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Bender flopped unceremoniously onto his worn out mattress that he had stolen from a richie's Salvation Army pile. Sighing in frustration at the days events he ran a hand through his soft brown hair. He didn't know what was going to happen on Monday but whatever happened he knew he wouldn't talk about them behind their back.

Bender put his hands behind his head and began to think about the individual members of TBC. Andy had turned out to be a pretty cool guy once you got past the fact that he couldn't think for himself and he was a wrestler. Bender and he had more in common than previously thought. Both of their parents had it in for them, just in different ways.

Then there was Allison, he wouldn't tell her this for the fear of Andy beating the absolute shit out of him, but the girl was a looker. It just took more than one glance to figure it out. True she was weird but everybody was weird just some more than others.

Brian on the other hand was a kid that parents would dream for. But all wasn't well with Brian underneath the dweeby exterior. For the love of God he had almost committed suicide with a flare gun because he got an 'F' in shop, all because he didn't want to disappoint his parents. But he was a pretty cool guy once you got to know him.

Claire. Bender smiled as he remembered their kiss before Claire left. He could still feel the small tingle of her lips on his. Bender had never felt anything out of a kiss, but this was different. It felt as if he had kissed her a thousand times over and knew every curve and corner of her mouth. She had taught him a valuable lesson during detention. 'There's more than a person than there is to be seen'. He believed her too, if there was only one thing in his life that he believed what she had told him in that storage closet would stay with him forever.

Bender put his hands over his ears as he heard his father's slurred curse words from downstairs. "Shit" Bender said as he saw the door handle to his room slowly turn.