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Wangel, for Utter Dork! And anyone else who likes a little W/A! : )

AU! The epi "First Impressions!" pink helmet! Love that epi, too!

"Angel, stop being a wanker, and get on." Wesley smirked. Angel looked so cute just pouting there, holding the helmet as if it'd bite him. "But, it's pink. I DON'T do pink." Angel said, flat-out.

"Why not? It'd make you look SO endearing" Wesley said, smirk firmly in place. Angel glared daggers at him.

A pause

"Really? You think that?" asked Angel, smiling. "Why not?" Wesley said, surprised at what was going on. "Then I'm defiantly NOT wearing it!" Angel said. Wesley's smirk twisted at the end, his eyes crinkling.

"Oh yeah? And why's that?" asked Wesley, hands on the handlebars, waiting. "Because, I'm supposed to be a scary vampire, and kick whose ever asses that stole my car." Angel said, hands on his hips. Wesley inwardly laughed.

"Ever thought of the element of surprise?" Wesley pondered. He saw Angel pout, as Wes had now won the conversation. Angel reluctantly put it on, grumbling.

"Hop on, Gorgeous" Wesley said, patting the seat. Angel did, wrapping his arms around Wesley's waist. "You're just lucky that I love you" Angel growled, snuggling up to Wesley.

"Or else you would have killed me right?" Wesley chuckled. "Yep, I'd be tossing out your innards like the Forth of July firework display" Angel said, resting his head on Wesley's shoulder. "Of coarse you would" Wesley smiled as he started up the engine.

End, hope ya liked! : )