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Assuming It Was You

Walk the gauntlet of lies.

Who will it be today?

Robin stared blankly at the computer screen. Crime. It would happen every day, at least once, to nearly every person in Jump City. For a moment, Robin wondered.

Would he mind a life without crime?

He was ashamed of himself. As a super-hero, he should hope for, one day, a world of peace. But then, why did he depend on the sins of everyone so much? Being a super-hero was his life. If there were no crime, where would he be?

He would be nowhere. Altogether, he was not that impressive of a person. What could he grow up to be without crime? A chef?

That just didn't seem right to him. Not really. He was glad for crime.

And that made him feel guilty. A beeping on the computer brought his mind to attention. Somewhere, somehow, in Jump City, a crime was taking place.

"Who is it today?" Robin asked.

Secrets of this place,

Ever knowing.

Raven and Starfire sat on the roof, side by side, alone in their own thoughts. They didn't know the time, they didn't seem to care. Each was occupied by their own thoughts, and they didn't ask what the other was thinking about.

By now Starfire's mind had drifted over to her thoughts on Earth. As an outsider, everything was always confusing to her. But there was always someone there to explain it to her. What if she was alone?

Where would she be without people to explain it to her?

She tried to shrug the thought off. It shouldn't matter. She did have people there to explain it to her; why worry about what wasn't there to worry about?

'It's not really worrying,' she told herself. 'More like…a bland curiosity.' She cocked her head to the side. Was it really a curiosity? She didn't want to think about it. But then again, she did.

"Titans," came a voice over their intercoms. Raven was the first to react.

"Raven and Starfire here," she said. "What is it?"

"We have a bank robbery. I'll overlay the address into your comms. Meet me there!" There was a click, and the comm. turned off. Raven stood, and nodded to Starfire.

Follow the ones that come to.

Becoming just like them;

Beast Boy lavished attention. Or at least, that's what everyone thought.

Truth be told, he hated it. He hated people looking at him, pointing at him, talking about him. This whole "party animal" thing…it was just a ruse. An act that he would put on. Because even though he hated the attention, he hated the thought of people hating him even more.

He watched the new episode of the OC without much interest, not even paying attention enough to what show was on. Cyborg came thundering in, glancing for a moment at Beast Boy, headed to the door, then stopped.

"Did you not get the message?" Cyborg asked the green boy sitting on the couch.

"Huh?" Beast Boy asked, turning around to face the half man.

"Bank robbery," Cyborg said, shaking his head. "Duh."

"Oh," Beast Boy said. He didn't even notice his comm. sounding off, talking about the bank robbery. He leapt off of the couch and started walking towards the older Titan.

"Are you watching the OC???" Cyborg asked. "Man, and I thought you had more to you then the average teen age girl…" He shook his head.

"Turns out you're just like all of them, huh?" Cyborg grinned, chuckling.

"Hey!" Beast Boy said, "It's a good show, okay?" Cyborg waved it off, and left, Beast Boy following, silent.

'What the heck is the OC…?' He wondered. He had never even heard of it.

Fade away among the crowds,


Raven walked briskly among the others who walked and talked as they made their way down the streets and sidewalks. She told Starfire to fly ahead; she would walk this time.

In a way, it was probably not a very wise decision. If she got there late, to late when her teammates might of needed her; the consequences would be…dire, at least. But then again, arriving at a different time compared to the others might be a good thing. She might give them the upper hand with the element of surprise.

At the moment, though, neither thing was on her mind. Looking at all the other people, all the faces, she wondered why none of them saw her as out of place, with her large purple cape.

But then she remembered, this was Jump City. There were plenty of strangely dressed people who walked these streets.

Raven struggled with the feeling of being apart of everyone else. She had always been the one who stood out, with her gray skin and strangely colored hair. She wondered…was the feeling of fading into the crowd a good one or a bad one?

She couldn't figure it out to save her life.

And I can read the stains inside your mind;

Pains of the beauty.

Starfire flew above the masses, enjoying the feeling of the wind in her hair. Flying was always exhilarating, every time she did it. Most likely because she could feel the flying. It was a sensation that no other human could understand.

She looked down to the crowds, watching her friend walk briskly past all the other people. Starfire had purposely been flying a little slower then she could of; she wanted to make sure that her teammate got to the location all right. Raven would, of course, disapprove, but Starfire didn't care.

It was odd, but for some reason, Raven seemed to blend in perfectly with the others. Starfire sighed deeply. She had a feeling that if she were down there, not Raven, she would stand out.

She always stood out.

And I can hope for the silence of your words,

Because I know I'll be caught.

"You wanna bullet? You wanna bullet in your head?"

Fred tried to keep himself steady behind the desk, tried to speak words of comfort to his co-worker, Betsy, who was sobbing as the robber aimed the gun at her head and ordered her to hand over the money.

Instead, he shook as he hit the red button under the desk over and over again, praying for someone, anyone, to come.

He new Betsy needed something as words of comfort.

He could offer none. He would only be caught.

And then, most likely, killed.

I could never really find the answers,

Always locked inside something so close.

Betsy tossed a glance at her co-worker Fred that resembled one that a deer in caught in headlights would give another deer that was somewhat safely on the side of the road, assuming, of course, that deer could cry, and that it would look away from the headlights long enough to give another deer such a look.

She knew that he could not help her. She knew that all he could do was press the silent alarm that would alert the police. She knew that the police were her only hope. She knew the moment they stormed in, she would be shot in the head.

She knew today would be the day that she died.

These were her only answers.

They had been the only ones that she could find.

I could never really find the reason,

I just assumed it was you.

Fred watched Betsy slowly hand over the bags of money, her hands shaking. Every now and then, she would shake her head, as if trying to tell herself that it was not real, or shake her tears off her face, as a wet dog would do to dry himself.

For a brief moment, while he was pressing the button over and over and over again, Fred let himself wonder about the robbers. He asked the same question that many of the hostages were asking.


He didn't know the reason.

There wasn't even anything that he could assume.

Wishing the corners and screams

Would die.

Robin burst in just as one of the tellers was making a hand off to one of the robbers. The robber spun, eyes locking with Robin's for a brief moment. The robber spun around to face the teller once again. The teller raised her hands, a single to stop, but it was too late.

The robber shot the teller.

Several sounds came at once.

The screams of the hostages, who ducked their heads, sobs racking their bodies.

The noise Starfire made that seemed to be crossed between a gasp and a scream.

The roar Beast Boy let out, who had changed into a lion to better fight the robbers.

"Betsy!" from another bank teller, who had been hiding under the desk.

"No!" from Robin's own throat.

Starfire quickly sent bolts out, knocking the gun from the robber's hands, just as he managed to shoot the teller who had shot up to help his wounded companion. Robin came quickly, a fight engaging, Robin, of course, winning, having more fighting skills then the would-be robber.

He only hoped that they could help the tellers before it was to late as he attacked another of the five comrades who had schemed to deprive the building of it's money.

Fighting to stay alive.

"Betsy? Betsy?" Fred asked, holding his stomach. He was lucky; all he had gotten was a shot to the gut. His female companion was not.

"Near…heart…" Betsy said, heaving. "To…close…" She coughed, blood trickling down her mouth.

"Oh, god," Fred muttered. "Oh god. Hang on. Please hang on, Betsy. The - - the Teen Titans are here. They'll - - they'll get you fixed up! Just hang on, please hang on…"

"Can't…fight…it…" Betsy breathed, closing her eyes.

"No!" Fred said, grasping his friend's hand with his now bloody one. "Just - - please! A little longer! You…you have to, just a little longer…"

Betsy did not answer.

Her hand went limp and her breathing stopped.

Power down to be alone.

Nothing is worth this.

Fred's eyes widened, and he released his friend's cold hand. It fell to the white stone floor, splashing in her blood. Fred winced, and struggled to get up, then decided it would not be a good idea, seeing that he still had a bullet in his gut. Soon the sounds of the fight taking place about his eye level faded from his ears; not because it was over, but because he was no longer listening.

Betsy…his one friend in this place…she was gone.

Just like that.

He closed his eyes.

He was alone.

He would give anything to bring her back.

When is the right time

To let it all go?

Not that it matters.

Raven teleported in silently, taking size of all the chaos that was happening. Starfire and Beast Boy took care of the hostages by rounding them up and escorting them outside, while Robin and Cyborg took care of the two out of the remaining six would-be robbers. She rose in the air, about to help, when she noticed blood on the wall about the teller's desk.

On the battlefield was apparently not where she was needed.

She silently floated over, and with a flip over her cape; she was there in seconds.

She grimaced when she saw the scene behind the desk. Casualties; one dead woman, another man fading fast. The wound didn't seem to be that bad, but he was losing blood fast. It didn't help that he appeared to be unconscious. She looked behind her. Robin and Cyborg had finished with the criminals, and were tying them up for when the police arrived. Starfire flew over.

"Take him to the hospital," Raven said. Starfire nodded, and took the teller up in her arms, lifting herself high above the ground. Robin watched Starfire leave, and then looked at Raven hesitantly. Cyborg caught the looked, and waved at him, saying that he had it under control. Robin nodded, and walked over to Raven.

"The teller," Robin said, "is she…?"

"Yes," Raven said. She frowned, and shook her head.

"There was nothing we could do."

"There was!" Robin said. "I should have been faster, I should of…"

"Should of and did do not matter," Raven said. "This is what has happened. This was all we could of done. If not, then it wouldn't of happened." Robin nodded, but he didn't seem to be believing it. Siren's blared.

"Cops are here," Cyborg said.

"We split?" Beast Boy asked.

"Yeah," Robin said. He turned on his comm..

"Meet us back at the Tower, Starfire," he said. With that, they left.

But I feel

I feel like someday

It might find its way

To you.

Fred knew he was dreaming. He had do be. If he wasn't, then why could he clearly see Betsy's face?

Betsy was dead.

But there she was, smiling at him. Fred wanted to tell her something; maybe something that he had been keeping from her. But she was his best friend. He told her everything. So now, there was nothing to tell.

She didn't seem to mind this. She just reached out her hand, white dress flowing everywhere, sending speck of her blood into space.

He took it.

I could never really find the answers,

Always locked inside something so close.

I could never really find the reason,

I just assumed it was you.

Raven met the others back at the tower, a tired and sad look on her face, even though she had not been fighting. Starfire could not say that she knew Raven well; no one really did, but she could tell that the bank teller had not made it.

"What happened with the other victim?" Robin asked, seemingly not noticing Raven's somewhat distressed look.

"He…was gone before I had reached the hospital," Raven said, shaking her head. She knew how Robin felt now, when he was upset about the female. There had been nothing she could do in her power to save the man. His life had literally been in his hands, and there had been nothing she could do.

She cursed the words she had said to Robin. They were not worth it.

I could never really find the answers,

Always locked inside something so close.

I could never really find the reason,

I just assumed it was you.

Starfire saw the distance in Raven's eyes, and Robin's as well. It surprised her to see such things; Raven hid her emotions with a mask, as did Robin, whose was literal.

"What is, is," Starfire said. "We did what we could. There were too many casualties, true; but er did everything in our power. Think of all the people we did save. We should not dwell on things that we cannot change."

Silence passed about the room. They weren't sure if Starfire was right or not.

But they would just assume that it was true.

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