The next morning, Lord Elrond walked into the room where King Thranduil and his son were. He smiled at the sight on the bed, Legolas was tucked firmly under Thranduil's left arm, while his right arm was being held by his son so tightly that white marks were on his arm. It was a scene of pure relief from being separated for so long. It was a sign of reconciliation, that Elrond knew was desperatley needed by both father and son since his own sons told him what Legolas had told them. Thranduil was going to be just fine and so was his son.

Elrond did not want to disturb the scene of pure serenity, but it was already late in the morning, close to the noon meal. Smiling softly to himself again, he went over to the curtains and quickly opened them, letting in the noon sun. A whimper and sudden movement from the bed drew Elrond's attention back to the Mirkwood elves. Thranduil awoke first feeling refreshed, and looking the strongest he has been since that fateful day twelve years ago. He gently eased his son off of him, and sat up.

"Elrond?" The Elvenking asked.

"Mellon-nin, how are you feeling?" asked Elrond, as that he knew how close the Elvenking was to death the previous night.

Thranduil smiled, as he began to stroke the still sleeping Legolas's hair. He glanced down at his son, "For the first time in twelve years I feel whole again, but I feel that there is something missing, something important."

The King swung his feet around the bed and stood up for the first time in days since entering his son's room. Legolas chose that moment to stir, but did not open his eyes. He began to move around the bed arms and legs flailing, like he was in a nightmare. "Ada! Ada!" Legolas cried. "Manke ier lle? Ada!"

Elrond looked at Thranduil. There was nothing the Elven Lord could do. It was up to Thranduil. Thranduil moved around to the other side of the bed where his son was. He grabbed both of his arms. "Legolas! Legolas! Amin sinome. Amin sinome!" Thranduil said with tears evident in his voice, he hated when his son had nightmares, it pained him to see his child suffering so, and Legolas had always suffered from them ever since Oropher died. Legolas's eyes snapped open suddenly, meeting his father's own, and threw himself into his father's arms, crying hysterically.

Thranduil sat down on the bed, never releasing Legolas and never jarring him either, slowly rocking him back and forth. "Legolas, its okay, its okay," the King said pulling his elfling to his chest, as Legolas sniffled.

"I'm here, I'm here, Lord Elrond is here. Nothing can hurt you," the king said in the same tone of voice he used when Legolas was younger and needed comforting.

As if on cue, a shout came from the other side of the door. "Elladan, allow me to define, baby sitting!"


A slap could be heard. Lord Elrond shook his head, what was going on between his sons, he really did not want to know. A small muffled giggle could be heard from the King's chest. Then another, then all full out laughter. Elrond met Thranduil's eye and the burst out laughing joining Legolas.

"Well, Little Greenleaf, it appears that I stand corrected, they can hurt you," Thranduil said in between laughing, and his son pulling himself off his chest.

"Ada!" Legolas said, which could barely be heard through the laughing.

Running and shouting could be heard now. Elrond stood up to leave, "I better go break that up before someone really does get hurt. Should I expect the two of you for the noon time meal?" He said calmly.

Legolas looked up at his father, who had also stopped laughing. It was his decision, although Legolas could honestly say for the first time in a very long time he was starving. Thranduil smiled. "Of course, we'll be down in a few minutes."

Elrond smiled and left, and shut the door behind him. There was a small all-of-the-sudden tension in the room. Legolas suddenly found the bed sheets more fascinating than his father. Thranduil noticed this right away. "Ion-nin, what did you dream about?" The King asked afraid but wanting, no needing to know.

Legolas said nothing for a few moments, fingering the bed sheets in between his fingers. "I relived the moment when Nana died. I couldn't find her, then I dreamed that you died. That I couldn't remember who I was, and when I did, it was too late."

"Oh, Legolas," the King said, pulling his son back into his embrace, startling Legolas. "Do you know worried I was? How sad I was that I might never see you again, my Little Greenleaf?"

Legolas responded by squeezing his father tight. "I ran my horse into a tree," Legolas said, knowing that his father needed to know why he never came home for twelve long years. "If I wasn't welcome in Mirkwood, I didn't want to be alive."

The King tensed at that. What did he do? By 'disowning' his son, in a fit of anger, he caused him to sink to a low that very well could have separated his son from him forever. "Legolas, what happened that day, I'll never forgive myself for. It was like an arrow that was in a looking glass pierced my heart. You come from a line of Elven royalty, ion-nin. I don't know what overcame me that day. You'll always be my Legolas, My Little Greenleaf." Thranduil bent down and gave his son a kiss on the crown of his head.

Legolas looked up at his father. In that moment he got an insight into his father's mind he never saw before. He saw the hurt that he put his father through for twelve years, and every single time he went to him to try to abdicate. He didn't mean to hurt his beloved Adar at all, but every time he went to him with abdication threats, it was but a slap in the face. It was time to address his father as his king.

"Harana-nin," he felt Thranduil release his grip on him ever so slightly, like he was afraid to loose his child again. "I am sorry for all of the heartache I put you through; will you please accept my apology and take me back?" Legolas said, as he once again fell against his father.

"Ion-nin, you don't have to do that, I already forgave you when I saw you again." The King stood up, then helped his son stand up. "Come ion-nin, our host is expecting the King and Prince of Mirkwood, for the noon meal."

Legolas smiled as he grabbed his father's hand like a little elfling and they went to the dining room to enjoy the noon meal once again as King and Prince, father and son.

The End.

Translations: Mellon-nin My friend

Ada Father or in this case, Daddy

Manke ier lle Where are you?

Amin sinome Im here.

Ion-nin My son

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