Save Me

Rating: PG-13

Paring: JoA/CBG (kind of)
Disclaimer: I do not own Joan of Arcadia or Kris Lemche (aka CBG)! As much as I would like to I don't, so please don't sue.

Warnings: Some mention of child abuse, and minor swearing.

Authors Notes: This is my first attempt at fan fiction so if I suck I apologize. And if there is anyone that likes this story and is interested in bettaing or contributing in any way I would really love the input. On with the fic!

Chapter 1 (The Assignment)

"Adam! The least you can do is let me explain!"

Joan knew that the middle of a crowded hall was probably not the best place to have this conversation, but it she had any hope of salvaging their already strained friendship it was now or never.

Though, judging by the look on Adam's face as he turned to her anger flashing in his eyes; never might not have been such a bad idea.

"Explain what exactly JOAN! How you've been acting like a jealous ex every time you see Iris and me together? Or why you felt the need to smash my sculpture? Or better yet why you lead me on all that time only to run away when I tell you I have feelings for you? So please explain it to me, because I really want to know."

Joan couldn't help feeling ill that Adam actually believed she would intentionally hurt him like that. 'Well its not like you haven't given him plenty of reason to doubt you,' a little voice inside her head reminded her irritably.

"Adam I…I never meant to lead you on, and I already explained about the sculpture. I was trying to stop you from throwing your life away and I know I could have found a better way to do that but...Alright now I'm rambling, but no matter what it may seem like I do care about you, more than you'll ever know," Joan raised her hand to forestall any comments from Adam before continuing. "And I know it's too late, but I guess what I'm trying to say is that…I'm happy for you Adam."

"Happy for me?" Adam just gaped at her like a fish out of water, obviously stunned by her confession.

"After everything you've been through you deserve to be happy, and if Iris makes you happy then that's all that matters."

"What are you getting at Joan?"

"I want us to be friends again, like we used to be."

Tears were clouding her vision by now, making it hared to see through the haze. "I'm sorry Adam, I'm so sorry for everything I've done to make you lose your trust in me. Can't we just start over?"

Softening at her tears, Adam allowed his anger to dissipate somewhat.

"I don't know Joan, I don't know if I can go back. Just give me some time, yo. Maybe then we can talk."

Without a backward glance he turned and walked away.

Drying her eyes Joan watched Adam disappear into the crowded hallway. "At least this day can't get any worse." She whispered quietly to no one in particular.

"Hello, Joan."

'I spoke to soon,' she thought bitterly. She turned to face the familiar figure of God in his CuteBoy form leaning against a nearby set of lockers.

An all too familiar shiver of attraction raced down her spine at the site of him, but was quickly stomped on by her rising temper.

"You! This is all your fault!" Joan accused, jabbing a finger into his surprisingly solid chest for emphasis.

"If you hadn't told me to stop Adam from entering the art show none of this would have happened. Adam and I would still be friends and I wouldn't be standing in the middle of the hallway yelling at the top of my lungs, embarrassing my self in front of the whole school…" Joan finished lamely, blushing scarlet at the looks her little out burst had earned her from passing students.

"Are you done yet?" He ventured quietly, amusement dancing in his honey colored eyes.


"Good, than I have an assignment for you."

"Oh Joy." She cheered sarcastically.

Ignoring her comment, CutBoy God continued, "There's going to be a new student joining your AP Chemistry class today, I want you to befriend him."

"Didn't we do this already, and if memory serves that didn't turn out too well considering I was held at gun point!" Although Joan knew her date with Steve was hardly the same thing, she was in no mood to cut 'him' any slack.

Smiling patently, he leaned back against the lockers casually crossing his corduroy covered arms over his chest.

"You can always say no, Joan."

Sighing pitifully, Joan relented. "No I can't, because if I say no than some poor kid's life's going to be ruined or worse yet the school will get shot up and it will be all my fault."

"All actions have consequences."

Joan threw her hands up in defeat, barking a "Fine, I'll do it!" over her shoulder before flouncing down the hall muttering under her breath about 'snippy deities and their stupid assignments.'

"Oh and one more thing Joan!" He called out after her retreating form. He waited until she turned before allowing a knowing smirk to settle across his handsome face.

"Whatever you do, don't faint."

Joan just stared after him in confusion.