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Falcone chuckled softly to himself as he threw the cuffs to the floor, kicking them off to the side as he looked down at the brilliant little laser cutter in his hands. "Those amateurs..." He spat, turning with a sweep of his cape as he bolted silently down the corridor. A grin spread slowly across his face as he darted in and out of shadows, around both inmates and sentries alike, completely unnoticed...invisible.

"Fools...They honestly thought they could hold the Great Falcone in such a dump...What horrible sentiments...I'm almost offended." He said quietly to himself.

"Pajaro High Security Correctional Facility...High Security like my feathers are green..." He laughed again as he padded along. Coming upon a reflective pane of glass, he paused. "I look horrible...Yes...When I'm finished here, I'll be sure to go and get cleaned up properly...." His voice was smooth and suave as he gazed at himself; his hair was long and unkempt, falling lazily over his eyes. "I can't believe I actually let them keep me here long enough to fall into such a disheveled mess...This is horrendous..." He suddenly lurched forward, clutching his head, almost deafened by the alarms that had begun to sound. "It's about bloody time...I could have been half way around Puckworld..." He scoffed, shaking his head and rolling his eyes as he started down the corridor once more.

"Now....for my saber..." He thought aloud, reaching out a nimble hand and snapping the neck of a guard that walked unfortunately too close.

Falcone set off once more, his destination: the inmates' personal belonging storage facility....The least guarded room in the entire prison. Pity...I would have enjoyed a good challenge tonight...Then I would have something to rub in the face of that second rate pickpocket... His thoughts raced with malice as he contemplated the many ways he could get back at Duke...He almost pitied the fool for ever crossing him. But he had counted his blessings while he could, the last time he failed Dragaunus he could have easily cast him into the oblivion that was dimensional limbo... Instead he had merely flung him back into the hell whole that was the prison....and it was all Duke's doing...The dirty backstabbing turncoat....Brotherhood of the Blade his tail feathers...Falcone wanted Duke, wanted him in the worst possible way. He'd pay...he'd pay dearly.....

Duke stared blankly off into space, heaving a heavy sigh as he fingered the saber on his shoulder. Leaning back, he yawned silently and put his hands behind his head, his foot twitching slightly to a beat only he could hear.

"I sense your spirit is troubled...." The familiar, monotonous voice of Grin rumbled from behind him. He sat down next to Duke and crossed his legs, tracing Duke's gaze across the heavens.

Duke wanted to be annoyed, he wanted to find something to be angry at, but Grin was not it. He liked the roof of the Pond, it was usually so quiet and still, which was why Grin knew to find him there. "I really don't know, Grin...I've had a lot on my mind lately." He replied, his stare unwavering from the sparkling stars and the wispy clouds as they floated idly by.

"Yes...that was obvious today at the game..." Grin said gently, referring to the play Duke had completely missed. The ducks had still won, and to everyone but Grin it had gone unobserved. "I have also noticed the way you have been watching Mallory and Wildwing....Their bonding disturbs you, does it not?"

Duke cringed, closing his eyes in the dim light of the moon. "No...No I'm happy for them...Really I am...It's just...Before I...." He sighed, shaking his head and sitting up. "Nothing..." Rising to his feet, he looked down at Grin, his eyes unreadable in the darkness, only the faint glow of his right eye even told Grin that he was facing him. "I just need some time to think..."

Grin smiled in understanding. "The strongest of hearts must heal in its own time, my friend, and the...." The moon had disappeared behind a cloud, and by the time it had reemerged, Duke was gone.

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