Never Forgotten, Always Loved

Author's Notes: As I have always been a fan of Kikyou and Inuyasha, I have finally decided to write an AU fic. Inuyasha wasn't bound to the tree, he was wounded by the arrow, but didn't die and neither did Kikyou. Now add the rest of the characters. Properly confused? Don't worry, just read and it'll make sense. Please review!

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Chapter 1 : Truth Told

"Die Inuyasha!"

Those words resounded in a half-demon's head. His recent rendezvous with Kikyou brought back some unexpected results and unforeseen pains. He plopped down against the tree he was shot against. He didn't understand, how could Kikyou have thought that he betrayed her when she was the one who bound him to a tree? However, the deep wounds that she carried were strangely shaped like claw-marks. Yet he did - nor remembers - ever inflicting it upon the woman he once loved.

The afternoon sun and the clean air brought a little comfort for Inuyasha, but it would never be able to fill the emptiness, provide answers he seeked, or help him in battle. All of those things he needed, but none was available. He stood up and brushed his haori from little pieces of grass. With his trustworthy sword in hand he leaped off into the distance, looking for the two things he wanted most. Kikyou and the Shikon no Tama.

Many leaps and sprints later, he saw a demon. About 5 times his height, the troll-like demon shook the ground beneath Inuyasha's feet. The silver-haired hanyou unsheathed the Tetsusaiga and used the backlash wave attack. Walking away triumphantly, leaving the dead demon, he continued on his 'quest'.

Nearby, a demon-exterminator watched Inuyasha's feat with huge eyes. She was amazed at his strength and started to question her own powers. She looked at her over-sized boomerang and felt a little intimidated by the man. Not knowing what else to do, she followed him. Struggling to keep up with Inuyasha's pace, she hurled her boomerang at a tree in front of him, hoping he would notice. She smiled as Inuyasha's head turned around, his eyes piercing hers.

"What do you think you're doing?" Inuyasha spoke slowly as he approaches her.

"I saw your battle with that demon back there, and I must admit I am impressed." She said with a smile. Inuyasha gave her a questioning look. "My name is Sango, by the way." She broke the silence.

"Inuyasha." He said, still not keeping his eyes off her. Mistrust was written all over his face. And just like that, he was off again, not paying the girl another glance.

"Kikyou." He whispered, almost inaudible. Kikyou's head jerked upward to meet his gaze. Anger as well as surprise was written in her eyes. Inuyasha noticed something else as well, something that resembled affection buried deep in her chocolate eyes.

"Explain your presence." She snapped, her left hand searching for the bow and arrow behind her. Inuyasha frowns at her hard tones, but quickly remembered Kikyou's lack of knowledge about Naraku.

"No need to be alarmed." He said, controlling his urge to embrace her ... for now. "I'm not here to fight." He raised his hands, slowly approaching her in the process. "As strange as it may seem, I wasn't actually the one who inflicted those marks on your shoulders." He said.

She snorted. "Oh really? Who did?" She asked, sitting down by the river.

"I don't know ... but it wasn't me." He replied, moving closer to her.

"As much as I want to believe you, I have learned not to. My weaknesses caused me and my village harm. Don't even think about taking another step closer." She said, her features softened as she turned to face the water. Inuyasha ignored her request and embraced her from behind.

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