wrap my arms around his neck and he takes the chance to make sure I wont run off and picks me up, carrying me to his room. His room is the same as mine except dimmer and not torn apart. He lays me down on the bed and removes his goggles, staring down at me with those silver eyes. His hands travel under my shirt and up to my ribs.

'He's seen the gun. He knows its there.'

"Get off me Riddick."

His hands grip me painfully below my breast. "Relax." He whispers into my ear.

'What the hell makes him think I can trust him enough to relax in this position?'

His lips catch mine and his tongue explores my mouth. My senses dim as I meet his tongue with mine.

'Arc! Stop! Remember, he is going to leave you alone on a planet with no food or money.'

Something heavy and metal drops to the ground and makes me wonder if it was my gun or his shiv.

'Remember last time he kissed you like this? You almost died.' That gets my brain working, "Riddick." He keeps kissing but I pull away. "Stop it." He growls and pushes me back down as if he didn't even hear me. "I said stop!" I kick him hard in the gut with both feet causing him to let up just enough to let me roll off the bed and grab the gun. I turn around and point it straight ahead as every light in the ship goes out.

I sit in the dark, paralyzed with fear and clutching the gun tightly. 'Get to your room. Get to your room where it's safe. Leave Riddick's room and turn right. First door on your right.' I hear footsteps come at me and I stand up. I back away from the sound until I reach a corner of the room. 'Corner! The door was in the corner.'

I fumble with the doorknob and feel something slam into the door where my head was a second ago. I hear scrapping as it rips itself free from the door and I yank the doorknob, opening the door. I almost hit the wall but stop myself with an outstretched hand. I grab the doorknob to my room but I'm picked up and thrown, my back hitting the wall before I crumple to the ground. I feel the gun beside me and reach for it only to hear it kicked away. The same boot that moved the gun connects with my side and I scream. I use every bit of energy to lash out at him and my fist makes hard contact with what feels like his gut. I smile triumphantly but it is cut short as he shoves me backwards and I trip over something 'The gun.' I reach for it and hear his footsteps coming at me. I grip the handle, turn, and fire three shots.

Pulling the darts out of his chest and legs was tough on my nerves but there were enough tranques in those three little darts to knock out a full-grown elephant for a few hours, so he would be gone for a couple days. Plenty of time for me to finish up my work.

I triple check everything before making contact with the docking station. If any part of this plan backfired, then I would be royally screwed.

A voice comes over the speaker, "Unknown vessel, you are approaching Pluere Planeta. Identify yourself."

"This is Calic Mornfeild of the Hera Nessanta requesting permission to dock. I'm on route to the Cat's Eye nebula and need to refuel." I cross my fingers. 'They better have bought that.'

"Captain Mornfeild, permission granted and we are pulling you in. Welcome to Sector 12."

I press the little button on the speaker and stand up, leaving the ship on auto-pilot. I grab my bag out of my room and head to the holding cell. I open the door to the dark room and instantly know he's awake. "Lights low dim." Riddick sits in his cell, watching me through black goggles. "Sorry."

"What the fuck are you doing Arc?" He growls.

"Its you or me Riddick, you should know that. I mean, it was your plan. The changed and plotted course, the hidden credits. You were going to leave me on some planet with no food or money. Of course, it would have been after you fucked me."

"Survival of the fittest kid."

"Don't give me that bullshit! The only reason we got out of there was because of me and my connections. If I didn't know Josh and you tried that on him, he would have ratted your ass out to the big guy." I calm myself down as best as I can. 'Deep breaths Arc.' "I decided to make it easier on you."

The ship gives a little jolt as it touches down but it barely fazes us. 'Thank god for these expensive piles of metal.' I reach into my pocket and pull out a key. I hold it up inspecting it and glancing at a calm looking Riddick. "You have three minuets. Just enough time to get out of there and leave this system before the dumb asses here figured out my little white lie. You've got enough power to take you far away from me. If you come back, you'll lose your ship and your safety when someone spots you."

His scowl becomes terrifying and I resist the urge to step back, "I'll come back for you."

'I'm about to win, don't fuck this up.' "You wont find me." 'Finally listening to your senses.' I shift the bag to my other shoulder. "Three minuets Riddick." I repeat, tossing the key into the cell landing right in front of him.

He looks at the key but doesn't move. His had moves up and I don't need to see his eyes to know that he is staring at me. "Next time I see you, I'm going to hang you with your chain." He moves fast and grabs the key off the floor as I make a dash out of the ship.

An hour later, I'm safely inside a hotel room, going through the contents of my bag. Some food, water, change of clothes, and my two favorites, Riddick's stored credits and he shiv. As I polish the large blade with a spare black wife beater (that smells faintly of Riddick) I let my mind wander. 'Bastard got what he deserves. Wanting to X me out was a big mistake, but he did say that he would come back. He's not that stupid, he knows people are looking for him.' I stare at the gleaming metal in my hand, a reminder of Riddick's power. I pack up my stuff quickly, locking the door, and laying down on the bed messing idly with my chain and tag.

'I'll leave tomorrow.'