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For Every Wish

Watching from the shadows,

Stealing all that's left.

Raven stood in the ally, concealed by the night shadows that danced across the dirty brick structures. The woman had her back up against the grimy, graffiti covered wall, tears streaming down her face, smearing her eye makeup down her cheeks, mixing it with the blush she wore. She was clutching her purse to her chest, her knuckles white, and one of her shoe straps was broken, putting her in an uncomfortable position.

"Come on lady," the man said, standing in front of her, holding a switchblade in his hand. "Give me the money so we can get to the fun part." Raven scowled, disgusted, and stepped forward, like a shadow coming out of a shadow.

"Leave the civilian alone," she said dryly. The man quickly snatched the purse out of the sobbing woman's arms and took off.

Great deceiver,

So beautiful.

"Stay here," Raven told the woman. The woman nodded and sat down, putting her head in her hands, making the smeared makeup smudge even more and decorate her fingertips.

With a flip of her cape, Raven was after the thief, moving swiftly like the bird of her namesake. He wasn't that hard to catch up to; apparently the woman had kicked him in the shin, producing a limp from him, making his pace slower then it would of been.

Soon, Raven had him cornered in another ally. It was now in the reverse for the man. He was the one backed up against the slimy wall, tattered music posters plastered here and there.

"L - - look," he said. "I can - - I can make you a, a deal!" He said, sweating. Raven shook her head.

Fading moments,

Passing like you.

Soon the man was on the floor, unconscious, his knife skittered away into the dark recesses of the ally. Raven took the purse from him and searched through it, looking for a cell phone. As soon as she found it, she called 911 and told them her location; or rather, the location of the criminal.

Placing the cell phone back into the purse, she made sure that the criminal would stay out until the police came, the faded back into the shadows.

Wish everything

Was perfect.

Raven found the woman right where she left her, exactly like she left her; her head was still in her hands and she was still sitting on the filthy ground of the ally. She looked up when Raven entered, her eyes puffy and her lip bleeding, something she hadn't noticed before.

"Here's your purse," Raven said, handing it to her. She nodded, and took it, standing up and brushing whatever dirt her clothing had collected from sitting on the floor of an ally.

"I had to use your cell phone though, to call the police," Raven said. The woman was much taller then her; no surprise, she was older then her.

"That's...that's okay," the woman said. She sighed.

"Do you want me to walk you home?" Raven asked. "It's dark, and I don't want another guy to come after you."

"No, no," the woman said. "I can...I can get there my self...it..."

"It what?" Raven asked.

"It's just one of those days," the woman said. "More like week for me." Raven lifted and eyebrow.

"Lost my husband, lost my baby, lost my job, lost my dog, have a cat, but don't want it," the woman explained. "I was going to go to a bar and drink my sorrows away, but apparently last call was hours ago."

Raven nodded, as if she understood; but she realized that she probably didn't. She didn't have a husband, a baby, a job, a dog, or a cat. How could she understand what a complete stranger was going through? All she could do was protect her; that was all that she could ever do.

"Don't you wish," the woman said, "that everything was perfect?"

I'll never need to come again,

Keep your lies.

Raven blinked. Perfect?

"I don't know," Raven said. "It depends what perfect would be like. Maybe mistakes every know in then are better then the best."

The woman rubbed her eyes, obviously tired. She looked Raven over.

"Shouldn't you be in bed?" the woman asked. "Tonight is a school night, right?" Raven shrugged.

"Well," the woman said, "I'm off. You take care of yourself, okay?"

"Um," Raven said, "okay." She watched the woman fade into the night, walking the long walk home, alone.

Raven turned. She wasn't tired. But she should get some sleep. She leapt into the air and headed to the Titan's Tower.

For every wish

There's hope and doubt.

"Don't you wish everything was perfect?"

Raven turned in her sleep. Perfect. What was perfect?

What was a wish? She didn't seem to really know herself. Perfect to her was something out of reach, something her mind couldn't touch.

For every wish there was; she had once been told; there was a star. Did she have a star? She didn't know.

"If I could wish for one thing..." she said out loud. What would it be? Wishing didn't change anything. What was, was. What is, is. It seemed that simple.

But still...there was something about wishing that Raven wanted to grasp. Something that was too far out of reach; maybe, but she could still touch the surface. She could feel her fingers brushing on that star.

She fell into a deeper, dreamless sleep.

Now it's complicated,

I wish I was medicated.

There's gotta be someway out of here.

Starfire flew slowly, feeling the wind brush through her hairs, tickling her scalp like tiny fingers. She stifled a yawn, and rubbed her eyes, descending a little as she did.

She thought about going back to the Titan's Tower, to get a little sleep, but her mind kept telling her, just a little longer. Just fly for one more hour.

So she did.

Looking down at the few people walking the streets, she caught a woman walking awkwardly. Flying a little closer to the ground she saw that one of the woman's shoe straps were broken. Finally, the woman just took off her shoes and begun to walk barefoot.

Starfire felt a smile creep up on her face. She used to walk barefoot on her home planet. Earth, however, seemed a little too dirty to be walking with out any protective shoes.

She was about to fly back up into the air when she noticed a car speeding uncontrollably fast towards the woman. A man leaned out of the window, holding a gun. Starfire's eyes widened.

"Watch out!" she yelled.

Looking for a lease

To win this greatest tease.

The woman spun to look at the car.

'She's not going to duck in time,' thought Starfire. She lunged forward, knocking the woman to the ground, out of the path of any bullets. She spiraled towards the car, the metal bullets whizzing past her, making her ears ring. She sent a bolt at the gun, melting it.

"Call the police," Starfire instructed the woman lying on the ground. She nodded, and pulled a cell phone out of her purse.

Starfire stopped the car and pulled two men out, and glared at them. It was enough to keep them in place until the police came.

I'll never need to come again,

Keep your lies.

After giving the police a report of what happened, she offered to walk the woman home.

"When do you go to sleep?" the woman asked.

"I do not understand," said Starfire, wrinkling her brow.

"One of those other superheroes, with a cape or something, she offered to take me home too. I guess I should of taken the offer, but no, I though, 'Hey, I can take care of my self. Nothing worse could possibly happen!'" She sighed. "Anyway, yah, you can walk me home."

On the way to the stranger's house, the woman told Starfire how everything was going wrong for her that week.

"It's just," she said, "that nothing's been good. I've been wanting everything to be perfect, you know? Lot less to worry about."

"You wish everything was perfect?" Starfire asked. The woman nodded. Starfire looked to the sky.

'Perfect,' she thought 'doesn't sound very exciting.'

"This is it," the woman said. "Thanks for protecting me from any rabid hobos that would be sure to come across my path." Starfire nodded, then floated into the night.

Through every wish

There's hope and doubt.

Perfect. Perfect seemed impossible. Nobody was ever happy with what they had. Perfect to one person would seem all wrong to another. So why was she spending so much time thinking about what perfect would be like to her?

Starfire did a dangerous dive in the sky, enjoying the fear and the anticipation of everything. To her, the sky was perfect. How could everything be the sky? It wasn't making sense. Nothing did.

There seemed to be two sides to the wish. The knowing and the not. So which one was the one that the stranger was talking about?

Starfire stifled a yawn. She hadn't realized how tired she was. She made her way back to the tower.

Gotta peal away the skin,

Just to find the truth in him.

Gotta peal away the skin,

Just to find the truth in him.

Robin stood at the desk, things on Slade scattered around carelessly. He did this every night, and he always got farther and farther away from what he was looking for.

In fact, Robin wasn't even sure what he was looking for anymore. He rubbed his eyes and sighed. He needed to sleep; a fresh mind brought in fresh perspectives.

He was walking to his room when he ran into Raven.

"Hey Rae..." he began.

"Can't sleep," Raven said, walking away from him. He rubbed his head and shrugged.

He wished he could find what he was looking for in everything.

He wished he knew what he was looking for.

He wished that the mask was torn away. There was no truth in everything anymore.

God help me!

God save me!

Raven made her way up to the roof of the Titan's Tower. She was lagging from loss of sleep, but if she went to bed she would never find peace. She had woken up multiple times in five minuets, so she gave up.

Up on the top of the tower, she could see light glimmering in the horizon. The sun was about to rise. She sat down and crossed her legs, looking as the stars slowly began the fade.

She felt like screaming at the top of her lungs, but she remained silent.

I'll never need to come again,

Keep your lies.

Through every wish there's hope and doubt.

I'll never need to come again,

Keep your lies.

Through every wish there's hope and doubt.

Through every wish...

As Starfire arrived at the tower, she caught sight of Raven on the roof. She landed next to her.

"Friend Raven," she said. Raven nodded, not looking at her. Starfire looked as the sun began to rise slowly in the distance.

"If you could have one wish," Raven said suddenly, "what would it be for?"

Starfire watch the sun's fire dance across the sky and thought.

"I suppose," she said, "I would want everyone to be happy."

"That might be hard," Raven said. "Some things that make people happy make other people sad."

"I know," said Starfire. "But with every wish there is hope and there is doubt."

They sat together as the sun slide into the blue sky.

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