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And all that he was is just a tragedy

Claire watched as John Bender Senior unsteadily walked into his son's hospital room.

"Thanks Doc" the older Bender slurred.

The doctor looked at John and then back at his father before nodding his head and leaving the room.

"Alright kiddies it's time to go John'll be just fine won't ya boy" Senior said.

"If it's ok we'd like to stay with John for a little while longer" Claire said hurriedly as she saw the look of panic flash across her boyfriend's face.

"Listen little lady me and the boy gotta have a talk which don't include any of you specially your fine ass" Senior said as he moved closer to Claire.

"Don't even think about it" John said as he got out of the hospital bed.

"You telling me what ta do you little shit" Senior said angrily.

"You touch her I'll kill you" John said through gritted teeth.

Claire jumped slightly as Andy pulled her behind him.

"I think you should leave sir" Brian said coldly.

John's father looked around the room and saw the Breakfast Club glaring at him intensely.

"Oh so you think you're hot shit now that you got friends huh?" Mr. Bender said as he took a step closer to his son.

Andy and Brian moved forward to help their friend but John shook his head no.

"But they don't know you like I do you little whore, have you told them everything yet or just the parts they would pity you for" Mr. Bender said with a malicious smile on his face.

"Of course you didn't tell them everything they wouldn't be here if they knew what really happened they'd be too disgusted with you to even look at you."

John swallowed nervously he felt his friends eyes on him one question forming on their lips.

"I think you should leave" John said weakly.

Mr. Bender laughed coldly before turning to leave "They'll find out and then you'll be back."

John watched as his father, if that's what you could call him, exited the hospital room.

Turning to his friends and Claire he knew what his father had said was true. They would find out and they wouldn't want to even look at him anymore.

"I think you guys should go too" John whispered.

"John?" Claire said in confusion.

"I'm sorry just go ok" John said as he got back into the bed.

He watched them as they all said their goodbyes and he felt his heart break as he saw tears fall down Claire's cheeks.

'I'm sorry Claire but I love you too damn much to hurt you the way I would if you stayed' he thought solemnly.

"I should have just died" John whispered when he was finally alone.

Claire pulled John's jean jacket tightly around her as she slowly made her way home. She wished that she could be with John but what had happened with his father had spooked him badly.

"I wonder what Mr. Bender was talking about" she whispered to herself thinking back to what was said early.

"Has John not told us everything or was Mr. Bender just saying all that."

Sighing in confusion Claire smiled weakly at seeing her house and knowing she'd be able to sleep soon.

Something was wrong though and she felt it in the pit of her stomach. Glancing over her shoulder her heart began to race as she saw John Bender Senior driving slowly behind her.

"Oh my God" she said in terror.

Picking up her pace she heard the car engine behind her grow louder. Looking over her shoulder again her eyes widened as Mr. Bender smiled evilly and pressed down hard on the gas.

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